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Gots, A. N

Issue Section Title File
No 11 (2014) Articles Calculation algorithm of piston engine indices at the design stage
No 10 (2014) Articles Modeling of thermal stress condition of combustion head of tractor diesel engine
No 12 (2014) Articles Modeling of reciprocating engine cycle in the process of exhaust gases recirculation
No 12 (2015) Articles Calculation features of cycle of reciprocating internal combustion engine operating on gaseous fuel
No 11 (2015) Articles Study of possibility for forcing of diesel engines produced by Vladimir motor-tractor plant
No 10 (2016) Articles Loading conditions of pistons of internal combustion engines and causes of crack formation on combustion chamber edge
No 11 (2016) Articles Failure criteria of heat-stressed parts of piston engines and the review of methods for assessment of pistons durability
No 12 (2016) Articles Analysis of methods for improvement of thermal stability of pistons of tractor diesel engines
No 2 (2018) Articles Selection of accelerated test modes for the head of cylinder of the automobile diesel engine PDF
No 12 (2017) Articles Experimental determination of the main load factor of threaded connection of connecting rod head with oblique connector PDF
No 3 (2020) Articles Estimation of fuel efficiency of automobile and tractor diesel engines, operating with the shutdown of part of the cylinders
No 6 (2019) Articles Method of selection of optimal damping coefficients for torsional vibration dampers of crankshafts of automobile and tractor engines PDF

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