Complex Treatment of Patients with Osteoporosis Complicated by Vertebral Bodies Fractures


Assessment of the efficacy of complex approach to the treatment of patients with osteoporosis complicated by pathologic vertebral body fractures was performed. Eighty seven patients were randomized into 2 groups. Main group (62 women) obtained complex treatment. In control group (25 female patients) the treatment measures were of fragmental pattern.Prior to and after treatment all patients were clinically examined including evaluation of pain intensity by visual analog scale and life quality by Karnovski scale, assessment of fractures by Riggs, Kleekoper and Genant, frontal lumbar spine densitometry (Lunar Prodigy 3, General Electric), study of resorption marker β-Cross-Laps ELISA. It was shown that complex treatment of that group of patients was more effective as compared with fragmental treatment. Algorithm for choice of techniques to influence the structure and mineralization of bone tissue was suggested


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