Vol V, No 2 (1897)

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Materials for the study of secondary degenerations in the spinal cord after transverse injuries

Vorotynsky B.I.


The first foundations of our knowledge about the structure of the spinal cord were laid by the pathological and anatomical studies of Türck, who studied the sequential changes in the spinal cord, which followed after various lesions of the spinal cord, and in this way received data from the included systems of very different according to the structure of the central nervous system, which is the spinal cord.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):1-52
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The current state of the science of aphasia

Idelson G.


The greatest interest in the study of aphasia is undoubtedly the question of the localization of disorders of the hand. Since the remarkable discovery of Broca, all the authors have tried to determine the place of the cerebral cortex, the damage of which entails various forms of aphasia, and now this well-grounded study of localization can undoubtedly be considered one of the greatest assets of science. Thanks to the discovery of Broca, the study of aphasia, which until that time had only a scientific and theoretical interest, gained outstanding practical significance.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):53-83
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Ivanov, Differential diagnosis of multiple neuritis. Polyesthesia and macroesthesia

Shcherbakov A.E., Ivanov. I.I.


26 / ΙΙ. The described disorders remain, only the polyesthesia has changed somewhat: today the patient exaggerates the number of tangible objects not by five, but only by two times. With a more detailed examination of the sensitivity on the right hand, we find the following three areas with various kinds of modifications in sensitivity disorders (see diagram № 5).

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):84-101
pages 84-101 views

On the question of secondary degeneration in the spinal cord

Sukhanov S.A., Agapov A.V.


At the present time, in the method of coloring the nervous system according to Marchi, we have an extremely sensitive reagent, with the help of which it is possible to ascertain early changes in nerve fibers that undergo secondary degeneration for one reason or another. Only with the help of this method more accurate and definite data were obtained regarding the order in which and on which day after the injury of the spinal cord, the degeneration begins in its individual systems.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):102-115
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About the end of the nerves in pepsin glands in mammals

Kytmanov K.A.


Nerves spreading into the mucous membrane of mammals emerge from Meissner's plexus and form, in turn, two plexuses: one - under the bottom of the peptic glands, the other - between the named glands and up the epithelium of the gastric mucosa. The nerve fibers of the interglandular plexus consist of non-fleshy, non-varicose nerve fibers with a slight admixture of thin fleshy ones.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):116-121
pages 116-121 views


Chizh V.F.


And so in psychiatrіi we know a few definite independent sick forms; each such form is due to one reason - either poisoning or inheritance and degeneration; the reasons highlight, isolate these diseases, determine the course and outcome of the disease; with the exception of these few independent, determined by the cause and therefore the course of illnesses, all other illnesses for us are more or less complex processes, from which we distinguish some by their similarity in some relations.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):122-139
pages 122-139 views

On the issue of anatomical and pathological changes in the spinal cord under the influence of its compression

Dydynsky L.


The study of spinal cord diseases due to its compression until the last day was a controversial issue. The first authors who studied it, namely Olivier and Louis, expressed the opinion that the suffering of the spinal cord in these cases is directly due to the mechanical moment of pressure. This opinion, however, was not held for long in the sciences. In its place, another appeared, which soon acquired the right of citizenship. Michaud, who worked under the leadership of Charcot, created an "inflammatory theory" according to which the changes found in the compressed spinal cord are nothing more than changes in the inflammatory nature, the source of these changes to inflammatory vertebral diseases is the substance of the brain.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):140-155
pages 140-155 views

On the technique of staining the central nervous system according to marchi

Telyatnik O.K.


As is known, the method of coloring the central nervous system, proposed by Marchi, has received at the present time a very wide distribution because of its undoubted and irreplaceable merits. In fact, when using this method, anyone involved in the anatomy of the nervous system can obtain results that are so convincing in terms of the clarity of the picture that the student sees on the preparation, that, having explained this method of staining, he would hardly prefer another to him in similar cases. any way out of the known at the present time.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):156-164
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About the perverted light reaction

Bekhterev V.


Recently, I drew attention to one interesting phenomenon in the relation of the pupil in one of the patients who did not have any other damage to the eyes - this is the ability of the pupil to expand under the influence of arbitrary impulses. At this point, we will focus on another, not less interesting phenomenon in the relation of the pupil, which has received the name of a perverted light reaction and which we have observed repeatedly in cases of eye paralysis. First of all, however, let us give one of our observations related to this subject.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):165-171
pages 165-171 views

Memoirs of Ivan Khristianovich Akerblom

Arnstein K.A.


In Samara on January 16, at the age of 62, after a painful illness, Ivan Khristianovich Akerblom, the chief physician of the zemstvo hospital for the mentally ill, died. One of the oldest and most experienced Russian psychiatrists has died out, one of the most worthy representatives of that branch of practical medicine, which more and more needs adherents of humane and selflessly devoted to their dues, for psychiatrists who are sick and are often not quite dangerous.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):172-174
pages 172-174 views


K. Strozewski. — Leczenie wiadu rdzenia. Treatment tabes dorsalis. — Gazeta lekarska. 1897, no. 5


The author examines the various methods of treating tabes dorsalis and dwells mainly on this name. compensatory method of treatment Frаеnkel (compensatorische Uebungstherapie). In view of the fact that the ethiology of each suffering to a greater or lesser extent determines the nature of the applied therapy, the author first of all found it necessary to clarify the issue of the ethiology of the dorsal tabes.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):175-176
pages 175-176 views

К Strozewski.—A case of hysteria simulating multiple sclerosis of the nerve centers. — Medical newspaper.. 1897, № 6


The hysteria, called by Charcot "la grande simuiatrice", very often simulates many organic diseases. The author has observed a case of hysteria that simulated widespread sclerosis.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):177-178
pages 177-178 views

К. Chdchowski.—Niezwykly zbior objawow, towarzyszacy znieczuleniom polowicznym mozgowym pochodzenia organicz- nego.—Gazeta lekarska. 1897, № 2


Several years ago, the author had the opportunity to observe in a therapeutic clinic in Warsaw a patient suffering from lupral hemiplegia, accompanied by anesthesia and lack of muscle feeling.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):176-177
pages 176-177 views

A. P. Bazilevsky. On the descending systems of the cerebellum in the spinal cord by the method of fresh rebirths (Marchi). — Diss. SPb. 1896


For the purpose of repetition of Biedl's experiments, the author cut the hind cerebellar peduncle in dogs and studied the descending degeneration in the spinal cord. Based on the results of his research, the author comes to the following conclusions.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):178-179
pages 178-179 views

G. A. Klyachkin. Materials for scholarship about the origin and central movement of V, VI, VII, IX, X, XI and XII pairs of cranial nerves. - Diss. Kazan. 1897


The author, using the Marhci method, studied the central passage and the origin of the above cranial nerves on cats and dogs. In relation to the trigeminal nerve, the author comes to the conclusion that this nerve appears in the region of the middle part of the bridge in the composition of the two main roots - motor and sensory.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):179-180
pages 179-180 views

P. Karuzin. About the systems of fibers of the spinal cord, emitted on the basis of the history of their development. - Diss. Moscow. 1894


At the suggestion of prof. Zernov, the author was engaged in the study of the order of development of myelin fibers in various parts of the benefit of the substance of the spinal cord and in the study of the question of how reliable the existence of these numerous fiber systems, which are currently determined using the Flechsig method, is.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):181-181
pages 181-181 views

Prof. PI Kovalevsky. Epilepsia senilis. — Archive of psychiatry, neurology and court. psychopathology. 1897, №1 .; Prof. PI Kovalevsky. To the doctrine of toxic epilepsy and its treatment. — Archives of psychiatry. 1897, № 2

Vorotynskiy B.I.


Having given a short essay on the study of epilepsy in general and emphasizing the fact that epilepsy in senile age is not an exceptional phenomenon, as it is commonly thought, the author cites two cases of senile epilepsy that were in the last time he was observed; one case concerned a Jewish woman of 64 years old, and the other - a Jew of 62 years old; in both cases, seizures developed 1-11/2 years prior to observation.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):183-184
pages 183-184 views

In I. Levchatkin. Experience of graphical examination of the pulse and the ratio of the curves of the pulse, respiration and temperature in the growing paralysis of the people. — Diss. SPb. 1897


The work was carried out at the suggestion of prof. V. M. Bekhterev. The author used the material of the House of the charity of the mentally ill in St. Petersburg. on. Udulny, as well as the patients of the psychiatric clinic and the hospitals of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and St. Panteleimon. In total, the author examined 107 patients with progressive paralysis (98 men and 9 women) at the age from 30 to 45 years; the duration of the disease ranged from 4 months to 4 years.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):181-183
pages 181-183 views

Prof. MN Popov. To the pathology of insomnia. — Archives of psychiatry, etc. 1897, № 1

Vorotynskiy B.I.


The author observed three Georgian students, who, on their way to Tomsk, quickly underwent a special kind of illness, which at the end became so serious and severe that their further stay in Siberia turned out to be almost impossible. This disease concerned the area of sleep and consisted mainly in the fact that these natives of the south, with the onset of cold weather, were subjected to painful sleeplessness.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):185-186
pages 185-186 views

А. Cramer. Pathological-anatomical findings in an acute case of the paranoia group. Bd. 29, Heft. 1. pg. 1—24)

Idelson G.


The author describes a case of acute hallucinatory insanity that developed 10 days after the fall from the horse (and there were no direct consequences) and after repeated excesses in potu. The patient, a completely healthy 24-year-old man, without an inherited predisposition, died a week after the illness.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):186-187
pages 186-187 views

Хроника и смѣсь

Chronicle and mix. Volume V, № 2 (1897)

Zhestkov V.I.


The current year began very unhappily for psychiatric institutions. Disorders and discord among doctors were again discovered in Buraptev. In Odessa, with Dr. Shchipkovsky, the head of the psychiatric department, a very ugly story was also played out, which ended with the intervention of the judiciary. In the Kherson Psychiatric Clinic, an audit is being carried out regarding the abuse found in it by the head physician, who is temporarily removed from the performance of his duties. All these facts lead to very sad reflections.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):190-195
pages 190-195 views

Annals of society

Protocol of the meeting of the society on November 26

Popov N.M.


Chaired by N. M. Popov, under secretary V. I. Zhestkov; attended by Messrs. acting members: I. M. Dogel, N. A. Mislavskiy, N. A. Tolmachev, B. I. Vorotynskiy, I. E. Egorov, I. I. Naumov, G. A. Klyachkin, II. S. Skuridin, L. A. Sergeev, N. Ya. Smelov, P. I. Tikhov; guests: Dr. Dolgov, Kamkov, Mayevsky and a few human students.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):195-196
pages 195-196 views

Minutes of the annual meeting of the society on January 26, 1897

Popov N.M.


Chaired by N. M. Popov, under secretary B. I. Vorotynsky; attended by Messrs. Active members: K. A. Arnshtein, K. V. Voroshilov, I. M. Dogel, K. M. Leontiev, N. A. Mislavsky, V. I. Razumovskiy, V. N. Vasyatkin, A. F. Geberg , V. I. Zhestkov, G. A. Klyachkin, И. I. Naumov, D. V. Po dumordvinov, L. A. Sergeev, P. S. Skuridin, N. Ya. Smelov, D. A. Timofeev, SN Urvantsev and about 100 people of the public.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):196-197
pages 196-197 views


А. Habel.About the behavior of the patellar reflexes when the cross-section of the spinal cord is interrupted. (Archiv fur Psychiatrie, Bd. 29. Heft. 1. pg. 25—(52)

Idelson G.


It is known that with transverse lesions of the spinal cord located above the reflex center, knee reflexes are increased. However, there are cases in which these reflexes are not only not melodious, but even completely absent. The author cites, among other things, the opinion of Bastian and Bruns, who argue that reflexes are absent in cases of complete transverse lesions of the spinal cord in the cervical or thoracic parts, while an increase in reflexes is observed with partial transverse lesions of the spinal cord.

Neurology Bulletin. 1897;V(2):187-189
pages 187-189 views

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