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Vol 18, No 3 (2020)


Network Calculus. Part 2. Practical Use
Roslyakov A.V., Lysikov A.A.
The frst part of the article provided an overview of the basic principles of the promising direction of modeling and analysing infocommunication networks and systems - Network Calculus theory. The second part of the article considers examples of practical application of Network Calculus theory to the analysis of infocommunication networks and systems. A qualitative comparison was given of trafc delays estimates in the queuing system obtained using the methods of queuing theory, network calculus theory and simulation, with delays in a real system. The results of using network calculus to assess the boundary characteristics of the service trafc quality in the most promising infocommunication networks are presented. The features of the use of deterministic network calculus for estimating end-to-end delays in sensor networks and the upper queues boundaries in the bufers of the controller and switches of software-defined networking are described. Application of the theory of stochastic network calculus to obtain boundary estimates of end-to-end delays in LTE mobile networks for trafc fows of real and unreal time is shown.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):237-248
pages 237-248 views
Investigation of the Infuence of Twisting Methods Multi-Pair LAN Cables on their Electrical Transmission Characteristics
Andreev R.V., Popov V.B.
The need to study the infuence of twisting methods of cable core of multi-pair LAN cables on their main electrical transmission characteristics is justifed. Experimental studies of the electrical transmission characteristics of multi-pair LAN cables of category 5e in the frequency range up to 100 MHz have been conducted. The results of experimental studies of low-frequency and high-frequency electrical transmission characteristics of these LAN cables are presented. A detailed analysis of the results of experimental studies is carried out. It has been found that high-frequency transmission characteristics such as wave resistance and return losses are most afected by cable core twisting methods. Frequency behavior of these transmission characteristics is analyzed. It was shown that high geometric and structural uniformity of isolated cores, as well as the use of modern high-speed specialized equipment for twisting the pairs provide high transmission parameters of a four-pair LAN cable of category 5e. It was found that SZ twisting technology is unacceptable due to the introduction of geometric inhomogeneities in the manufacture of multi-pair cables. It is recommended to use unidirectional twisting bow-type stranders to minimize geometric inhomogeneities.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):248-253
pages 248-253 views
Special Case of Determining Flow Parameters of Multi-Service Telecommunication Network
Karaulova O.A., Kireeva N.V., Chupakhina L.R.
The task of research of non-Poisson trafc obtained during the procedure of statistical characterization at the specifed rates of packets arrival is considered. In order to investigate the statistical characteristics of multimedia stream, multicast data transmission is considered, which implies that the server generates one data stream and sends it over the network to connected clients. The load rate of the total packet fow at each point in time depends on the software products serving the outgoing requests and the requests number ratio by taking into account these software products. Based on histograms of measurements, approximate functions of time interval distributions between packets and duration of packets, their approximating expressions are obtained in the form of sum of damped exponents satisfying the properties of distribution density function of random quantity. Values for the average packet delay time in the network and queue length are obtained using the spectral method of solving the Lindley integral equation for G/G/1 queuing system. The solution accuracy is determined by the approximation accuracy of the «heavy» tail distributions used.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):254-261
pages 254-261 views
Using Regression Analysis Methods for Building an Optimal Model of Dependency Between the Queue Size and Hurst Exponent when Transforming a Self-Similar Input Packet Flow into a Flow with Exponential Distribution
Linets G.I., Voronkin R.A., Govorova S.V., Mochalov V.P., Palkanov I.S.
Using machine learning methods, the model has been obtained for predicting the queue size of an input self-similar packet fow distributed according to the Pareto law when it is transformed into a fow with exponential distribution. Since the amount of losses in general case does not provide any information about the efciency of using bufer space in the process of transforming a self-similar packet fow, a complex quality metric (penalty) was introduced to assess the quality of investigated models. This metric takes into account both packet loss during functional transformations and inefcient use of bufer space of switching nodes. It was shown that the models using isotonic regression and support vectors methods are the best by the considered metric.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):261-272
pages 261-272 views
Analytical Model of Corporate Software- Controlled SDN Network Switch
Mochalov V.P., Linets G.I., Bratchenko N.Y.
Implementing the almost limitless possibilities of a software-controlled network requires additional study of its infrastructure level and assessment of the telecommunications aspect. Therefore the aim of this study is to develop an analytical model for analyzing the main quality indicators of network switches and communication channels. To form a mathematical model of the switch for software-controlled network operating in a stationary mode and serving the requests of variable volume, it is proposed to use the queuing system theory, as well as the apparatus of semi-Markov processes. The switch model is formally presented as an open queuing network with Poisson fow of incoming packets, refusals and blockings. The frst stage of servicing requests includes the processes of writing network packets to the switch multiline bufer memory. In the next center the correspondence of incoming packet address to the records in the fow tables is being checked. The third single-line center implementing the transmission process of the packets leaving the switch can be described by a system with independent single-line queuing systems with n-place bufers. Dependencies of queuing time and service time of incoming network packets on load are obtained, as well as equations for fnding the volume of a switch bufer memory with acceptable probability for message loss, the quality indicators of its transmitting part.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):272-282
pages 272-282 views
Numerical Method for Controlling the Dynamics of Rotation Motion of a Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Isaev A.M., Linets G.I., Isaev M.A.
There is a numerical method presented that makes it possible to ensure the smoothness of the forming function defining the rotational motion of a multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle. Behavior of the generating function at the final integration step is investigated. The proposed method provides the formation of a rotational motion limited by the value of angular velocity with specified angular acceleration parameters. The numerical method was simulated when forming a virtual control signal for back-stepping control. The results of simulating the response to a step signal showed a decrease in consumed energy, an effective limitation of angular velocity and a significant decrease in the peak power consumption compared to the original back-stepping method with a slight increase in the transition process time. The values of virtual control parameters which ensure the formation of specified dynamic characteristics of the rotational motion of multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle were selected.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):283-293
pages 283-293 views
Virtualization of Server Infrastructure at the Corporate Data Centers
Mochalov V.P., Linets G.I., Palkanov I.S.
The object of the research is the cluster systems of data centers containing a certain set of application servers, a servers file, data storage systems, an input-output system connected by a switching system and communication channels. The goal of the work is to increase the efficiency of using virtualized cluster systems by developing and applying a rational method for distributing virtual machines among the physical elements of the data centers. The proposed method is based on iterative greedy algorithm and a limited search procedure allowing to increase the performance of virtualized system due to rational data distribution. A simulation functioning model of the virtualized system was developed, its experimental study was carried out. The presented approaches provide determination of the required number of cluster nodes of the virtualized system with unpredictable load intensity and unpredictable level of resources requested by virtual machines.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):293-301
pages 293-301 views
Interval Characteristics of Group Poisson Models of Telecommunication Systems Trafic
Likhttsinder B.Y.
Lack of efficacy of applying self-similar processes models to the analysis of queues in telecommunication systems is shown. The evolution of flow models controlled by the Markov chain is considered. The features of applying Markov flows as traffic models of telecommunication systems are considered. Models of single-channel queuing systems with input flows with arbitrary correlation are presented. Generalizations of the Khinchin-Pollachek formula are given for these systems. The prospects of using interval methods of queue analysis developed by the author in queuing systems with correlated input flows are shown. It is proposed to use the group nonordinary Poisson flow as the model of telecommunication traffic. Interval characteristics of these flows are considered and the prospects of their application are shown. The questions of multiplexing such flows during processing in queuing systems are considered. It is shown that when summing several group Poisson flows, the resulting flow is also a group Poisson flow. The conclusions made are confirmed by the results of simulation. By examples, the adequacy of characteristics of such models to the characteristics of real flows of video traffic is shown.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):302-311
pages 302-311 views
Stream Video Trafic Control Algorithms
Likhttsinder B.Y.
Algorithms for controlling stream video traffic are considered. The features of video codec traffic, which has a pronounced packet character, are analyzed. The characteristics of such flows and their influence on the size of queues and delays in telecommunication network nodes are investigated. A generalized Khinchin-Pollachek formula is given and linear dependence of the formula numerator on the load factor is shown. The main causes of packet delays in the queues of a telecommunication network are considered and the influence of these delays on the processes of controlling stream video traffic is shown. A video stream control algorithm is proposed based on size measurements of the buffer memory in the client’s equipment. It is shown that such an algorithm eliminates the influence of delays from the feedback loop of the control system. The results of simulation modeling of the considered processes are presented.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):311-321
pages 311-321 views
Development of an Automated System Program for Pipelined Teletrafic Analysis
Likhttsinder B.Y., Larina V.A., Bakai Y.O., Moiseev V.I.
This article provides an overview of the main features and functionality of the automated system program for pipelined teletraffic analysis. The principles of program development, system mathematical models are considered, the system for analyzing flows characteristics, fields performing the functions of adding, deleting and editing flows are described, description of additional fields of the system is also provided, description of such fields as the fields of the system defining and setting general parameters used by the system, as well as analysis functions. You can also see the program interface in the article. The conclusion is made on the basis of a review of the main capabilities of the system, as well as presumably further functionality of the system, which allows to evaluate the effectiveness of use of automated system of pipelined teletraffic analysis. In addition, prospects for the development and further modernization of this system are considered.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):322-327
pages 322-327 views
On the Kendall’s Classification
Likhttsinder B.Y.
The features of the existing classification of queuing systems are considered, its disadvantages are shown. Only the laws of time intervals distribution between neighboring requests and time intervals for processing requests are used as the main flows characteristics. The main disadvantage is the lack of information about the correlation and cross-correlation flows properties. It is shown that flows that have the same distribution laws but different correlation properties can form queues where values differ by several orders of magnitude. Flows controlled by the Markov chain and, in particular, examples of hyperexponential flows classification are considered. It is shown that this kind of flows can have the same probability distribution laws for time intervals between neighboring requests, but significantly different queue sizes caused by the difference in the flows correlation properties. Another disadvantage of the Kendall’s classification is inability to classify systems by the nature of changes in the input load.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):328-332
pages 328-332 views
Research of the Properties of Radio-Absorbing Materials in the Designs of Antenna Nozzles
Maltsev A.S.
The article presents the simulation results in the Ansys HFSS computer-aided design system of the S-band transmitting antenna attachment, which is necessary for testing antenna-feeder devices in conjunction with radio systems of launch vehicles or spacecraft at the technical or launch complex of the cosmodrome, where a mobile service tower. When designing the optimal design of the antenna attachment, in addition to determining the size of the body, the optimal location and geometric characteristics of the communication element and the tuning element, the correct choice of radio-absorbing material is of great importance. The article presents the results of theoretical and experimental studies of the use of domestic radio-absorbing materials of the «XB» brand in the design of the S-band antenna attachment. It is shown that the optimal variant is the use of XB-3.2 radio-absorbing material in the S-band AN design for the onboard antenna of the radio-technical system of the space rocket, in which the maximum power absorption occurs in the range of higher frequencies, while the antenna attachment provides coordinated operation with the onboard antenna, and the power attenuation value does not exceed 5 dB.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):332-341
pages 332-341 views
Experimental Investigation of Smooth Matching Transitions Based on Microstrip Transmission Line Heterogeneous Sections
Panin D.N., Osipov O.V., Adamovich L.V.
An experimental investigation of smooth matching transitions based on inhomogeneous sections of a microstrip transmission line with different wave impedances profiles was carried out in the present work. Comparative tests of smooth matching transitions prototypes are presented in order to confirm the theoretical data obtained by the optimal parametric synthesis method. The possibility of using synthesized piecewise linear transition to ensure good coordination in a fairly wide frequency range has been proven. It has been shown that fabricated inhomogeneous microstrip waveguide transitions provide matching in the frequency range from 1.2 to 2.7 GHz. It has been proven that the use of two-stage transitions allows a 1.5-times increase in the frequency matching band. Locally-optimized matching transitions near the lower boundary of the operating frequency range can give a significant gain in comparison with matching transitions with an exponential wave impedance profile for the same electrical length. The developed matching transitions can be used in the design of filters, matching transformers and connecting elements of the microwave frequencies transmission line.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):342-346
pages 342-346 views
Electromagnetic Safety of Workplaces Equipped with Computer Hardware
Maslov O.N., Maslov S.A., Frolova M.A.
Methods and means of electromagnetic safety examination of automated workstations equipped with computer hardware are considered. National and international standards as well as the tools necessary for the examination are presented. The results of measuring the levels of electric field strength E, V/m, and magnetic flux density B, nT, at frequencies 5 Hz...2 kHz and 2...400 kHz in two office premises are discussed. It is established that there is an excess of safety standards for computer hardware in both rooms, as well as an increased level of general technogenic background frequencies of 5 Hz...2 kHz. Consideration of uncertainty of the measurement results by the method prescribed by the new normative documents confirms the made conclusions. The most probable reason for the established excess is the shortcomings in the installation of elements of the local area network connecting automated workstations. It is planned to continue the research involving students as part of the «Safe Computer» volunteer project.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):347-353
pages 347-353 views
Determining the Document Authenticity
Lozhkin L.D., Voronoi A.A., Soldatov A.A., Kuzmenko A.A., Trifonova L.N.
It is known that the stroke color of a ballpoint pen changes over time (fades), which means that by the color change of the stroke, you can determine the age of the stroke, and therefore the authenticity of the document. It can be noted that the use of objective colorimetry method is widespread during such examinations. In practice, the spectral method is usually used for determining color and chromaticity coordinates. This method has a high measurement accuracy, but unfortunately, it can not be used directly. This fact is related to the aperture of the studied radiation and the entrance slit of the spectral device. Therefore, stroke dye solutions in colorless solvents are used in practice, which causes other difficulties. This paper describes a slightly different method for determining color coordinates, based on the method of computer colorimetry. This method allows to solve the problem.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):353-361
pages 353-361 views
On Stylistic Coding Techniques in English-Language Historical Texts
Romanov A.V.
Historically, coding is one of the first and oldest ways to convey meanings, where codes are the mechanisms of conveyance, and the symbols of the graphic side - letters, words, phrases - are the ingredients/keys of this conveyance. Technocrats use mathematical, algebraic, and statistical methods to collect and transmit information, while linguists provide graphical forms and models for the perception of what is being transmitted. One of the first system codes that appeared at the dawn of civilizations is the Bible, its writing required an alphabetic code readable by millions later. Sometimes, consumers and producers use similar but not identical methods of collection and transfer, relying on non-standard decisions based on previously acquired knowledge and skills. Probably, generalization of the system of obtaining knowledge and cognitive skills contributes to making the right strategic and logical decisions, taking into account the chronological, specific and professional features and stages of development. The subsequent presentation eventfully and reliably informs the readership about the specifics of the first codes of transmission to the enlightened humanity.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):361-368
pages 361-368 views
Society and the State: Information and Communication Technologies to Overcome the «Crisis of Trust» in the Context of the Pandemic
Erokhina O.V.
The article analyzes the process of interaction between the state and society in the context of the development of digital technologies against the background of an emergency situation related to the spread of coronavirus. The article reveals the causes of the crisis of trust in the interaction of social and political institutions that is characteristic of modern society. The most important role of information and communication technologies in the conditions associated with the need for operational management of information flows to prevent political destabilization is shown. The author substantiates the idea that in the face of the threat of a pandemic, society is ready to review some of the guidelines related to the protection of civil liberties and accept new restrictions in exchange for a more effective state policy to ensure the safety of life and health.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(3):368-374
pages 368-374 views

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