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Gorshkov, Yu G

Issue Section Title File
Vol 76, No 1 (2009) Articles An instrument for measuring fuel consumption
Vol 76, No 3 (2009) Articles Simple gear differential lock
Vol 76, No 7 (2009) Articles Strength parameters of locking mechanism of the simple gear differential
Vol 76, No 10 (2009) Articles Power losses of mobile unit because of rolling pneumatic wheeled propellers
Vol 76, No 12 (2009) Articles Safety indices by the use of grain combine harvesters
Vol 77, No 4 (2010) Articles Increasing adhesion weight of machine-and-tractor unit by means of automatic device for additional loading
Vol 77, No 9 (2010) Articles Hydraulic system for increasing traction and adhesive properties of wheeled tractors
Vol 78, No 6 (2011) Articles Mathematical modeling of deformation of wheel tractor tire equipped with a variable mass device for additional loading
Vol 78, No 2 (2011) Articles The device for additional loading as a means to improve the traction and adhesive properties of motor and tractor wheeled machines
Vol 78, No 4 (2011) Articles Operating parameters of the wheel tractor's device for additional loading
Vol 78, No 10 (2011) Articles A device for lifting the wheels of transport vehicle stuck in a deep rut
Vol 78, No 12 (2011) Articles An automatic device for air pressure regulation in the tires of high power tractors with locked axles drive
Vol 78, No 11 (2011) Articles Reducing the circulating power in the wheel drive of power tractors
Vol 78, No 9 (2011) Articles Improving the traction and adhesive properties and the road safety of wheeled machines by slowdown of the skidding wheel axle shaft
Vol 79, No 2 (2012) Articles Application of the contactless stereography method for the identification and assessment of restored parts' defects size

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