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Rodionov, E. O

Issue Section Title File
Vol 339, No 4 (2018) Articles Implementation of modern approaches to testing organic equipment of the medical service of the Armed Forces PDF
Vol 338, No 1 (2017) Articles Use of modern means of deployment and equipment of department of medical support for a medical troop (of special purpose) PDF
Vol 338, No 3 (2017) Articles Modern approaches to medical equipment for supplies teams of specialized medical care PDF
Vol 338, No 2 (2017) Articles Software and hardware system for medical equipment recording in a military field hospital PDF
Vol 337, No 3 (2016) Articles Justification of modern approaches to classification of medical equipment sets
Vol 337, No 6 (2016) Articles Problems and prospects of innovation development of technical support for military medicine
Vol 337, No 4 (2016) Articles Improvement of medical equipment setting for the hospital link of the medical service during wartime
Vol 337, No 9 (2016) Articles Comparative characteristics of domestic and foreign means of the first aid on the battlefield and in the epicentre of emergency situation PDF
Vol 336, No 7 (2015) Articles Medical devices and its in-field use
Vol 336, No 12 (2015) Articles Development and use of modern hardware-software complex for medical equipment accounting in military unit of the medical service in wartime
Vol 336, No 10 (2015) Articles Development of different approaches to classification of medical equipment sets
Vol 341, No 4 (2020) Articles Features of providing medical equipment to troops (forces) in the Arctic zone
Vol 341, No 10 (2020) Articles Organization of drug provision for military personnel undergoing medical and psychological rehabilitation in health resort organizations of the Ministry of Defense
Vol 341, No 7 (2020) Articles Substantiation of norms for medical equipment supplement to military health - resort organizations based on project - oriented approaches
Vol 341, No 9 (2020) Articles Description of modern standards for supplying medical equipment of sanatorium - resort organizations of the Ministry of Defense
Vol 342, No 1 (2021) Articles On the rationing of medicines for patients undergoing medical rehabilitation in sanatorium - resort organizations of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Vol 342, No 6 (2021) Articles Substantiation of modern approaches to drug provision of children during sanatorium - resort treatment in military health resorts of Russia
Vol 342, No 9 (2021) Articles Prospects for the use of modern domestic medical devices to eliminate the life - threatening consequences of injuries and treat traumatic shock on the battlefield and advanced stages of medical evacuation

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