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Tyunin, M. A

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Vol 340, No 2 (2019) Articles Comparative analysis of the creation of antidotes of organophosphorus toxic substances in Russia and abroad. The article is devoted to a comparative analysis of the creation of means of prevention and emergency treatment of organophosphorus poisoning in Russia and abroad. Antidote drugs traditionally used for intoxication with anticholinesterase poisons, as well as new-generation drugs developed abroad are considered. Attention is focused on compounds from the group of reversible inhibitors of cholinesterase, benzodiazepines, «bio-cleaners» as a means of preventing poisoning, on some new dosage forms of antidotes. Modern schemes of etiotropic and pathogenetic therapy of intoxication with organophosphorus toxic substances, based on the use of cholinesterase reactivators, cholinergic antagonists, benzodiazepines, are evaluated. The promise of using several agents, such as glutamate receptor blockers, for stopping toxic seizure syndrome, as well as drug combinations of various pharmacological groups, was noted
Vol 338, No 3 (2017) Articles Use of nanotechnology in the creation of modern medicines-governmental funds and their targeting systems (literature review) PDF
Vol 340, No 11 (2019) Articles The role and place of respiratory support in the treatment regimens for acute pulmonary edema caused by inhalation of toxic substances
Vol 340, No 7 (2019) Articles Modern approaches to the pathogenetic therapy of toxic convulsive syndrome
Vol 341, No 1 (2020) Articles Prospects for the development of military toxicology: chemical safety and countering its threats
Vol 341, No 8 (2020) Articles Study of the effectiveness of the joint prophylactic use of β - estradiol and atropine in acute poisoning with diisopropyl fluorophosphate
Vol 341, No 10 (2020) Articles Electrophysiological methods for the diagnosis of disorders of neuromuscular transmission in acute poisoning with organophosphorus compounds
Vol 341, No 11 (2020) Articles Prospects for the use of biomarkers for the diagnosis of acute respiratory distress syndrome (literature review)
Vol 342, No 4 (2021) Articles Syndromic pathological processes in toxic and radiation injuries: assess their mechanisms and search for pharmacological correction approaches

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