Vol 489, No 3 (2019)

On a characterization theorem on a-adic solenoids
Feldman G.M.

According to the Heyde theorem the Gaussian distribution on the real line is characterized by the symmetry of the conditional distribution of one linear form of independent random variables given the other. We prove an analogue of this theorem for linear forms of two independent random variables taking values in an α-adic solenoid containing no elements of order 2. Coefficients of the linear forms are topological automorphisms of the α-adic solenoid.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):227-231
On the estimation of coefficients of irreducible factors of polynomials over a field of formal power series in nonzero characteristic
Chistov A.L.

We discuss some problems and results related to the Newton-Puiseux algorithm and its generalization for nonzero characteristic obtained by the author earlier. A new method is suggested for obtaining effective estimations of the roots of a polynomial in the field of fraction-power series in arbitrary characteristic.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):232-234
Mathematical physics
On one method for constructing exact solutions of nonlinear equations of mathematical physics
Polyanin A.D., Zhurov A.I.

A new method for constructing exact solutions of nonlinear equations of mathematical physics, which is based on nonlinear integral type transformations in combination with the splitting principle, is proposed. The effectiveness of the method is illustrated on nonlinear equations of the reaction-diffusion type, which depend on two or three arbitrary functions. New exact functional separable solutions and generalized traveling wave solutions are described.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):235-239
Investigation of electromagnetic wave transmission line based on coupled dielectric resonators
Belyaev B.A., Lemderg K.V., Shabanov V.F.

An analogue of optical waveguide consisting of metallic nanoparticles chain was investigated using modified cylindrical dielectric resonators (DR) in the microwave range. The two lowest resonances of the DR correspond to the dipole and quadrupole modes of oscillations similar to plasma oscillations in spherical nanoparticles. It is shown that a waveguide consisting of seven resonators has high frequency selective properties and relatively low losses, if the resonances of quadrupole modes are used to form its bandwidth. The characteristics of the studied waveguide remain almost unchanged at its bending by 90°. Cross-section of the main part of energy localization in waveguide is 5 times less than the length of the electromagnetic wave, which roughly corresponds to the optical waveguides based on plasmon oscillations in nanoparticles.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):240-245
Theoretical physics
Connection-matrix eigenvalues in the Ising model: taking into account interaction with next-nearest neighbors
Kryzhanovsky B.V., Litinskii L.B.

The connection matrix of the Ising model on a d-dimensional hypercube is investigated. In addition to the interactions between the nearest neighbors, the interactions between the next-nearest neighbors are taken into account. For such a matrix, the exact relations for the eigenvalues and eigenvectors, which are reasonably simply expressed through the corresponding characteristics of the one-dimensional Ising model, are obtained. Both periodic and free boundary conditions are considered.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):246-249
Initiation of kerosene combustion in supersonic air flow by a package of gas-dynamic pulses
Tretyakov P.K.

A technique has been proposed and the possibility of its realization for the initiation of kerosene combustion in supersonic air flow in part of the combustion chamber (CC) of a constant cross section has been confirmed. The intense combustion regime is realized with the use of a package of pulses of variable energy and is preserved at a switch-off of the action after the combustion arrangement in the CC diverging part.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):250-253
Copper-containing nanosystems based on macromolecular hydrophilic stabilizers
Valueva S.V., Nazarova O.V., Vylegzhanina M.E., Borovikova L.N., Zolotova Y.I., Panarin E.F.

An original method for the synthesis of copper-containing nanosystems for biomedical applications using hydrazine hydrate as a reducing agent, intermediate stage of formation of complex ion [Cu(NH3)4]2+, which allows to obtain Cu0 nanoparticles without impurities of oxides has been developed. As a macromolecular hydrophilic stabilizer copolymer of 2-deoxy‑2-methacrylamido-D‑glucose with 2-dimethylaminoethylmethaacrylate or bovine serum albumin were used. It has been shown that such stabilization allows to achieve almost unimodal distribution of copper nanoparticles in aqueous solutions due to their rather good shielding by macromolecules.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):254-257
Chemical Technology
The effect of a rapid photon treatment of the foil of the PdCu solid solution of composition close to the equiatomic
Ievlev V.M., Solntsev K.A., V. Serbin О.V., Dontsov А.I., Sinetskaya D.А., Roshan N.R.

β ↔ α transformations in a thin ~4 µm foil of PdCu solid solution were investigated by x-ray diffractometry and measurement of electrical resistance in heating-cooling cycles during thermal or rapid photon treatment by radiation of high-power pulsed xenon lamps. It has been found that a single rapid photon treatment for 0,3 s (the energy dose of the radiation entering the sample is 10 j · cm2) leads to a complete disordering of the solid solution at a rate 400 times greater than in the heat treatment mode used (heating at a rate of 15 K · min1).

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):258-261
Physical chemistry
Electrostatic long-range interactions in macromolecules of flexible-chain linear polyelectrolytes with low charge density in aqueous solutions of different ionic strength
Pavlov G.M., Dommes O.A., Okatova O.V., Gavrilova I.I., Panarin E.F.

The methods of molecular hydrodynamics (translational diffusion, velocity sedimentation, viscometry) have been used to study copolymers of N‑methyl-N‑vinylacetamide and N‑methyl-N‑vinylamine hydrochloride with an average content of charged groups (4,4 ± 0,2) mol.% in aqueous 0,2 M NaCl solution. Kuhn-Mark-Houwink-Sakurada scaling relations were obtained. Viscous flow was studied in the widest possible range of ionic strengths of aqueous solutions, from salt-free to 6 M NaCl. The data got were compared with those previously obtained for neutral poly-N‑methyl-N‑vinylacetamide. It was firstly shown experimentally that the character of the dependence of the intrinsic viscosity on the molecular weight of a copolymer of such composition in solutions of minimal ionic strength is typical for the chains exhibiting intrachain volume effects, i.e. electrostatic long-range interactions.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):262-266
Dyke magmatism in the evolution of the transform active continental margin of the Siberian Craton in the Ediacaran
Vernikovskaya A.E., Vernikovsky V.A., Matushkin N.Y., Kadilnikov P.I., Metelkin D.V., Li Z.X., Wilde S.A., Romanova I.V., Bogdanov E.A.

An Ediacaran complex of dyke rocks has been identified for the first time in the Yenisei Ridge orogen. These igneous rocks are represented by basic, intermediate and acid variants and formed in the conditions of the transform active continental margin at the stages of its development before and during the interruption of subduction and slab breakoff: from dykes of the picrodolerite - ​dolerite-quartz diorite - leucogranite association with age in the range of 626-623 Ma (U-Th-U isotope data for zircons, SHRIMP-II method, this work) up to adakite - gabbro-anorthosite magmatism at the end of the Ediacaran.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):267-271
Geological structure and petroleum potential of the Kara Sea shelf
Kontorovich V.A., Kontorovich A.E.

On the Kara Sea shelf, there are two sedimentary basins separated by the North-Siberian sill. Tectonically the southern part of the Kara Sea covers the South Kara regional depression, which is the northern end of the West Siberian geosyncline. This part of the water area is identified as part of the South Kara oil and gas region, within which the Aptian-Albian-Senomanian sedimentary complex is of greatest interest in terms of gas content, in terms of liquid hydrocarbons - Neocomian and Jurassic deposits. The northern part of the Kara Sea is an independent North Kara province, for the most part of which the prospects of petroleum potential are associated with Paleozoic sedimentary complexes. Oil and gas perspective objects of this basin may be associated with anticlinal, non-structural traps and reef structures.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):272-276
Pyrogenic nature reservoir rocks as a factor of geofluidodynamic inhomogeneity
Abukova L.A., Yusupova I.F.

The article considers the Kansko-Achinsky brown coal basin. Huge reserves of solid organic matter (OM) are concentrated in еру Jurassic age sandy-clay sediments. For example, the average thickness of the Borodino field Itatsky layer is 51 m. Attention is drawn to the paleo-centers of heat generation where the coal layers lost (in a whole or partly) their OM. They were destroyed by the underground fires of the past eras. The loss of large masses of the OM in local areas was accompanied by deformations of the coal layers (as well as overlapping ones), appearance of burned and caved ground, failure topographic form (subsidence, funnels, bolsons), and most importantly, the formation of epigenetic cavernosity and pyrogenic reservoir rocks. It is emphasized that the increased fluid conductivity of burned rocks has survived up to the present days. The areas with the burnt rocks are separated into independent fluid dynamic structures with their own parameters (filtration coefficient, water transmissibility, etc.). It has been suggested that pyrogenic reservoir rocks could occur in oil-and-gas basins with coal shale deposits at certain stages of geological development, and at the oil-and-gas generating depths they are able to become reservoirs of catagenic hydrocarbons.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):277-280
U-Pb age of sphene grains, petrochemical, mineralogical and geochemical features of alkaline rocks of the Bogdo complex (Arctic Siberia)
Dobretsov N.L., Zhmodik S.M., Lazareva E.V., Tolstov A.V., Belyanin D.K., Surkov O.N., Dobretsov N.N., Rodionov N.V., Sergeev S.A.

In the north of the Siberian Platform, east of the Anabar Shield, several identified massifs of alkaline rocks with carbonatites are known: Tomtorsky, Bogdo, Promezhutochniy, as well as Bualkalakh, Chuempe, Uele, which are projected according to geophysical data and forming a large alkaline-carbonatite province. The first data on the composition of alkaline rocks of the Bogdo massif were obtained, which correspond to a group of feldspathic rocks of the main composition: rischorrites, biotite-aegirine libenerite syenites, carbonatized, with symplectites and nepheline-feldspar aggregates, pseudo-leucite nepheline syenites. Sphenes were extracted from various types of rocks of the Bogdo massif and their U-Pb age was determined using the SHRIMP-II secondary-ion microprobe. The calculated U-Pb age corresponds to 394,4 ± 3,2 Ma, which is close to the age stage established for the Tomtor massif and the age of the rocks of the Kola alkaline province. One of the reasons for the manifestation of alkaline plume magmatism in this territory may be the influence of the peripheral zone Africa Large Low Shear Velocity Province (“Tuzo”) in the Baltic and Siberia during the Devonian era.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):281-285
Olivine in a coesite-bearing eclogite from the Udachnaya kimberlite pipe
Mikhailenko D.S., Rezvukhin D.I., Korsakov A.V., Sobolev N.V.

Olivine (high-Fe forsterite; Fo# 69-76) and associated minerals have been studied in a coesite-bearing diamon-diferous eclogite from the Udachnaya-East kimberlite pipe. Olivine was identified in the rock interstices together with K‑feldspar, sodalite, phlogopite and djerfisherite. The composition of individual olivine grains varies within the xenolith and is characterized by a consistent presence of P2O5, MnO, CaO и Al2O3. The coexistence of olivine and coesite is uncommon for mantle xenoliths. The occurrence of olivine and K, Na, Сl-bearing minerals in the studied sample is suggested to have been caused by the interaction of the eclogite with a protokimberlitic melt enriched in alkali components and chlorine.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):286-291
Relationship between magmatic, metamorphic and hydrothermal processes within the Baikal-Muya terrane (Eastern Siberia): constraints from a high-precision geochronological study of the Kedrovsky granitoid massif
Chugaev A.V., Chernyshev I.V., Rytsk E.Y., Salnikova E.B., Nosova A.A., Travin A.V., Kotov A.B., Fedoseenko A.M., Anisimova I.V.

High-precision dating of granitoids is significant for identification the ages of the main stages of crust formation in various blocks of the continental crust. In this work, we dating the Kedrovskiy diorite-granodiorite massif localized within the South Muya block of the Baikal-Muya accretion terrane (BMT) (Eastern Siberia) among the Neoproterozoic gabbroids of the Kedrovskiy complex and metasedimentary rocks of the Kedrovskaya Formation. The results of U-Pb (ID TIMS) and 39Ar-40Ar geochronological studies of the Kedrovskiy massif are discussed. The formation of the massif (781 ± 3 Ma) occurred at an early stage formation of the Proterozoic continental crust of BMT during accretion of Baikalids with the Siberian craton. A later thermal event (626 ± 11 Ma) of the Ediacaran stage evolution BMT is reflected in the formation of of biotite-quartz-feldspar veins that cut through the granitoids of the Kedrovka massif. The obtained geochronological data show that the gold mineralization of the Kedrovskiy deposit (273 ± 4 Ma) was not generated by the Kedrovskiy massif granitoids.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):292-297
On stability of stratified elastic geosystems in a gravity field
Ryzhak E.I., Sinyukhina S.V.

Stability of stratified elastic geosystems in a gravity field is studied analytically with regard for the shear stiffness of geomaterial. A sufficient condition for stability of a geomass clamped at the lateral boundaries, is obtained: for any ratios of dimensions of the geomass it is sufficient for stability that the rate of density increase with depth (in the loaded equilibrium state) exceed a certain positive value which depends on shear stiffness so that the greater the stiffness, the less the value, and vice versa (the stabilizing effect of shear stiffness). At zero shear stiffness the value mentioned is maximal and characterizes the necessary and sufficient condition for stability of a bulk-elastic geomass. Geophysical consequences of obtained stability condition are analyzed.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):298-302
Geodynamic processes preceding to deep Okhotomorsky earthquake May 24, 2013 with magnitude MW = 8,3
Firstov P.P., Glukhov V.E., Makarov E.O., Zharinov N.A., Titkov N.N., Serovetnikov S.S., Takahashi H.

The set of parameters of geophysical fields and geodynamic events before the strongest Okhotsk Sea earthquake May 24, 2013 with MW = 8,3 and a focal depth of 630 km in this paper analyzed. In the temporary vicinity of the earthquake (May 19-20), there was a temporary synchronization of geodynamic processes in areas of the Kamchatka Peninsula, separated by hundreds of kilometers. The simultaneous occurrence of anomalies in the behavior of tilts, in the dynamics of flow of subsoil radon, conditional deformations of remote foreshock activation in Avacha Bay, speaks of a single geodynamic process on a regional scale, preceding the earthquake. A possible reason for the observed in-phase geodynamic phenomena may be the “geodeformation wave” that arose at the last stage of the preparation of the Okhotsk Sea earthquake.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):303-306
Dynamics of surging glaciers in the Sugran River basin (Pamirs)
Kotlyakov V.M., Chernova L.P., Muraviev A.Y., Khromova T.Y.

The results of measurements of the area of surging glaciers in 1974 and 2018 are compared to the data on their areas in 1913. A large decadal (middle-term) variability in the area of basin glaciation is revealed, and it is comparable to the respective secular (long-term) changes. It is shown that in, the southern meridional circulation epoch, despite high summer temperatures, the surging glaciers in the Sugran River basin grew in area due to increased precipitation, supporting the idea about their flood-runoff nature.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):307-312
Biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology
The role of catecholamines in the development of pathological retina neovascularization in an experimental model of retinopathy of prematurity in rats
Katargina L.A., Osipova N.A., Panova A.Y., Petrovskaya A.V., Nikishina Y.O., Murtazina A.R., Ugrumov M.V.

This work is dedicated to prove our hypothesis that catecholamines and their metabolites play crucial role in development of retinopathy of prematurity, severe disabling fibrovasoproliferative vitreoretinal pathology of premature infants. Research was done on experimental model of retinopathy achieved by hyperohygenation in rats on 7th, 14th, 21st and 30th day of life. Amount of catecholamines and their metabolites in retina of rats was measured by HPLC with electrochemical detection. It was shown that L-DOPA on 21st and 30th day of life were lowered in model animals than in control and noradrenaline on 14 th day increased in model animals than in control. However we did not observed dopamine changes between experimental model and control. Given the literature data on cathecholamines and their role in regulation of vasculogenesis in retina, our data shows that changes in cathecholamine metabolism play crucial role in pathology of this severe illness.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):313-317
Histone tails promote PARP1-dependent structural rearrangements in nucleosomes
Maluchenko N.V., Sultanov D.S., Kotova E.Y., Kirpichnikov M.P., Studitsky V.M., Feofanov A.V.

PARP1 alters the wrapping of nucleosomal DNA on the surface of the histone octamer, thereby modulating the accessibility of different genome sites to nuclear protein factors. Here we show that non-structured histone tails participate in the PARP1-induced structural rearrangements in nucleosomes, facilitate and stabilize them, but do not affect the enzymatic activity of PARP1.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):318-320
General biology
The “green tides” influence on the heavy metal pollution of the coastal zone
Gubelit Y.I., Polyak Y.M., Shigaeva T.D., Kudryavtseva V.A.

We confirmed the hypothesis that algal mats provoke additional accumulation of heavy metals in the bottom sediments and release of labile metals. This process, in turn, enforce a pollution of the coastal zone. Our results give a new direction to the studies of the “green tides” worldwide problem.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):321-324
Selenium nanocomposites with polisakharidny matrixes stimulate growth of in vitro potatoes infected with the ring rot disease
Perfileva A.I., Nozhkina O.A., Graskova I.A., Dyakova A.V., Pavlova A.G., Aleksandrova G.P., Klimenkov I.V., Sukhov B.G., Trofimov B.A.

In article for the first time investigated influence of nanocomposites of selenium in matrixes of an arabinogalaktan (Se/Ag) and starch (Se/St) on vegetation of in vitro plants potatoes, peroxidase activity and reactive oxygen species. Earlier it was shown that these nanocomposites of selenium have antimicrobial effect to a phytopathogenic bacterium of Clavibacter michiganensis ssp. sepedonicus (Cms). In this real work it is shown that the Se/Ag (6,4% of Se) and Se/St (12% of Se) have no negative impact on the healthy and infected with Cms potatoes, stimulating its growth, quantity of leaves and mass of a vegetative part. NC Se/Ag has a positive effect on potato plants by increasing its immune status by increasing ROS content and increasing peroxidase activity. With application of the element analysis it is shown that the studied nanocomposites do not collect in potatoes fabrics after its processing by them. The Se/Ag and Se/St as potential agents for improvement of potatoes from pathogenic bacteria allow to consider the received results.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;489(3):325-330

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