Vol 4, No 4 (2007)


Modern views of etiopathogenicity of endometrialhyperplastic processes in perimenopause

Tkachenko L.V., Sviridova N.I., Tkachenko L.V., Sviridova N.I.


The article surveys endometrial hyperplastic processes in perimenopausal women. The author analyses up-to-date views of its etiopathogenicity.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):3-7
pages 3-7 views

Metabolic disturbances And women's reproductivehealth

Isaeva L.V., Urvacheva E.E., Bogatyreva L.N., Minets Y.V., Isayeva L.V., Urvachova E.E., Bogatyreva L.N., Minets J.V.


The article surveys generalized and systemized modern data on the influence of changes in neuroendocrine regulation of hydrocarbonate and lipid metabolism on women's reproductive function.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):8-10
pages 8-10 views

Immunostimulating therapy in complex therapyof postpartum infectious complications

Selikhova M.S., Pugacheva T.K., Selikhova M.S., Pugacheva T.K.


234 puerperant women were investigated; in 168 of them the postpartum period proceeded with infectious complications. The domestic drug DIBICOR was included in complex of treatment. Clinical and laboratory studies have confirmed the immunocorrection effect of the drug, and also revealed its positive effect on lactation.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):11-14
pages 11-14 views

New complex method of treatment of cervicites usingbalneotherapeutical medication "Elton"

Zharkin N.A., Shchetinina T.A., Simonyan A.V., Zharkin N.A., Shchetinina T.A., Simonian A.V.


The effect lipid fraction of the balneotherapeutical medication "Elton" on inflamed cervix uteri is analyzed in this article. Time-related dynamics of the results of routine and special methods of examination is presented in the paper. Application of lipid fraction provides a decrease of duration of complex therapy of cervicites, normalizes local immunity indices and does not cause allergic reactions.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):15-17
pages 15-17 views

Morphological parameters of placenta in cholestatichepatosis of pregnant women as predictors of perinataloutcome

Fedorina T.A., Tsurkan S.V., Lineva O.I., Krotova V.Y., Fedorina T.A., Tsourkan S.V., Lineva O.I., Krotova V.Y.


Histological examination of the 50 afterbirths from puerperant women with cholestatic hepatosis was undertaken; the comparison group comprised 52 patients with gestosis; 50 afterbirths from patients with physiological pregnancy and noncomplicated delivery constituted the control group. It was established that the main morphological criterion of placental incompetence in cholestatic hepatosis is obliterating angiopathy. Reduction of capillary flow of terminal villi, reduced vascular index correlate with worsened condition of the newborns. Administration of complex therapy to patients with incipient clinical presentations of cholestatic hepatosis and the use of vascular drugs permits improvement of perinatal outcomes.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):18-22
pages 18-22 views

Mutual relations in system herpes virus-humoralcomponent of immunity in renal replacement

Petrov V.I., Gumilevskiy B.Y., Gumilevskaya O.P., Petrov V.I., Gumilevskiy B.Y., Gumilevskaya O.P.


Patients with terminal chronic kidney disease (CKD) display immunity dysfunction, which is manifested by a lower production of high-affinity IgG to cytomegalovirus (CMV) and a weak activation of Th1 route of immune response. Administration of Cyclosporine after transplantation of a kidney leads to aggravated deficiency of antivirus immunity. This causes activation of viruses HSV 1,2 and CMV.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):22-25
pages 22-25 views

Pharmacoepidemiologic study of drug therapyof diabetes mellitus type 2 in hospitals of Volgograd

Rogova N.V., Butranova O.I., Rogova N.V., Butranova O.I.


The article contains the results of regional pharmacoepidemiologic research of diabetes mellitus type 2 drug therapy. Analysis of therapy of complications of diabetes with certain drugs demonstrates irrational administration schemes of hypoglycemic drugs, narrowness of hypoglycemic drug spectrum. Therapy analysis reveals insufficient en docrinologists' knowledge of clinical pharmacology and rational pharmacotherapy. The results of research are of interest for further investigation of drug therapy with the aim to optimize drug therapy and to retain costs in diabetes mellitus type 2.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):25-30
pages 25-30 views

Cardos in complex therapy of chronic heart failurein hemodialysis patients

Petrov V.I., Chepurina N.G., Kretov M.A., Tolkachev B.E., Petrov V.I., Chepurina N.G., Kretov M.A., Tolkachev B.E.


We revealed a positive influence of ultralow doses of antibodies (ULD) to C-ended fragment of receptor type 1 of the angiotension II on the course of chronic heart failure (CHF) due to diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) stage 5, who were on program hemodialysis (PHD). Inclusion of Cardos into standard therapy of CHF has yielded signs of improved relaxation indicators of the left ventricle; the patients' life quality improved as well; the severity of clinical presentations reduced.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):31-35
pages 31-35 views

Electron microscopy of cardiac myocytes in heartdisease due to chronic endogenous intoxicationand cytostatic drugs

Pisarev V.B., Novochadov V.V., Zaripova I.V., Pisarev V.B., Novochadov V.V., Zaripova I.V.


It was shown experimentally that cardiac myocytes in rats have similar morphology and some differences in structure of nuclei, mitochondria, and myofilaments in diseases caused by chronic endogenous intoxication and cytostatic drugs. These findings were compared with different points of damaging factor action, and the dynamics of contractile apparatus lesion due to cardiomyopathy.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):36-39
pages 36-39 views

Comparative bioavailability of organic magnesium saltsin rats fed with magnesium-deficient diet

Iezhitsa I.N., Kravchenko M.S., Kharitonova M.V., Spasov A.A., Ozerov A.A., Iezhitsa I.N., Kravchenko M.S., Kharitonova M.V., Spasov A.A., Ozerov A.A.


Treatment of magnesium deficiency requires parenteral therapy but oral administration is indicated for most asymptomatic patients, especially in outpatient settings. Depending on the degree of compensation of systemic alimentary Mg deficiency in the red blood cells the investigated Mg salts may be ranged as follows: Mg (L-, D- and DL-) aspartate, Mg (L- and DL-) glutamate, Mg DL-pyroglutamate, Mg succinate, Mg glycinate, Mg citrate, Mg orotate, Mg taurate, Mg lactate.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):40-43
pages 40-43 views

Cardiorenal relations peculiarities in elderly patientswith arterial hypertension

Statsenko M.E., Shcherbakova T.G., Zemlyanskaya M.M., Pilyasova O.V., Statsenko M.E., Scherbakova T.G., Zemlyanskaya M.M., Pilyasova O.V.


Study of indices of a 24-hour monitoring of blood pressure and renal function in the elderly patients with arterial hypertension revealed correlation between renal dysfunction and parameters of blood pressure monitoring.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):42-46
pages 42-46 views

Comparative study of neuroprotector action of someneurotropic substances in rats

Yasnetsov V.V., Yasnetsov V.V.


Experiments on rats revealed that mexidol, semax, amtizol and the new drug IBCP-2 can considerably decrease neurological deficiency upon bilateral ligation of common carotid arteries. Besides, mexidol, semax, amtizol and IBCP-2 decreased death outcomes of rats considerably. The effect on neurological deficiency demonstrated by IBCP-2 exceeded the effect of other drugs considerably in most observed cases.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):46-48
pages 46-48 views

Optimization of approaches to therapy of primaryfibromyalgia

Rybak V.A., Poroshin A.V., Rybak V.A., Poroshin A.V.


To compare pain relief achieved in standard therapy with Magne-B6 106 patients with primary fibromyalgia were studied for their pain threshold. In our study patients with fibromyalgia demonstrated magnesium depletion in plasma and erythrocytes. Administration of Magne-В6 led to restoration of magnesium level both in plasma and erythrocytes. Pain tolerance of patients was significantly changed after the treatment which was demonstrated in increased pain thresholds in electroalgometria test. After the treatment with Magne-В6 the increase of pain sensitivity thresholds was significantly higher than after the treatment without Magne-В6.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):48-50
pages 48-50 views

Antidepressant activity study of new 9-(2-aryloxyethyl)adenine derivative WMA-99-82

Kovalev D.G., Nikolaenko N.A., Kovalev D.G., Nikolaenko N.A.


We investigated psychopharmacological profile of the new adenine derivative with antiviral activity. We revealed the antidepressant-like activity of this compound in the forced swimming test in doses of 1, 5, 10 and 50 mg/kg, with the maximum effect in doses of 1 and 5 mg/kg, that was confirmed on the model of reserpine depression in rats.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):50-52
pages 50-52 views

Diagnostic and prognostic value of platelet adhesiveness, microcirculation and lipid peroxidation abnormalitiesin coronary heart disease

Gal'chenko O.E., Babaeva A.R., Galchenko O.E., Babaeva A.R.


Platelet adhesion, microcirculation and lipid peroxidation reaction were assessed in patients with different clinical forms of coronary heart disease (CHD). Platelet adhesion and blood viscosity were elevated in all forms of the disease. Rheological abnormalities were associated with increased lipid peroxidation activity and decreased superoxide dismutase activity. A close correlation between laboratory and clinical data was revealed. The degree of laboratory abnormalities depended on severity of CHD. On the basis of the data obtained a mathematical model for prognostic purposes was suggested.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):53-56
pages 53-56 views

Development of spleеn during early postnatal ontogenesis

Kapitonova M.Y., Krayushkin A.I., Ryabikina A.I., Nesterova A.A., Kapitonova М.Y., Krayushkin A.I., Ryabikina A.I., Nesterova A.A.


Age-related dynamics of the stromal and parenchymal interactions in the T- and B-cellular compartments of the splenic white pulp was elucidated using methods of immunohistochemistry.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):56-59
pages 56-59 views

Mechanisms of disturbances of cellular componentof immune system activity in breast cancer

Barsukov V.Y., Plokhov V.N., Chesnokova N.P., Pavlova I.N., Barsukov V.Y., Plokhov V.N., Tchesnokova N.P., Pavlova I.N.


Complex clinical and laboratory study of patients with breast cancer was carried out. Results obtained made it possible to reveal general regularities as well as specific features of immune status disturbances and mechanisms of nonspecific resistance in patients with node breast cancer (I-IIА and IIВ stages of the disease) and edematousinfiltrative breast cancer (without metastases). Intensification of free radical oxidation process, destabilization of biological membranes, development of cytolysis syndrome accompany neoadjuvant polychemotherapy treatment of patients with node breast cancer and edematous- infiltrative breast cancer. Thus, it is our understanding that treatment with antihypoxants and antioxidants in complex treatment of oncologic patients makes neoadjuvant polychemotherapy treatment more efficient.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):59-63
pages 59-63 views

Modern principles of treatment of duodenal ulcerscomplicated by bleeding

Krasnov O.A., Bolotov K.S., Pavlenko V.V., Krasnov O.A., Bolotov K.S., Pavlenko V.V.


The results of treatment of 146 patients with duodenal ulcer complicated by bleeding are investigated; these patients were observed in an active-passive manner. In 145 patients after endoscopic surgery for bleeding and antisecretory and replacement therapies with Losek and the Nexium it was possible to achieve reliable hemostasis from the bleeding duodenal ulcer and to avoid urgent surgery. Use of low-invasion methods of treatment of duodenal ulcer complicated by bleeding, allows surgeons to lower down the percent of postoperative complications and to reduce to a minimum the percent of relapses of peptic ulcer.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):63-66
pages 63-66 views

Peculiarities of arterial cerebral blood flow in personswith different тypes of systemic hemodynamics

Zabolotskikh N.V., Khananashvili Y.A., Zabolotskikh N.V., Khananashvili Y.A.


Indices of blood flow in the medium cerebral and basilar arteries in practically healthy persons with different types of systemic hemodynamics are investigated. It was shown that the characteristics of arterial blood flow in persons with different types of systemic hemodynamics differ both at rest and in the conditions of respiratory tests. The greatest coefficients of reactivity are revealed in healthy people with hyperkinetic type of blood circulation in medium cerebral and basilar arteries and the least coefficients are revealed in hypokinetic type of blood circulation.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):68-71
pages 68-71 views

Influence of metabolic preparations on the forceand speed in tumblers

Likhodeeva V.A., Mandrikov V.B., Lushchik I.V., Chizhikov A.M., Lichodeeva V.A., Mandrikov V.B., Luschik I.V., Chizikov A.M.


Using metabolic preparations - aminolonum, phenibitum, picamilonum - in the training process of tumblers contributes to their force and speed.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):72-75
pages 72-75 views

Ethical aspects of initiative clinical trials

Adzhienko V.L., Adzhiyenko V.L.


71 investigator-initiated clinical trials conducted in Russia from 2001 to 2006 were reviewed. These trials involved 15,104 participants. In 2005 the Independent Ethics Committee of the Volgograd Research Center under Russian Academy for Medical Sciences made 62 decisions about modifications required prior to approval of proposed investigatorinitiated clinical trials. 23 modifications concerned applicable regulatory requirement references in trials documents, 16 - reasoning for enrollment of vulnerable subjects, 19 - informed consent, 4 -adequate facilities to conduct the trial properly and safely.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):77-79
pages 77-79 views

Children's spino-bulbo spinal activity in asymmetricmyofascial syndrome

Stashuk N.P., Liev A.A., Skorobogach M.I., Stashuk N.P., Liev A.A., Skorobogach M.I.


The paper presents data of suprasegmental cerebral activity of 108 children aged 8-12 with consequences of birth trauma of cervical part of the spine manifested as myofascial pain syndrome. According to the data of spino-bulbo-spinal reflexes in children of the second age period with consequences of birth trauma of cervical portion of the spine, formation of generators of pathologically elevated excitation with a higher level of reflex polysynaptic activity of the lower portions of brainstem caused myofascial pain syndrome on one side of the body. Clinical and electroneurophysiological correlation between the extent of polysynaptic reflex excitability of brainstem and the extent of myofascial pain syndrome in the superior quadrant of the body and in one side of the body was established. Comparison of the sides of the body revealed no changes of functional condition of brainstem in children without asymmetry of myofascial pain.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):80-83
pages 80-83 views

Age-related features of arterial blood flow revealedwuth transcranial duplex scanning in сhildren

Rychkova I.V., Zubarev A.R., Rychkova I.V., Zubarev A.R.


Intracranial blood flow estimation in 150 practically healthy children (without neurological complaints) was carried out by methods of transcranial duplex scanning. The children were divided into age groups according to the periods of their physiological development. Age-related features of intracranial blood flow parameters were revealed. Linear parameters of arterial blood pressure decreased with age. The values of the index of peripheral vascular resistance (resistance and pulse index) gradually increased with age, the change of the pulse index being most important.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):84-87
pages 84-87 views

Clinical and laboratory peculiarities of hepatitis С virus infection in drug abusers of the young age

Ioannidi E.A., Patoka E.V., Sharshova S.M., Chernyavskaya O.A., Aleksandrov O.V., Ioannidy E.A., Patoka E.V., Sharshova S.M., Chernyavskaya O.A., Alexandrov O.V.


The article presents the results of the comparative analysis of clinical and laboratory indices in drug abusers with acute hepatitis C and non-abusing patients infected with hepatitis C virus. Several clinical, biochemical and immune changes in drug abusers were revealed. Greater persistence of symptoms of the disease and biochemical disorders, considerable changes of the antioxidant system such as an increase of antiradical enzyme activity, accumulation of lipid oxidation derivatives, immune insufficiency involving mainly T-cell disorders were found.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):87-90
pages 87-90 views

Use of immunomodulator polyoxydony in treatmentof patients with atypical purulent phlegmonsin the maxillofacial region

Fomichev E.V., Akhmed Salekh Ekh'ya -., Yakovlev A.T., Efimova E.V., Fomichyov E.V., Ahmed Saleh Yehia -., Yakovlev A.T., Efemova E.V.


Clinical and immunological studies were carried out in patients with atypical purulent phlegmons by traditional methods supplemented by immunocorrection with polyoxydony. Addition of Polyoxydony to the basic therapy had a pronounced clinical and immunomodulating effect, which resulted in a shorter hospitalization period and almost complete recovery of the main immunological parameters in the contrast to the traditional therapy.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):91-94
pages 91-94 views

A new method of surgery for cystocele

Filina E.V., Vdovin S.V., Filina E.V., Vdovin S.V.


The article describes a new method of surgery for cystocele with discussion of 120 clinical cases. A higher efficiency of the new method is proved.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):92-93
pages 92-93 views


- -.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2007;4(4):96-96
pages 96-96 views

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