Vol 3, No 4 (2022)

Cultura & Society

Definition of urban culture mission in a modern city (as exemplified by the city district of Tolyatti of Samara region)

Skripacheva I.A.


The study considers the modern vector of development of modern city culture. An attempt is made to define its mission exemplified by the foresight-session materials of “Togliatti Culture-2030: a New Dimension” organized on the base on the «Zhigulevskaya Dolina» Economic Cluster. According to the author, innovative ways and technologies of cultural development of the city are connected with the change in perception of the provincial industrial metropolis as a synthesis of a historical place and a creativity territory and are conditioned by the integration of innovative ideas into the sphere of cross-cultural communication.

Sphere of culture. 2022;3(4):13-21
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Сulture & Arts

A polylogue of musical collaboration (as exemplified by Ch.-V. Alkan’s second set оf transcriptions Souvenirs de concerts du conservatoire)

Kuprina E.Y.


Creative individuality of the French virtuoso pianist Charles Valentin Alkan (1813–1888) was formed as a result of the extreme degree of introversion. Based on the example of the composer’s transcript art an attempt is made to present musical collaboration as a phenomenal stream of infinite revival of ideas, which involved musicians, writers, performers of different epochs and styles.

Sphere of culture. 2022;3(4):25-43
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Icon in the sociocultural and spiritual space of a Russian region

Chibikova I.Y.


Possessing a special canonical language of images and symbols attribution the icon occupies one of the key places in Russian traditional culture and presents a text in itself. Having studied the scientific works devoted to regional peculiarities of icon painting the author of the article proves that formation of art centers and orthodox icon painting schools in Russia throughout its entire history was influenced by certain local factors (geographical, historical and ethnographic).

Sphere of culture. 2022;3(4):44-54
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Inclusive theatre and its role in the sociocultural space (on the problem of specifics and artistic language)

Petrov V.V., Zavarnitsyna N.M.


The article deals with topical issues of inclusive theatrical creativity, defines the role of a theatre for “special” people in the sociocultural space. Performing arts are seen as a means of integrating people with developmental disorders into a full life and cultural environment. The authors consider various aspects of inclusive creativity, the means of expression and the artistic language of the theatre where actors with some disabilities (mental disorders, Down syndrome and others) perform. The results of the study can be used in the staging of an inclusive performance and in the training process of a «special» performer.

Sphere of culture. 2022;3(4):55-67
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Book Culture

The Croatian scholar in his Siberian exile in the second half of the XVIIth century. On Juraj Križanjić’s book collection in Tobolsk

Shestopalov I.I.


Juraj Križanjić (1618–1683), one of the seventeenth-century encyclopaedists, who came to Russia from Croatia, was exiled to Tobolsk in 1661, where he spent fifteen years and wrote his best works, including the famous Politika. An attempt is made to identify the range of books and manuscripts possessed by the talented scholar in exile. The author of the article emphasizes that Križanjić’s personal collection of books in Tobolsk, despite its relative scarcity, was thoroughly selected and corresponded to the scholar’s research interests.

Sphere of culture. 2022;3(4):71-84
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Records in manuscript and printed books as a source of information on the spread of book culture in the middle Volga region of the XVIIth century

Makarov A.I.


The study of books that through their origin and/or existence are connected with the territory of the Middle Volga Region of the XVIIth Century has revealed a large number of scribes’, owners’, deposit, gift and selling records made by representatives of different social classes. Some of them show the geography of book writing in the region, the cost of books, give additional information on local history and culture as well as the inhabitants of the region. The study is based on the information from bibliographic sources (catalogues) of regional and central libraries, museums and archives. In some cases, records in manuscript and printed books are described de visu.

Sphere of culture. 2022;3(4):85-93
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Documentary heritage & bibliography

Late autumn in Ilyinskoye: the diary of grand duke Sergei Alexandrovich, 15 October – 16 November 1897

Sofjina M.V., Sofjin D.M.


For the first time, a part of the documentary heritage of the representative of the Russian Imperial House, Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovich, is published – a fragment of his diary for the period from October 15 to November 16, 1897. The entries were made during his stay in the Ilyinskoye estate near Moscow. The diary describes the daily life of the Grand Duke, his cultural leisure on a country estate (reading, games, hunting), as well as his official activities as the Moscow Governor-General and the Commander of the Moscow Military District.

Sphere of culture. 2022;3(4):97-108
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Almanacs of the late XVIIIth – first half of the XIXth centuries in the funds of the state museum-estate of V.G. Belinskiy

Artyushina S.V., Rudneva L.M.


The publication contains a list of literary almanacs presented in the fund collections of the State Museum-Estate of V.G. Belinskiy. The authors reveal the role of publications of this type in the popularization of Russian poetry and prose of the late XVIIIth – first half of the XIXth Centuries, give an assessment of the degree of rarity of certain copies, the presence of inscriptions in the them, marginal notes and stamps of the previous owners. The article highlights the importance of almanacs as a source of study of the great critic’s creative heritage as well as museum exhibits which reveal peculiarities of this period in the history of Russian literature.

Sphere of culture. 2022;3(4):109-122
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Jubilee edition of A.S. Griboyedov’s comedy Wit works woe. 1862–2022

Filippova A.A.


Рецензия на кн.: Грибоедов А.С. Горе от ума: комедия в четырёх действиях в стихах / Рос. гос. б-ка. Москва: Пашков дом, 2022. 172, [3] с.: ил. 400 экз. ISBN 978-5-7510-0811-6.

Sphere of culture. 2022;3(4):125-132
pages 125-132 views

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