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Vovkodav, V. S

Issue Section Title File
Vol 330, No 5 (2009) Articles Performance evaluation of inhibitirs angio-tenzin-converting biocatalyzer in treatment of hypertension by flying staff PDF
Vol 339, No 4 (2018) Articles From the history of military medical examination in Russia PDF
Vol 339, No 10 (2018) Articles Use of quantitative integral indices in the integrated assessment of the tolerance of the flight composition of overloads in a centrifuge PDF
Vol 339, No 12 (2018) Articles Yubilei
Vol 338, No 8 (2017) Articles Actual issues of medical-flight expertise in aortic regurgitation. PDF
Vol 338, No 9 (2017) Articles Features of symptomatology, autonomic regulation and central hemodynamics in aircrew with poor tolerance of hypobaric anoxia PDF
Vol 336, No 7 (2015) Articles Stages of development of flight medical expertise in Russia
Vol 336, No 8 (2015) Articles Nauchno-prakticheskaya konferentsiya, posvyashchennaya 65-letiyu Tsentral'noy vrachebno-letnoy komissii
Vol 335, No 10 (2014) Articles Methodological basis for modern stage of medical examination of state aviation air crew PDF
Vol 330, No 3 (2009) Articles Medical-flying expertise: stages of formation, problems, perspectives
Vol 340, No 7 (2019) Articles Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of complexes of medical rehabilitation of flight personnel with the autonomic dysfunction of the cardiovascular system
Vol 341, No 4 (2020) Articles Medical support for the aviation of the Air Force of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War
Vol 342, No 3 (2021) Articles Development of the system of medical examination of aviation personnel of the state aviation of the Russian Federation

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