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Fokin, Yu. N

Issue Section Title File
Vol 330, No 1 (2009) Articles Actual questions of organization of hightechno-qualified medical aid in multiprofile stationary PDF
Vol 330, No 7 (2009) Articles Experience of organization of surgical aid for gunshot wound of large bowel in the armed conflicts on Northern Caucasus PDF
Vol 330, No 9 (2009) Articles Experience of organization of scientific-methods work in 3rd CMCH by Vishnevsky A.A PDF
Vol 330, No 11 (2009) Articles Valuation of effectiveness of optimized algorithm of diagnostics and treatment of acute pancreatitis
Vol 339, No 6 (2018) Articles Pleural effusion as an interdisciplinary problem: the experience of providing specialized medical care in a multidisciplinary hospital. PDF
Vol 334, No 5 (2013) Articles Contribution of the Vishnevsky Central Military Clinical Hospital N 3 to the history of combat casualty care and delivery of care to the injured soldiers
Vol 334, No 5 (2013) Articles The painting of A.Laktionov «After the surgery» and destiny of its characters
Vol 330, No 6 (2009) Articles Using of garrot in conditions of combat injuries of limbs PDF
Vol 340, No 12 (2019) Articles Psycho-emotional state of urological patients with combination therapy to prevent purulent-inflammatory postoperative complications
Vol 340, No 12 (2019) Articles Working meeting on additive technologies in the A.A.Vishnevsky 3rd Central Military Clinical Hospital
Vol 340, No 7 (2019) Articles Gastric polyps as a precancer: the experience of therapeutic and diagnostic tactics in a multidisciplinary hospital
Vol 341, No 6 (2020) Articles Road polytrauma: the experience of organizing a diagnostic and treatment process in a multidisciplinary hospital

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