Vol 486, No 6 (2019)

Randomizes hamiltonian mechanics
Orlov Y.N., Sakbaev V.Z., Smolyanov O.G.

Randomized Hamiltonian mechanics is the Hamiltonian mechanics which is determined by a time-dependent random Hamiltonian function. Corresponding Hamiltonian system is called random Hamiltonian system. The Feynman formulas for the random Hamiltonian systems are obtained. This Feynman formulas describe the solutions of Hamilton equation whose Hamiltonian is the mean value of random Hamiltonian function. The analogs of the above results is obtained for a random quantum system (which is a random infinite dimensional Hamiltonian system). This random quantum Hamiltonians are the part of Hamiltonians of open quantum system.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):653-658
l-problem of moments for one-dimensional integro-differential equations with Erdélyi-Kober operators
Postnov S.S.

Purpose: to investigate the possibility of statement of l-problem of moments for one-dimensional linear equations of three types, which contain Erdélyi-Kober differential and integral operators of fractional order.

Methods: formulation of l-problem of moments for each type of investigated equations, analytical investigation and solution of problem formulated

Results. Conditions derived that determine the possibility and solvability of the problem stated. In some cases an explicit solutions of l-problem of moments obtained.

Conclusions. The possibility of statement of formulated l-problem of moments shown in cases that defined by conditions obtained in paper. Some analytical solutions of investigated problem obtained.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):659-662
The orientation of the layered aluminosilicates particles with a high aspect ratio in paraffin under electric field
Kuznetsov N.M., Bakirov A.V., Belousov S.I., Chvalun S.N.

The electrorheological behavior is significantly affected by the strength of the structure formed in the electric field, due to the filler particles orientation. The structural organization of the filler in electric field was studied by X-ray scattering on paraffin films. Particles of layered aluminosilicates with a high aspect ratio and various morphology such as montmorillonite and halloysite were used as fillers. The differences in the structure formation by fillers of plate and tubular shape were shown.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):663-667
Transition control in a three-dimensional boundary layer at elevated free stream turbulence using dielectric barrier discharge
Baranov S.A., Kiselev A.P., Moralev I.A., Sboev D.S., Tolkachev S.N., Chernyshev S.L.

The results of an experimental study of the effect of dielectric barrier discharge (DBR) actuator on laminar-turbulent transition in a three-dimensional boundary layer under influence of elevated free-stream turbulence are presented. The travelling cross-flow instability modes are dominated in transition in a base configuration. Their characteristics do not depend on a spanwise position. The DBD-actuator that generated stationary cross-flow vortices with the predefined spanwise wavelength when turned on was capable to reduce a turbulent spots production rate in comparison to the base regime.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):668-672
Dissipation of energy in the environment with turbulent viscosity and a Hill vortex
Krymsky G.F.

A new approach to calculation of the dissipation of mechanical energy in the environment with turbulent viscosity based on determination of the shear modulus of velocity is proposed. As an example the dynamics of Hill vortex moved in such environment is considered. The vortex radius extends linearly with the distance covered and makes up about 13% from it.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):673-674
Chemical Technology
The influence of manganese oxide on the sintering and properties of the eutectic ceramics ZrO2-Al2O3-SiO2 system
Smirnov V.V., Smirnov S.V., Obolkina T.O., Antonova O.S., Goldberg M.A., Barinov S.M.

The results of investigation of sintering, microstructure and phase composition of the system ZrO2-Al2O3-SiO2 with MnO admixture are shown. It was approved that the usage of MnO admixture promoted sintering temperature decrease up to 1250-1350 °C. The product obtained is characterized by a high content of tetragonal phase as well as high strength while bending.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):675-679
Physical chemistry
The analysis of physical and chemical efficiency of electroflotation process the removing products of hydrolysis titanium tetrachloride from technogenic effluents
Meshalkin V.P., Kolesnikov A.V., Saveliev D.S., Kolesnikov V.A., Belozerskiy A.Y., Menshova I.I., Maslyannikova D.V., Sucheva O.V.

The physicochemical efficiency of the electroflotation process for the extraction of TiCl4 hydrolysis products from aqueous electrolyte solutions was studied. They simulate the compositions of typical industrial wastes of metallurgical and metal-working industries that contain colloid-resistant compositions of titanium tetrachloride hydrolysis products, its oxides and hydroxides. The effect of various surfactants of anionic, cationic and non-ionic nature in a wide pH range (2-12) on the efficiency of electroflotation processes of extraction, separation and concentration of dispersed titanium (IV) compounds has been studied. It has been established that the electroflotation process of the extraction of hydrolysis products of TiCl4 proceeds quite effectively with a maximum degree of extraction of 98-99% (in the acidic region at pH = 3, in alkaline at pH = 8).

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):680-684
New data on the large brown bear (Ursus arctos L., 1758, Ursidae, Carnivora, Mammalia) from the pleistocene of Yakutia
Boeskorov G.G., Baryshnikov G.F., Tikhonov A.N., Protopopov A.V., Klimovsky A.I., Grigoriev S.E., Cheprasov M.Y., Novgorodov G.P., Shchelchkova M.V., van der Plicht J.

New finds of the fossil brown bear (Ursus arctos L., 1758) remains from the territory of Yakutia have been investigated: skulls and mandibular bones. The new finds are of exceptionally large sizes, most of their measurements far exceed those of not only the modern brown bear from Yakutia, but also the maximum values of the largest representatives of modern subspecies from Eurasia, U. a. beringianus and U. a. piscator. Analysis of various data indicates that the giant brown bear existed in the north of Yakutia during the Karginian interstadial of the Late Pleistocene.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):685-690
"Diffusive" border of isotopic reservoirs of indian and pacific morb types beneath Kamchatka
Davydova M.Y., Martynov Y.A.

The convergence zones of lithospheric plates in the Northwest Pacific are the boundaries of the two main isotopic domains of the Earth - the Indian and Pacific MORB types, separated be cold oceanic lithosphere. This configuration limits of their interaction by special geodynamic environments - the influence of deep plume sources or the distraction of the subducted slab and intrusion of the oceanic asthenosphere into the subcontinental mantle wedge. The latter mechanism is reconstructed in the Central Kamchatka Depression on the basis of geological, geochemical, and high-precision (double-spike) lead isotopic data. The role of the oceanic asthenosphere in magma generation in the zones of convergence of oceanic and continental lithospheres is a poorly studied but not unique phenomenon that must be considered under geodynamic reconstructions and the creation of new, more realistic models of the juvenile continental crust formation.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):691-694
Structural and mineralogical features of diamond from M. V. Lomonosov deposit (Arkhangelsk province): new data and their interpretation
Kriulina G.Y., Vasilev E.A., Garanin V.K.

In the deposit n.a. Y. M. Lomonosov three groups of diamond crystals were distinguished on the base of morphology, photoluminescence, infrared absorption features and the thermal history. The crystals of the first group are octahedrons with minor signs of dissolution. In the first group, crystals have a high proportion of nitrogen in the Bform and the high model temperature. The crystals of the second type is highly resorbed dodecahedroids, they has low proportion of nitrogen in B form. The third group consists of crystals with the low temperature C defects, they are cuboids and resorbed tetrahexahedroids. These patterns indicate the polygenicity of the diamond in the deposit after M.V. Lomonosov.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):695-698
New data on the genetic linkage of beryll and chrisoberyl chromophors of the ural’s emerald mines with chromium-bearing spinels of the Bazhenov ophiolite complex
Popov M.P., Sorokina E.S., Kononkova N.N., Nikolaev A.G., Karampelas S.

The distribution of chromophores and the composition of the chromium-bearing spinels in Uralian emeralds and alexandrites were studied for the first time. It was proved the main source of chromium for the coloring of emeralds and alexandrites from the Mariinsky deposit was the chromium-bearing spinels of the Bazhenov ophiolite complex. The rare mineral zincochromite is described as an inclusion in the Uralian emeralds for the first time.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):699-703
Heat generation due to friction in the shear crust zones as a factor of metamorphism and anatexis: the results of numerical simulation
Babichev A.V., Reverdatto V.V., Polyansky O.P., Likhanov I.I., Semenov A.N.

The heat release effect was estimated due to friction in faults under shear and thrust conditions by mathematical modeling, 3D and 2D thermomechanical numerical models were developed. The equations of solid mechanics in a coupled formulation were solved: the equations of mechanical equilibrium and the equation of heat transfer. The model of an elastic-plastic material with the Drucker-Prager and Huber-Mises yield function is used. For the 3D shear model, the heating was 100-110 °C for the value of the friction coefficient 0.3, 180-190 °C for 0.5, about 300 °C for 0.65. In models of horizontal thrust, the heating in the contact zone was 120-130 °C with a depth of shear plane of 20 km and 150-160 °C with a depth of shear plane of 30 km for a friction coefficient of 0.3. The results obtained can be considered as a lower estimate of the heating in the Yenisei collision-shear zone.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):704-708
Experimental study of formation of chromian priderite and yimengite as products of modal mantle metasomatism
Butvina V.G., Vorobey S.S., Safonov O.G., Varlamov D.A., Bondarenko G.V., Shapovalov Y.B.

The article presents the data of a series of experiments on the synthesis of exotic titanates (priderite and yimengite) as a result of the reproduction of metasomatic conditions of transformation of mantle minerals (chromite, ilmenite). It was first synthesized chromian priderite not containing Ba. The experiments showed the possibility of crystallization of this mineral as a reaction product of high-chromium spinel and rutile with potassium aqueous carbonate fluid (melt) in the upper mantle. In particular, the obtained experimental data allow us to interpret the relationship between K-Cr-priderite and carbonate-silicate inclusions in chromites of Bohemian garnet peridotites. In the experimental study of the reaction of chromite and ilmenite with aqueous potassium-carbonate fluid (melt) obtained both phases of titanates (priderite and yimengite) - indicator minerals, mantle metasomatism, which directly confirms the possibility of formation of yimengite and K-Cr-priderite and other titanates, the result of mantle metasomatism of upper mantle peridotite under conditions of the highest activity of potassium.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):709-713
The first find of silver nuggets in gold placers of Subpolar Urals
Mayorova T.P., Kuznetsov S.K., Filippov V.N.

For the first time, silver nuggets were found in the gold-bearing placers of the Subpolar Urals. Galena, cassiterite, wolframite, cosalite, tetradymite, ferberite, cobaltine, joseite-B, native bismuth associate with silver and gold. Silver is mainly represented by poorly rounded and non-round gray lumpy, slightly flattened, elongated particles of 2-2.5 cm size. As part of silver, Au and Hg sometimes contain impurities. Inclusions are represented by small particles of gold, bismuth and tellurium mineral phases. Research results indicate a fairly widespread development of Au-Ag-Bi-Te mineralization, the primary manifestations of which are not yet known in the region. Relatively weak roundness of silver nuggets, presence of major and poorly rounded gold indicates the proximity of the primary sources to gold-bearing placers.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):714-717
Mesoarchean silicic volcanics of the Kursk block, Voronezh crystalline massif: composition, age and correlation with the Ukrainian shield
Savko K.A., Samsonov A.V., Larionov A.N.

Rhyolites and basite rocks are present in the Archaean greenstone belts of the Kursk Domain (KD) of the East Sarmatia. The rhyolite age is 3122 ± 9 Ma (zircons, SIMS). A positive εNd (3122) = + 0.9 for rhyolites and their Sm-Nd model age ТNd (DM) = 3300 Ma as well as the age of the inherited zircon (3250 Ma) testifies to the participation of the more ancient crust component in the formation of rhyolite magmas. In geochemistry, rhyolites are very close to the TTG of the KD with an age 2.96-3.03 Ga. In the Middle Dnieper granite - greenstone area there are rhyolites and dacites with an age of 3.12 Ga with εNd (T) = + 0.6 - (+1.2) and very close geochemical characteristics. Thus, the hypothesis of a common geological history of the eastern part of Ukrainian Shield and KD in Mesoarchean is confirmed.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):718-722
Long-term forecast model of spring runoff on the Belaya river
Vasil’ev D.Y., Vodopyanov V.V., Zayzeva G.S., Zakirzyanov S.I., Semenov V.V., Sivokhip Z.T., Chibilev A.A.

This article presents the results of long-term forecasting of spring runoff in the Belaya River basin, based on the water balance model. To optimize the structure and parameters of the water balance model equations, the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm was used to impose restrictions on the input data values. The obtained values of the equations’ coefficients were checked according to the criterion D/s adopted in the hydrometeorological service. The reliability of the predictive method used was assessed by statistical calculations of the stability of their parameters and test calculations on an independent sample. All equations obtained during the numerical experiment may be suitable to make forecasts.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):723-726
First data on the age and formation conditions of secondary carbonate accumulations in upper pleistocene and holocene soils of Upper Angara region
Golubtsov V.A., Cherkashina A.A., Snytko V.A.

The first data on the age of secondary carbonate pendants in the soils of the Upper Angara region are given. Based on the study of the conditions of occurrence, morphology, material and isotopic composition, three groups of carbonate kutans were identified. The direct 14C AMS dating of the coating’s microlayers allowed to determineintervals of their formation. Pendants of the first group were formed in the middle Holocene (3.6-3.3 kyr BP). The formation of coatings of the second and third groups took place in the second half of MIS-3 (24.1-23.3 and ~34-35 kyr BP, respectively). The paleoecological conditions reconstructed for the identified stages of the formation of carbonate pendants satisfactorily correlate with the climate changes in the region and the northern hemisphere as a whole, reflecting the influence of temperature and moisture fluctuations on the dynamics of soil formation processes. Comparison of the age of carbonate accumulations with the age of modern and buried soils shows that pedogenic carbonatecoatings in the soils of the Upper Angara region are a relict feature of previous stages of pedogenesis (MIS-3) and the first stages of modern soil formation, which began, apparently, in the middle Holocene. The close ratios of the composition of stable carbon and oxygen isotopes in mid-Holocene and Late Kargin (MIS-3) coatings suggest that there is a similarity of pedogenesis conditions in these time intervals, primarily due to the relatively low temperature of pedogenesis and the duration of the seasonally frozen of soils.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):727-732
Corallite crusts as a specific form of karst morpholithogenesis in cold climate
Trofimova E.V.

The background of the conditions causing the formation of corallite crusts, constituted by the fine-fibrous spherulites, is considered. The corallite crusts are the specific form of karstic relief forming in cold climate in an area of perennial cryotic rocks distribution. The scientific interpretation of corallite crusts condensation genesis, being practically absent in scientific literature, is given.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):733-736
Influence of atmospheric fronts on free and forced oscillations of the level in the Sea of Azov
Ivanov V.A., Shul’ga T.Y.

The influence of inhomogeneous moving atmospheric pressure fields on currents and free and forced oscillations of the level of the Sea of Azov, induced by constant wind, is studied by the method of mathematical modeling. The hypothesis about the role played by a resonant mechanism in the occurrence of extremely high amplitudes of surge and seiche oscillations, generated by the baric field moving at a speed equal to that of a free long wave, is tested. It is found that, under the same wind, baric disturbances moving over the Sea of Azov induce forced oscillations, and after the disturbances stop, they induce free ones with amplitudes that are higher by 14% than those obtained at constant atmospheric pressure. It is shown that the baric front movement (speed and time of its movement are selected under the assumption that waves with maximum amplitudes are generated) plays an important role in the formation of the current structure and level oscillations in the Sea of Azov.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):737-741
Biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology
Anti-cancer activity of dinitrosyl iron complex (no donor) on the multiple myeloma cells
Akentieva N.P., Sanina N.A., Prichodchenko T.R., Gizatullin A.R., Shkondina N.I., Shushanov S.S., Stupina T.S., Aldoshin S.M.

The results of a study of the effect of a mononuclear dinitrosyl iron complex (DNIC7) with functional sulfur-containing ligands (NO donor) on the cell viability of multiple myeloma cells are presented. It has been shown that DNIC7 decreased cell viability and inhibited the proliferation of cells of multiple myeloma, i.e. possesses cytotoxic properties. Fluorescent analysis revealed that the DNIC7 compound lowers the level of intracellular glutathione and increases the level of reactive oxygen species in cells of multiple myeloma. It is assumed that DNIC7 has the therapeutic potential for the treatment of cancer.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):742-747
The role of the brain in the regulation of peripheral noradrenaline-producing organs in rats during morphogenesis
Murtazina A.R., Nikishina Y.O., Dil’mukhametova L.K., Sapronova A.Y., Ugrumov M.V.

This work represents one part of our research project, in which we try to prove, that in the perinatal period exist a humoral regulation between noradrenaline producing organs. In this study we used a rat model that allowed blocking synthesis of noradrenalin in the brain and evaluated gene expression and protein levels of noradrenaline key synthesis enzymes such as tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) and dopamine beta-hydroxylase (DBH) in peripheral noradrenaline producing organs. As a result we showed increased gene expression of TH and DBH in adrenal glands. This data indicate that if neonatal rat brain lacks an ability to produce noradrenaline, then as a compensatory process synthesis of noradrenaline increased in adrenal glands, so that the concentration levels in blood are kept at normal levels. This indicates that there is a humoral regulation between brain and adrenal glands which is not fully understood yet.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):748-752
Chronic exposure to ultrasonic frequencies results in selective increase of aggression level in rats
Gorlova A.V., Pavlov D.P., Ushakova V.M., Zubkov E.A., Morozova A.Y., Zorkina Y.A., Inozemtsev A.N., Chekhonin V.P.

We studied aggression in male Sprague-Dawley rats in a model of a depressive-like state induced by unpredictable treatment with ultrasonic waves with the frequencies of 20-45 kHz for 1, 2 or 3 weeks. We did not find any increase in the number of animals exhibiting aggression in the “Resident- intruder” test after the treatment of any chosen duration. However, the aggressive animals exposed to ultrasound exhibited increased number of attacks and their total duration as well as decreased latency of the first attack compared to the respective scores in the animals of the control group. Taking this into account, we suggest that the initial level of aggression increases in a model of ultrasonic chronic stress.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):753-755
General biology
The porcupine Hystrix (Acanthion) vinogradovi (rodentia, hystricidae) from the early pleistocene Taurida locality in Crimea
Lopatin A.V.

The remains of porcupines from the Lower Pleistocene deposits of the Taurida karstic cave discovered in 2018 in the central Crimea (Belogorsk district, Zuya village) are referred to Hystrix (Acanthion) vinogradovi Argyropulo, 1941. This species is quite common for the Pleistocene of Eurasia. In Crimea, several isolated teeth of this species were described from the Lower Pleistocene of Tarkhankut previously.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;486(6):756-762

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