Vol 488, No 3 (2019)

On the approximate solution of the boundary value problem for the Helmholtz equation with impedance condition
Aliev A.R., Heydarov R.J.

In this work, we present a justification of collocation method for integral equation of the impedance boundary value problem for the Helmholtz equation. We also build a sequence which converges to the exact solution of our problem and we obtain an error estimate.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):233-236
On the finiteness of the number of elliptic fields with given degrees of S-units and periodic expansion of √f
Platonov V.P., Petrunin M.M., Shteinikov Y.N.

For a field k of characteristic 0, up to a natural equivalence relation, it is proved that the number of nontrivial elliptic fields k(x)(f) with a periodic expansion of fk((x)), for which the corresponding elliptic curve contains a k-point of even order less or equal than 18 or k-point of odd order less or equal than 11, is finite. In case k is a quadratic extension of Q, all such fields are found.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):237-242
Hamiltonian Feynman measures, Kolmogorov integral and infinite dimensional pseudo-differential operators
Smolyanov O.G., Shamarov N.N.

Properties of infinite dimensional pseudo-differential operators (PDO) are discussed; in particular, the connection between two definitions of the PDO is considered: one given in terms of the Hamiltonian Feynman measure, and another introduced in this work in terms of the Kolmogorov integral.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):243-247
Mathematical physics
Taking into account the fluid saturation of bottom sediments in marine seismic survey problem
Golubev V.I., Shevchenko A.V., Petrov I.B.

The problem of the numerical simulation of the seismic response from the marine bottom is considered. Acoustic equations are used for the description of the water dynamic behavior. Bottom sediments are described with the porous fluid-filled medium. The Dorovsky model is used. The algorithm for solving all hyperbolic equation systems with the grid-characteristic method was proposed. The distinctive feature of this approach is the ability to set explicitly necessary contact conditions between media with different rheology.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):248-252
Connection of crystal faceting with the mechanism of its formation
Fedorov P.P., Osiko V.V.

The observed formation of nano- and microcrystals devoid of faceting in low-temperature processes of their formation can be associated with the implementation of a non-classical crystal growth mechanism by aggregation and oriented splicing of particles. The observation is illustrated on CaF2 examples.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):253-255
Application of the block element method in the problem to predict the preparation of tsunami
Babeshko V.A., Evdokimova O.V., Babeshko O.M.

The model of preparation of the starting ocean earthquake is created for vertical impacts on the ocean layer and lithospheric plates, and the conditions of occurrence of a tsunami are found.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):256-262
Chemical Technology
Structural features of layered composite materials based on titanium borides by free SHS compression
Bazhin P.M., Stolin A.M., Konstantinov A.S., Chizhikov A.P., Prokopets A.D., Alymov M.I.

The work shows the structural features layered composite materials based on titanium boride on titanium alloy VT6 (Ti6Al4V) by the method of free SHS compression, which implements the combination of combustion processes and high-temperature shear deformation. The layered structure of the produced materials was established, the feature of the structure of the transition zone at the boundary of the ceramic composite - titanium alloy was studied in details.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):263-266
Physical chemistry
Influence of the vibrations in the interfacial layer on the wettability of adhesized material interfacial formations in systems with d- and f-elements
Golubina E.N., Kizim N.F., Chekmarev A.M.

The effect of local vibration at interfacial layer of a heterogeneous liquid system on the wettability of the material of interfacial formations based on the salt of the d- or f-element of di-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid adhered to glass has been investigated. It is shown that in the field of mechanical vibrations one can obtain a material with a given value of the wetting angle, which has hydrophobic properties. It is established that the influence of mechanical vibrations is due to changes in the hydrodynamic situation in the transition region and is the result of complex interactions mainly hydrodynamic and coagulation processes in the interfacial layer of the di-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid - solvent system / water solution of the d- or f-element salt. The dependence of the wettability of the material of interfacial formations adhered to glass on the parameters of the force field (vibration frequency, amplitude), the design features of the experimental setup, and the composition of the system is shown.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):267-271
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics and stoichiography in studying solid-phase preparation processes of functional materials
Malakhov V.V., Parmon V.N.

The application of the general principles of the non-equilibrium thermodynamics and stoichiography allows obtaining novel information on the solid-phase transformations happening in multielement and heterophase substances and materials. Without the solid-phase standards, the use of stoichiography allows detecting, identifying and quantitative determining known and unknown crystalline and amorphous phases being of constant or variable composition. For the first time, reliable results concerning evolution of solid products during preparation of the Mo-V-Te-Nb-O catalyst of propane ammoxidation are presented.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):272-276
New pleistocene key section Ulan-Zhalga of the Western Transbaikalia
Erbajeva M.A., Shchetnikov A.A., Kazansky A.Y., Matasova G.G., Khenzykhenova F.I., Filinov I.A., Namzalova O.D., Nechaev I.O.

The currant paper presents the preliminary results of the multidisciplinary study of the new Pleistocene section Ulan-Zhalga (51°29′40.75″ С, 107°20′18.11″ В) discovered in the Western Transbauikalaia in 2017. On the base of the paleontological, paleomagmetic, and lithological data the early, middle and late Pleistocene sediments were recognized in the section. The analysis of the rich small mammal fossils resulted in to trace the paleoenvironmental and climatic changes in the region during the Quaternary. The unique alternation of the 19 faunistic horizons and 11 fossil soils in the whole section, the high correlation of the paleomagnetic and paleontological data allow us to refer the studied section Ulan-Zhalga to addition new late Cenozoic Key section of the south Eastern Siberia. The new geological and paleontological data would be important for paleogeographical reconstruction and biostratigraphic analysis.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):277-281
Structure and age of the fluorite-berillium deposit of the field Rainbow, Western Sayan Mountains: to the problem of assessment of metallogenic prospects of the territory
Lykhin D.A., Yarmolyuk V.V., Vorontsov A.A., Travin A.V.

The age and geochemical parameters of the muscovite-fluorite-euclase-beryl Raduga deposit, which is located within the Kizir-Kazyr zone of rare-metal magmatism, are determined. In contrast to other deposits and ore occurrences of the zone, represented by alkaline granites characterized by rare metal mineralization, the Raduga deposit is associated with metasomatites in carbonate rocks. The age of the deposit, estimated at 40Ar/39Ar by the muscovite method of beryllium fluorite-muscovite greisens, is 469.3± 4.5Ma. It corresponds to the age of the ore-bearing alkaline granites of the zone. The dikes which occur within the deposit are identical by the composition to the dikes of rare-metal alkaline granitic massifs, one of which is located in a few kilometers from the deposit. The nature of the ore Be-Li mineralization of the deposit is in good agreement with the geochemical specialization of the Early Paleozoic Kizir-Kazyr metallogenic zone. The revealed features of the relationship between Raduga deposit and rare-metal deposits in alkaline granites suggests a variety of mechanisms involved in the formation of rare-metal deposits of the Kizir-Kazyr zone. Thus, it allows to expand approaches for prediction and exploration of rare-metal deposits in the region.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):282-287
Age of the «cross-laminated sandy» stratum from the reference section Yar Sredny (Central Kamchatka) according to the paired 230Th /238U and 14C dating of peat
Maksimov F.E., Pevzner M.M., Petrov A.Y., Levchenko S.B., Grigoriev V.A., Baranova N.G., Kuznetsov V.Y.

For the first time, numerical radioisotope age were obtained for the “cross-laminated sandy” stratum, which is widespread in Neopeopleistocene reference sections of loose sediments from Central Kamchatka. Two peat layers, incorporated in the “cross-laminated sandy” stratum of the Yar Sredny, were studied. The results of their paired 230Th/238U and 14C dating are in good agreement with each other. According to the dating results, it was determined that the “cross-laminated sandy” stratum was deposited, apparently, in the range of about 50-40 thousand years ago, i.e. in the Late Pleistocene (MIS-3), and not in the Middle Pleistocene, about 400-300 thousand years ago, as previously thought.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):288-293
Structural connections between Urals and West Siberia: the common stage on the boundary of Permian and Triassic periods
Smirnov V.N., Ivanov K.S.

40Ar/39Ar-dating of the micas from the schists and blastomylonites collected from the fault which separates the Eastern zone of the Middle Urals dipped under the cover of the West Siberian plate from the open part of the geologic structures of the Urals, showed that the last phase of deformation was represented by a submeridional sinistral strike-slip faults with the age of 251 Ma. The appearance of the analyzed deformations practically exactly coincides in time with the formation of the grabens of meridional strike at the base of the West Siberian plate. 

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):294-297
Alb-Cenomanian granitoid magmatism and copper ore genesis of the Sikhote-Alin
Khanchuk A.I., Ivanov V.V., Ignatiev E.K., Kovalenko S.V., Semenova D.V.

Late Albian-early Cenomanin epoch of Au-Cu porphyry mineralization has been distinguished within the Sikhote-Alin. It is associated with the Alb-Cenomanian granitic rocks which emplacement coincided with the processes of orogeny and neoformation of continental lithosphere caused by compressive stress in the setting of transform continental margins of that time. The intrusion of the granitic magma into the crust of Jurassic accretionary wedge terranes and Early Cretaceous terrane of epicontinental turbidite basin provoked development of Au-Mo-Cu and Cu-Au-W ore genesis, respectively. U-Pb dating of zircons from host granites of the Malmuzh Au-Cu deposit yielded Alb-Cenomania age of 100-95 Ma. This age harmonizes with the age data reported by other researchers on the granitic rocks of East and Southeast Asia which are productive for hydrothermal mineral deposits of copper, gold, tin and other metals. Such age consistency suggests that there is Albian-Cenomanian metallogenic megabelt extending throughout the entire East Asian continental margin.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):298-302
Origin, sites and mobility of helium and argon isotopes in meliphanite
Lyalina L.M., Kamensky I.L., Tolstikhin I.N.

The similarity of U-Th-4He age of meliphanite and the age of regional metamorphism (1800 Ma) seems to indicate a good retention of radiogenic 4He in the mineral, but contradicts with the experience of U-Th-4He dating. To analyze this result 3He concentration was measured, which appeared to be very low, about 2 % of the totally produced 3He. Radiogenic 3,4He isotopes occupier radiation tracks. Intersections of these tracks with cleavage planes provide migration of He atoms from the mineral and 4He, produced due to U and Th decay, should be almost completely lost. Instead, meliphanite contains trapped He occurring in specific cavities of the crystalline structure. Extraction of He isotopes from meliphanite by its step-wise heating in vacuum confirmed this conclusion. Using U-Th-4He system for dating (as it is often done in thermochronology) can lead to incorrect results. Both isotopes, 3He and 4He, should be used to identify the origin of helium in minerals.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):303-306
New data refer to palaeoproterozoic age of the Elabuga deformation zone metamorphism of the Volgo-Uralia, East European Craton
Fedotova A.A., Bogdanova S.V., Claesson S., Anosova M.O., Postnikov A.V., Fugzan M.M., Kirnozova T.I.

This paper presents age data of the Elabuga zone rocks metamorphism and of the detrital zircon of the Elabuga zone paragneisses and their correlation with the age of Middle-Volga megablock rocks. The Elabuga zone rocks and the Middle-Volga megablock rocks have similar geochemical characteristics and degree of metamorphism. Difference is as follows: Paleoproterozoic metamorphism is occurred at the studied Elabuga zone rocks and such metamorphism age is not presented at the Middle-Volga megablock rocks. The study of U-Pb isotopic system in external zones in the Elabuga deformation zone zircon crystals suggests that rocks were underwent by metamorphism of two stages 1.99 and 1.95 Ga ago.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):307-312
Investigation of migratory seismicity in the lithosphere of the Baikal rift zone
Klyuchevskii A.V., Kakourova A.A.

The study of migrating seismicity was carried out according to data on 52700 earthquakes of representative energy classes KР ≥ 8, which occurred in the lithosphere of the Baikal Rift Zone (BRZ) from 1964 to 2013. M = 2143 quasilinear chains of earthquakes are distinguished and the basic laws of the space-time and energy distribution are established. In the epicentral field of the BRZ seismicity, there are chains of “seismic migration” and chains formed by chance (“pseudo-migration”). To identify the migrating seismicity, the seismic migration activity index (ISMA) was used, which characterizes the seismic migration / pseudo-migration ratio at a given level of significance, obtained maps of the distribution of the index over the territory and graphs of changes over years. The results of the study indicate a direct link between the migrating BRZ seismicity and the location and activation of rifting attractor structures (RAS).

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):313-318
New chronological (14C, OSL), paleontological and geochemical data on developing of ice-dammed lakes in Kurai basin (south-eastern part of the Russian Altai) during the MIS-2
Agatova A.R., Nepop R.K., Khazin L.B., Zhdanova A.N., Uspenskaya O.N., Ovchinnikov I.Y., Moska P.

One of the highly debatable issue of the Altai Pleistocene paleogeography is the chronology and extension of the last ice-dammed lakes. For the first time paleontological, mineralogical characteristics, and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) ages for lacustrine deposits confirm accumulation of ice-dammed lake with depth at least 170 m in Kurai basin at the end of the Late Pleistocene - 16-19 ka. New data provide information about the ecology and evolution of this Sartan reservoir. Draining of this lake less affected the topography in comparison with earlier cataclysmic glacier-lakes outburst floods. Nevertheless, the lake controlled human settlement of the basin in the Late Paleolithic. Drying of this reservoir defined formation of the modern hydrological network, including flowing of the Chuya River along the steep gorge between the Maashey and Belgibash mouths. New data evidence for significant difference in evolution of the Kurai-Chuya system of intermountain depressions and Uimon basin at the end of the Late Pleistocene.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):319-322
Variations of stable oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in the pingo ice core, south of the Gydan Peninsula
Vasil’chuk Y.K., Kurchatova A.N., Budantseva N.A., Rogov V.V., Chizhova J.N.

The vertical isotopic profile of the pingo Messoyakha-1 (coordinates: 68°30′32″ N, 79°59′53″ E) ice core, obtained in the south of the Gydan Peninsula in the Middle Messoyakha swell. There is no significant variations of the isotopic composition of pingo ice core: δ18О values vary from -14.98 to -16.60‰, δ2Н values vary from -117.9 to -12.8. This small scatter of values is probably the result of intense heaving and rather rapid formation of the pingo. Basing on the features of the pingo, it can be assumed that initially there was a lake of 0.5 km length and 0.3 km width in this site. Then, as a result of water draining to a nearby river, the lake began to dry out and alas, which occupies most of the primary lake area, was formed. Pingo arose during the freezing of the alas under its gradual drying.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):323-328
Biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology
Effect of fabomotizole on brain gene expression in MR rats upon open field test
Vakhitova Y.V., Kuzmina U.S., Voronin M.V., Zainullina L.F., Seredenin S.B.

Selective anxiolytic fabomotisol (Afobazol®) has affinity for the Sigma-1 chaperone receptor site, quinone reductase 2 (NQO2) and MAO-A regulatory sites, and melatonin receptor type 1 (MT1 receptor). The analysis of the effect of fabomotisol on the gene expression profile in the brain of MR (Maudsley Reactive) rats was carried out when modeling emotional stress in the open field test. A change in the expression of 14 genes was found, the results of the functional annotation of which show that the mechanisms of action of fabomotisol may be associated with the regulation of translation of proteins (Rpl5, Rpl15, Ncl, Ybx1), synaptic functions (Cplx2, Dlg4, Syngap1, Add1, Rab8b, Klc1, Chn1) and cellular metabolism (Akr1d1, Bcat1, Pkm).

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):329-332
The induction of the synthesis of interferon, CD4 and CD8 t lymphocytes in blood and spleen of mice after oral vaccination with the “early” protein HPV16 E2
Salyaev R.K., Rekoslavskaya N.I., Stolbikov A.S.

Very high contents of the interferon, CD4 and CD8 T lymphocytes were found in blood and spleen cells after the oral vaccination of mice with the “early” protein of high-risk oncogenic papillomavirus HPV16 E2 by using immunoassays analyses: ELISPOT for the detection of the content of interferon, Western-blot hybridization and enzyme immunoassays for analyses of СD4 and CD8 T lymphocytes. Both blood cells and splenocytes showed high content of alive mononuclear cells during ELISA and ELISPOT analyses that had very characteristic features for T lymphocytes. The ratio of CD4/CD8 was very close to 1 after the quanttitive determination by the enzyme immunoassays with appropriate antibodies. It was concluded that the “early” protein HPV16 E2 participated in the activation of the immune system during pathogenesis and neoplasia.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):333-337
Potassium salt of fullerenylpenta-N-dihydroxytyrosine effects on type 2 diabetes mellitus therapeutic targets
Soldatova Y.V., Kotelnikova R.A., Zhilenkov A.V., Faingold I.I., Troshin P.A., Kozlova M.A., Areshidze D.A., Aldoshin S.M.

It was shown for the first time that pentaamino acid derivative of fullerene C60 (potassium salt of fullerenylpenta-N-dihydroxytyrosine) effects on three targets of type 2 diabetes mellitus. It competitively inhibits the enzymes aldose reductase and sorbitol dehydrogenase and also exhibits antiglycation effect on bovine serum albumin. The enzymes inhibition constants were calculated.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):338-341
Cell biology
An analysis of adaptive reactions in healthy subjects who have prolonged contact with tuberculosis patients
Litvinov I.S., Dolgikh D.A.

Prolonged contact of healthy subjects with Mycobacterium tuberculosis can change their blood formula and immune status, thus reflecting adaptive reactions to constant antigenic load. The peripheral blood analysis of health care workers (HCWs) in a tuberculosis hospital demonstrates changes in cell populations which prevent development of tuberculosis, in particular, CD4+ Т cells and CD3+ Т cells. It is shown that the number of the memory CD4+ Т cells specific to M.tuberculosis antigens which produce interferon gamma depends on the duration of work contact with tuberculosis patients. The HCWs blood characteristics usage as a control for tuberculosis patients is discussed.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;488(3):342-344

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