Vol 22, No 1 (2014)


On the problem of control subsystems AIS enterprises chemical engineering

Vlasov A.P.


This paper describes one approach to the problem of controllability in the enterprise using the AIS-theoretic analysis. Piloting conducted a training version of the ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. Linear programming module is implemented in x++.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):8-15
pages 8-15 views

Vulnerability analisis of industrial enterprise by making wares

Vorojeikin V.N.


Offered a method of vulnerability analysis of industrial enterprise by making complicated wares. Method is based on the analysis of inadmissible volumes lowering product wares from planned level on the adjusted time interval, depending on realization possible threats with effects on the production process. Analysis use a technology of system modeling, foresee building and analysis trees of possible evolution events. As trees of article seized possible changes in fabrication method of wares, with connected, with temporal break of production line and addition operations in production process of reconstruction wares of assemblage.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):16-23
pages 16-23 views

Performance analysis of dynamics research by generalized ranking II. Generalized ranking

Livshits M.Y., Tsapenko M.Y., Davydov A.N., Barbolin D.A.


The paper deals with the analysis of the dynamics of the efficiency of scientific research based on the generalized method of ranking - Data Envelopment Analysis. In this article the results of multicriteria estimation of the efficiency of the dynamics of scientific research on the example forecasts of scientific studies on priority directions of modernization of the Russian economy.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):24-31
pages 24-31 views

Use of the Bayesian method for statistical data processing of optoelectronic converter tests results

Ahpolova E.A., Orlov S.P.


The report considers the problem of reliability of optoelectronic converters for remote sensing of the Earth from aboard the spacecraft. It is proposed to control technology in the manufacture of optoelectronic unit converter. A methodology to assess the most critical areas in the process is proposed. The methodology is based on a generalized Bayesian formula and allows you to make operational decisions on functional performance optoelectronic converter information on the test results. Proposed the hardware - software system that controls the unit by diagnostic tests. It contains a specialized complex, which provides: vibration impact on device, operation of the device at a cyclically varying temperatures and elektrotermocurrent controlled training unit.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):32-37
pages 32-37 views

Experimental estimation of single-coil eddy-current sensor temperature measure error

Borovik S.Y., Kuteynikova M.M., Raykov B.K., Sekisov Y.N., Skobelev O.P.


The description of the experimental research installation for examination of an error of single-coil eddy-current sensor sensing element temperature measuring in the thermo-correction channel of the system for information acquisition about radial clearances between blade tips and a stator of compressor or turbine is given. Quantitative estimates of this error are obtained. These results confirm an operability and efficiency of the previously proposed method for reduction of such errors.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):38-43
pages 38-43 views

The improvement of the methods of measuring the integrated characteristics on instant values of orthogonal components of signals

Ivanov Y.M.


A new method of measuring the integrated characteristics of harmonic signals, based on the formation of orthogonal voltage components is considered. Through the use of characteristic points in the implementation of the method provided an exception of voltage error (error modulo) of phase-shifting blocks, carrying the formation of additional signals. The block diagram of measurement tool that implements the method is provided. Results of the analysis of an error of measuring parameters because of a deviation of real signal from harmonious model are examined. A significant effect of the harmonic content of the signal on extending the resultant error in determining the integral characteristics of the signals is shown. The results obtained allow to select an area of the method, depending on the requirements of accuracy and measurement time.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):44-49
pages 44-49 views

The test method to improve the accuracy of measurement of density flowing densitometer

Kuznetscov V.A.


A measurement method of a liquid's density with high precision directly in the stream was considered. There is an analysis of known methods of measuring the density of the liquid. Also their disadvantages in the density measurement of the mud during the drilling of deep wells are marked. The way of improving the accuracy of the weight densitometer based on the application of test methods was considered. There are formation methods of the two tests. Additive test is created by using the exemplary mass and multiplier one is formed by changing the stiffness of the measuring spring. Processing of measuring information is produced by a microcontroller.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):50-54
pages 50-54 views

Modeling of measuring circuits with parametric sensors for information and measuring systems

Kulikovsky K.L., Chernetzov M.V.


The paper describes the synthesis methods of simulated models for data measuring systems on the basis of MatLab Power System Blockset software. It deals with the simulated models of active and passive measuring chains with single and differential parametric transducers of non-electrical indexes. The researches of developed simulated model are shown on the test models. A comparative analysis of the results and recommendations on their application are given. The advantage of synthetic models is that, using known optimization techniques, it is possible to choose the best way to solve the differential equations that describe the studied measuring circuit. This allows one to choose the most optimal criteria in terms of developer information-measurement system based on the requirements for speed and the permissible error of measurement.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):55-61
pages 55-61 views

The synthesis of measurement methods of bipolar electrical circuits parameters on the instant values of transients

Melent’ev V.S., Kostenko E.V., Evstifeeva T.S., Levina K.D.


The classification of measurement methods of bipolar electrical circuits parameters on the instant values of transients is considered. Methods are classified according to the following criteria: number of unknown parameters of bipolar electrical circuit (one, two and more than two parameters); on principles of constructing the measuring circuit (number of sample resistors, the use of auxiliary circuits with known or unknown reactive elements); the parameters of the measurement process (the presence or absence of connection with the moment of connection the voltage to measuring circuit, the number of sample time intervals, the number of transients in the measuring circuit). As a result, all the methods are divided into six groups. A new approach to the synthesis of such methods is offered. Examines one method of each of the groups, synthesized on the basis of this approach.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):62-71
pages 62-71 views

Improvement of properties of digital differentiating devices with the small sampling times

Starikov A.V., Belyaeva I.S., Jabasova D.N.


The simplest digital single-loop control systems with the proportional-differential regulator is considered. It is shown that at the small sampling times and the big constants of time of differentiation the factor of transfer of a digital regulator becomes very big and can conflict to digitization process on level and restriction of signals on size. The new way of calculation of the derivative, unlike both simplicity of technical realization, and improvement of properties of digital differentiating devices is offered. Discrete transfer functions of a new digital proportional-differential regulator and considered single-loop system are received. It is shown that the offered way of differentiation allows to improve quality of transients in a digital control system.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):72-77
pages 72-77 views

Providing high-quality application of ion-plasma coatings on wrought aluminum alloys

Muratov V.S., Guravel L.V., Trefilova N.V.


In work various variants of thermal hardening of deformable alloys of aluminium with the purpose of reception of high-quality ionic-plasma decorative coverings of various color scale were investigated. Ion plasma decorative coverings from nitride of the titan put on products from alloys of systems Al-Cu-Mg, Al-Mg, received by cutting and processing by pressure. Implemented various schemes podstuzhivaniya and deformation patterns. On the basis of the lead researches it is established variants and parameters of thermal processing of the alloys providing the best parameters of quality of ionic-plasma coverings. Quality of coverings estimated on thickness of a covering, its porosity, adhesion, uniformity of color scale.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):78-84
pages 78-84 views

Fracture analysis of internal anti-corrosive coatings of oil pipeline and oil-well tubing

Yudin P.E.


In this paper an investigation of determination of main mechanisms of destruction of oil pipeline and compressor tubing pipes with internal anticorrosion coatings (IACC) which were used in oilfield compositions of oil pipeline was made. The main mechanisms of destruction were determined. Influence of operating temperature excess on the character of destruction of IACC is shown. The effects of corrosion and decompression destruction were examined, examples of polymer base natural aging. The findings allow to formulate quality criteria of pipes with internal anticorrosion coatings. It is shown in the article that real operation term till the destruction of pipes with internal anticorrosion coatings is twice less than the regulated in normative documents due to polymer base natural aging.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):85-92
pages 85-92 views

Surface hardened specimens with cuts endurance limit dependence on cross-section sizes

Pavlov V.F., Kirpichev V.A., Filatov A.P., Sazanov V.V., Yarionova Y.S.


It’s experimentally established that hardened specimens cross-section sizes increase leads to the increase of compressive residual stresses in the surface layer and the decrease of reactive tensile stresses in the core under the same type of hardening. It’s necessary to increase the thickness of surface hardened layer with compressive residual stresses proportionally to the parts dangerous cross-section sizes for hardening effect preservation. It’s been shown that surface hardening influence on the parts endurance limit evaluation using the average integral residual stresses criterion leads to the slight dispersion of the stresses concentration coefficient versus the same evaluation using the dangerous section surface residual stresses criterion. So the average integral residual stresses criterion can be recommended for the hardened parts with stresses concentrators endurance limit forecasting.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):93-100
pages 93-100 views

Dynamical model of the horizontal scheme of automatic assembly of cylindrical details

Chernyahovskaya L.B.


The scheme of the assembling of cylindrical details was considered. During the assembling a bush moves under the influence of the gravity, leaned on the surface of the horizontally fastened shaft. The kinematic laws of such of this movement, defined by the three-point contact, was established. The directions of the dynamical reaction force at the contact points were established. The system of the differential equations, being the dynamical model of the horizontal assembly of cylindrical details, and describing the motion of the bush, was formed.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):101-109
pages 101-109 views

Analysis of the impfct of the dynamics of the punch velocity loop units movement on the gualite of the automatic system of deep drawing process

Kaplun E.S., Lysov V.E.


He paper considers a system of automatic traffic punch control under deep drawing process. The system includes electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumoelectric elements. The article provides derivation of transfer functions of the mentioned elements and the structure system formation. It examines the impact of the elements parameters variations on the dynamic performance quality control . The authors evaluate the possibility of simplifying of transmission functions for engineering design of deep-drawing process automatic control systems. The article provides graphic transistents in the speed loop a hunch movement and its movement at a variation of parameters of dynamic elements of the system.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):110-118
pages 110-118 views

Optimum control of heatmass transfer process in the conditions of decomposition of basic model

Bengina T.A.


The aim of research is design of technological modes of gas nitriding which provides the improvement of properties of the processed product surface and growth of productivity of the equipment. New approach to a problem of optimum control by heatmass transfer process (gas nitriding) by criterion of the maximum productivity of installation in the conditions of the set quality of nitriding is offered when performing technological restrictions. Unlike known statements of similar tasks decomposition of mathematical model of process on two regional problems of optimum control by mass transfer and heat conductivity process with the mobile right end of a trajectory in rough infinite-dimensional area of space of states is carried out. As a method of the solution of the parametrized optimum task the alternansny method of optimization is accepted.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):119-126
pages 119-126 views

Using computational model for investigation of combined action of pumps with the controlled and noncontrolled drive

Kolesnikov S.V., Kudinov V.A., Kuznetsova A.E., Branfileva A.V., Skvortsova M.P.


Result of the investigations of combined action of pumps received on computational model with the controlled and uncontrolled drive are given. The curve of saving of power depending on the expenditure via the pump with the controlled drive working as a part of group of pumps with uncontrolled drives is constructed. For pump with controlled drive was received the range of costs, in where is the maximum power sawing. This pump is one of the six working parallely in one sistem. Shown that for regulation of the variable rate on the network at a constant pressure at the output collector, uniting outlet pipes of all pumps connected in parallel, it is enough to install variable speed drive is only one of the pumps.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):127-135
pages 127-135 views

Accuracy approximation of unsteady heat conduction plate with boundary conditions of the third kind

Kotenev V.I., Kotenev A.V., Tatarnikov A.N.


In the paper one-element approximation of the equation of transient heat conduction of plate at heat exchange with boundary conditions of the third kind with application of the method of integral elements in which square coordinate function is used is considered. Dynamics of heat exchange of plate is presented by a standard second order dynamic unit for which difference frequency characteristics in the given range of the relative frequencies are constructed. This frequency range allows determining area in which one-element approximation is admissible. The error of approximation is estimated proceeding from a condition of ensuring the given value of the cutoff frequency of automatic control system of the plate temperature. An example of the system cutoff frequency determination is presented at Bi=1 and the preset values of the plate size and the thermal diffusivity of the material of the plate. It is shown that in the range of relative frequencies from 0 to 4 the error of approximation of the amplitude-frequency characteristic does not exceed 1 dB, and the phase-frequency characteristic - 5 °.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):136-141
pages 136-141 views

Thermoelasticity in multilayer structureswith variable physical properties of the medium

Kuznetsova A.E.


Using the system of coordinate functions that precisely satisfy the boundary conditions and conditions mates, the problem of thermoelasticity for laminated body is given to the problem for a single layer with variables (ku-juicy-inhomogeneous) the properties of the medium. On the basis of orthogonal method of Bubnov - Galerkin received its approximate analytical solution. At constant within each layer, the physical properties of the environment, the exact analytical solution for the multilayered structure and its detailed study under different conditions of heat stress.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):142-151
pages 142-151 views

Features of aircraft engine converting into gas turbine drive blower for gas-main pipelines

Orlov M.Y., Gulina S.A., Orlova G.M.


This paper discusses the problem of thermodynamic calculation of converted aircraft gas turbine engines powered by natural gas. An algorithm of thermodynamic calculation based on π-h-T functions with exact calculation of changes in thermophysical parameters of the working substance and the fuel gas composition, which allowed to estimate the effect of the distribution of the pressure ratio for the compressor spools on the performance parameters of the aircraft engine converted to gas pipeline pumping unit. It was established that the distribution over the entire range of pressure ratio on the compressor spools of beneficial change in the cycle is from 0.5 to 1%, and the change of specific consumption of fuel - from 1% to 2%.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):152-158
pages 152-158 views

Stages of formation and production of mineral oils in Russia

Zhilkina E.O., Antonov S.A.


In this paper initiation, formation and development of mineral oils production in Russia was considered step-by-step. The activity of the famous entrepreneur and inventor V.I. Ragozin was described. This activity placed himself on a record of Russian oil refinery due to paying a great attention not only to business but also to engaging best scientists and engineers of Russia (D.I. Mendeleev, V.V. Markovnikov, G.A. Schmidt, V. Kalashnikov and others) in the process of researching and developing of oil production technologies. Besides the activity of V.I. Ragozin’s followers was also reviewed. In this article the large-tonnage Russian companies of oil production were listed. The current state of the domestic oil production and the main ways of its development at the present stage were also discussed.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):159-164
pages 159-164 views

Waterflooding process modeling in dual-periodical area using by pistonlike oil displacement pattern

Kasatkin A.Y.


The main content of that research is waterflooding process modeling in dual-periodical area: to reach that goal there was defined and solved oil displacement task in element’s area of dual-periodical waterflooding scheme. It was used pistonlike displacement pattern to describe joint water-oil filtration process: according to that pattern the water-oil contact’s thickness is supposed infinity thin and the both liquids are defined physically different.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):165-172
pages 165-172 views

Study of bottom sediments in the oil storage tanks

Pilschikov V.A., Yeremina Y.V., Tsvetkov V.S., Pimerzin A.A., Shvetsov O.V., Belov O.A.


The paper presents study results of paraffin deposits tanks It was shown that the chemical group and the elemental composition, the content of water and impurities for all investigated samples of asphalt-resinous paraffin deposits substantially identical and does not depend on the sampling point in the tank.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):173-179
pages 173-179 views

On the determination of a joint density function for one class of discrete stochastic processes

Volkov I.I., Fedorov S.V.


We consider an approach to the determination of the joint density. It allows to extend range of the correlation function models, the parameters of which can be estimated with maximum likelihood estimation, and make their estimation simple enough. This is achieved by a special linear transformation of the stochastic process into the process with a simple form of the correlation function. Concrete conversion type for correlation function with three dimensions is considered. Practical recommendations for the implementation of proposed approach are given for a number of important cases: correlational analysis, modeing of relationship. Finally, a number of algorithms and the results of experimental research are considered.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):180-184
pages 180-184 views

Automatic control system of lock gate movement

Danilushkin I.A., Kolpaschikov S.A., Melnikov E.V.


The automatic control system of lock gate movement is studied. The gate position during lifting and lowering is a plant. The system should provide the movement with a minimum alignment error. The paper contains a brief description of the equipment, the structure of the control system, the experimental data. The spectral analysis of signals present in the system is performed. Designed band-stop filter reduces the impact of noise on the formation of the control signal. A numerical study of the filter concludes its applicability.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):185-189
pages 185-189 views

Dynamic characteristic of direct-current drive moment stabilizing

Kurgan V.P., Pankin A.A.


In this paper a DC drive stabilizing system is presented. This system provides required transient and steady state owing to assigned load moment of electrical machine. Electrical machine operates on dynamic braking mode.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):190-193
pages 190-193 views

Stabilization mode of the continuous casting regime for aluminum alloys flat bars based on approximate regression models

Yakubovich E.A.


The approximate regression models to estimate the depth of the liquid metal hole and the size of the two-phase zone in the center of the ingot, depending on the characteristics of the cooling system and the casting speed based on the results of numerical studies of the temperature field of a continuous 400mm thickness ingot ,are presented. The paper deals with the possibilities of the approximate regression type models to justify the parameters of continuous casting of aluminum alloys in electromagnetic mold with a view to stabilize the temperature conditions of formation and properties of the ingot. The limits of the cooling intensity oscillations, the level and temperature of the liquid metal and the rate of the ingot pulling speed ensure maintaining the depth of the liquid metal hole and the size of the two-phase zone in the center of the ingot within 5% deviation from reasonable values was defined.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2014;22(1):194-197
pages 194-197 views
pages 199-201 views

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