Special issues of cream cheese production

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Chemical compositions of cream cheeses, their biological value and consuming characteristics are outlined. Traditionally, cream cheese is considered to be soft cheese. Common special issue of the cheese production is absence of the ripening stage in the technological production cycle. In the article the items related with technological production of cream cheese depending on available raw materials basis, regimes of technological cycle and equipment used are discussed. Prominent feature of this group of cheeses is the fact that product under the same name can be manufactured by 4 different ways with application of various sources of raw materials (milk, cream, skim milk) and various stages of technological cycle. It can be explained by considerable changes of technology of cream cheese production with time, more profound and wide theoretical knowledge, improvement of machine building basis and by appearance of hew technological processes. On the basis of the analysis of technological special issues of the cream cheese receiving the authors developed classification scheme of the cheese production that is based on differences in raw materials, types of mechanical effects, heat treatment regimes, ways of acidi cation and whey separation. Domestic and foreign equipment for cream cheese production was compared, and special attention was paid to the specific character of the curds separators. Brief description of new products based on cream processing developed at the Siberian Research Institute of Cheese Making is given. The cream high fat pasteurized product «Dobromir» with mass share of fat 58% is an analogue of the product kaimak known in many countries of the world, and «Cheese from the cream «Mascarpone» is soft thermo-acid cheese with mass share of fat in dry matter 80%.

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