Vol 11, No 3 (2011)

Structure of albumin and transport of drugs
Pshenkina N.N.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):3-15
The influence of stimulation and blockade of D 2-type dopaminergic receptors on behavioral processes in female rats during key phases of ovary cycle
Fedotova Y.O., Sapronov N.S.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):16-22
Fructose-fed model of the metabolic syndrome: pathogenetic relationships between metabolic disorders
Reshetnyak M.V., Khirmanov V.N., Zybina N.N., Frolova M.Y., Sakuta G.A., Kudryavtsev B.N.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):23-27
Variability in blood and risk of mortality of cancer patients
Shoutko A.N., Ekimova L.P., Sokurenko V.P., Mus V.F., Matyurin K.S., Granov A.M.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):28-34
Correction of complications in patients with invasive bladder cancer after the combination therapy
Kaprin A.D., Dobrovolskaya N.Y., Shestakov A.V., Shaipov M.K.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):35-43
Evaluation of antineuraminidase antibody in preclinical and clinical studies of seasonal trivalent live influenza vaccine
Smolonogina T.A., Desheva Y.A., Gorev N.E., Rudenko L.G.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):44-50
Analysis of respiratory sinus arrhythmia during speech and in different functional states
Vovk O.N., Klimenko V.M.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):51-64
Peculiarities of neurohumoral regulation of motor function in children with congenital malformations of spine and spinal cord
Baindurashvili A.G., Avaliani T.V., Neuymina M.V., Vissarionov S.V.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):65-70
Directions in diagnostics of gastric malt lymphoma
Kalinovsky V.P., Shumakov A.R., Tkachenko E.I., Limareva J.A.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):71-84
Influence of cardiorespiratory training on heart rate variability and psychological condition in patients with acute myocardial infarction
Yarmosh I.V., Boldueva S.A., Suvorov N.B.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):85-92
Role of atypical bacteria and respiratory viruses in the development of community-acquired pneumonia in adult population of the Republic of Karelia
Larina N.A., Pisareva M.M., Grudinin M.P., Kiselev O.I., Dudanova O.P.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):93-99
Intraluminal shunt during carotid endarterectomy
Zholkovskiy A.V., Ermolenko V.V., Abuazab B.S., Zhukova N.P., Koblov E.S., Dudanov I.P.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):100-104
The role of foot collateral blood supply in the healing of ischemic wounds and limb salvage in patients with critical lower limb ischemia
Platonov S.A., Kaputin M.Y., Ovcharenko D.V., Chistyakov S.P., Voronkov A.A., Zavacky V.V., Dudanov I.P.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):105-111
Saint-Petersburg Pasteur station
Andryushkevich T.V., Mazing Y.A.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):112-121
SEMIGLAZOV Vladimir Fedorovich. K 70-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya
- -.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(3):122-123

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