Vol 47, No 2 (1998)

Current public health problems

Inflammatory-septic diseases of women, which have just given birth as the reason of the mother's mortality

Repina M.A.


A problem of the obstetrical sepsis on the basis of the analysis of the control of sick persons with shown pathology in 1997 Saint-Petersburg is considered in the article. The features of development sepsis are allocated.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):7-10
pages 7-10 views

The treatment of obstetrical- gynecological sepsis with the account haemoreologic of infringments

Tsvelev l.V., Novikov E.I., Tulupov A.N., Nazvantsev I.V.


We have inspected 60 patients with septic complications. Pathogenesis features of this diseases were researched with the help of special methods, particular changes of haemoreologic properties of blood were investigated, methods of treatment of sepsis are justified.

Teleological antibacterial therapy, regional perfusion, leicotransfusions, antihypoxid therapy, differentiated infusion-transfusion therapy, medical plasmaferesis, strictly individually supplemented conventional antisepsis therapy, have allowed mortality among patients by gynecological sepsis. For patients from the researched group was lost, that were 6,7%. The uterus was saved at 41 patients, so were saved the uterine appendages and there functional abilities (hereinafter at 9 women from this group were labor).

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):11-14
pages 11-14 views

Original Research

Efficiency of preventive maintenance after confinement postpartum infectious diseases of the pregnant women with bacterial vaginosis (BV) and colpitis

Radzinskij V.E., Ordijanc I.M., Serebrjannik E.L.


Were examined 55 pregnant women with the purpose of development of optimum methods of preventive maintenance and treatment postpartum infectious diseases. Differential diagnostics between BV and colpitis was conducted, pathological attributes BV in the period of pregnancy in sorts and postpartum established. A microbial flora of the pregnant women’s vagines with BV and colpitis with normal and with complicated current of pregnancy was investigated. The preventive maintenance and treatment of postpartum infectious mother’s diseases, foetus, baby at pregnant women with BV and colpitis based on restoration microbiocenosis and local immunoresistence.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):15-17
pages 15-17 views

Biological and biochemical properties of vaginal liquid. A new sight at pathobiochemistry aspects of formation bacterial vaginosis

Kira E.F., Molchanov O.L., Berlev I.V.


A new and original view of authors on the pathobiochemical aspects of formation BV were represented. The some pathobiochemical qualities of vaginal fluid were considered.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):18-23
pages 18-23 views

Pathogenetic features of clinical current inflammatory diseases of internal genital organs on background intrauterine contraception (IUC)

Ivanova L.V., Okisheva G.A., Spodobets T.P.


Analysis of current inflammatory of uterus diseases and uterine appendages diseases was conducted at 1769 patients - age from 18-48 years. It is revealed, that the introduction IUC is responsible gynecological operation, requiring careful selection of woman with account of contraindicated, with observance of the rules aseptic and antiseptic subsequent strict regular medical check-up not less twice per year with vaginal bacteriological researching. The development of inflammatory process internal genital organs on a background IUC requires timely hospitalization, removal IUC and complex treatment as there is tendency, to spreading of infection for area of uterus and uterine appendages, that determines volume of surgical operation.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):24-26
pages 24-26 views

Tergynan treatment of bacterial vaginosis (BV) and urogenital candidosis (UGC)

Kira E.F.


The data about treatment of BV and UGC by local application combined preparation of tergynan are submitted in the article. Efficiency of application of tergynan was compared with approved methods of treatment given diseases with using of 2% dalacin-vaginal cream (n=30) and jenamasolum (n=13). Was established that treatment BV was ascertained at 82,8% and UGC at 63,3% patients. Relapces were marked in 3 months after the ending of treatment accordingly at 18,8% patients with BV and 18,7% patients with UGC.

It is recommended to apply tergynan for treatment BV, UGC and to preventive maintenance of infectious complications after labor, abortions and vaginal’s operations.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):27-30
pages 27-30 views

Oxidiring updating of protein and endogenic intoxication as parameters of weight EPH-gestosis

Kostuchek D.F., Sokolova L.V.


Is investigated contents of substances low and average molecular of weight (SLAMW) in plasma of blood, in erythrocytes and urine, and process of oxidizing updating serum s proteins of blood at 11 unpregnant women, at 22 pregnant women with physiological current of pregnancy, at 9 pregnant of risk’s group on development EPH-gestosis and at 33 pregnant, suffering by EPH-gestosis. On the basis of received facts following conclusions were made. Processes of agrégation of proteins prevail at physiological current of pregnancy. Endogenic intoxication at healthy pregnant not observed. In connection with an increase of concentration the active forms of an oxygen in a body of pregnant from risk’s group, process of agrégation of protein considerably more intensive. We can observe among the pregnant of risk’s group the first “compensatory” phase of endogenic intoxication, which accompanied by increase SLAMW in erythrocytes. The oxidizing updating of protein amplifies in a greater degree at pregnant women suffering by EPH- gestosis. Is observed as agrégation of protein’s molecules, as its destruction.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):31-35
pages 31-35 views

Application computer monitoring of parameters of the clinical analysis of blood for forecasting and early diagnostics of postoperative inflammatory complications

Dolgov G.V.


Automated system computer monitoring the “Prognoz” was developed on the basis of mathematical modeling of a database of the clinical analysis of blood of 334 women with non complicated current postoperation period and 133 patients with postoperations inflammatory complications. Application of a system the “Prognoz” in clinical practice permits to prognosticate before the operation in 68,8% cases non complicated current postoperation period and in 93,0% cases on the 3-d day after operation to diagnose initial postoperations inflammatory complications.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):36-40
pages 36-40 views

Experience of microsurgical tubes operation for sterility in women

Mgeladze B.N.


Analysis of 140 cases microsurgical operation on fallopian tubes was made. On the basis of received results the conclusion is done that using of microsurgical operation is justified at recanalisation, imposing tubo-tubarian anastomosis and fimbrioplastics. At the same time, the tubes sterility at availability permanent current inflammatories processes with damaged at tubes on the long line and thereto with form formations of sactos are not subject of microsurgical correction connection with small quantity set in pregnancies. Thus the application of the microsurgical correction is shown at hightly motivated ill with consideration of contra-indications offered by author.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):41-43
pages 41-43 views

Tibolone and its metabolits: a pharmacology, tissue's specifics and effects on experimental models of tumoures

Kloosterboer H.J.


Tibolone represents steroid with wear estrogenic, progestagenic and androgenic properties, which can use as alternative usual hormonal replacement therapy (HRT). A series experiments for study influence of tibolone and its metabolits on a tissues in vitro and in vivo was conducted. The tissues selectivity of tibolone was found in a bone, where the estrogenic activity restores of a bones weight and quality the rats bone after ovarioectomy and the absence of estrogenic activity prevents of endometrial proliferation. Tibolone did note stimulate the cellular proliferation in the lines of tumoures crates and reduced a load of a tumour at the tumoures of mammary glands, called DMBA as on a model of preventive maintenance. It was shown that tibolone and each of from three metabolits considerably reduce in average load of the tumour after 10 weeks of treatment. These results show, that metabolits can introduce contribution to final effect of tibolone in the experiments in vivo and that metabolism plays a key role in a problem selective tissues effects of tibolone.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):44-49
pages 44-49 views

Pathological pre-conditions of complicated current of pregnancy at myoma uteri

Savitskij A.G., Abramchenko V.V., Savitskij G.A.


Some results of work, executed in Scientific Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology named after D.O.Ott of RAMS are submitted in the article. A regulation about pathological transformation of the myoma uterus was formulated. It was shown, that the changes in muscular, vascular and nervous systems of the uterus, normally developing and progressive in accordance with an increase of the tumours weight were pathological, biological inexpedient reaction of organ on occurrence into “extraneous” subject, which has dependence from hormones and possessing weight and scope. Pathological reactions, developed in myoma uteri are created the conditions for adverse current of pregnancy. Representations about morphological state of the uterus and the tumour during the pregnancy was detailed.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):50-54
pages 50-54 views

Influence of the adverse industrial factors to a state of fagocytic activity of neutrophils of peripheral blood in women of chemical manufacture

Bezhenar V.F., Grebenjuk A.N., Antushevich A.E.


In the article was considered a problem long-duration a combined effect of toxic ksenobiotics on the factors non-specific resistence of immunity of workwomen of chemical manufacture. It was shown a high forecasted value of investigated parameters of fagocitic activity of neutrophils of blood in valuation of the condition of immunity system, and correlation gears of interrelation of the factors a system non-specific peg. With a level and features of morbidity of the surveyed women.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):55-58
pages 55-58 views

Application of a preparation "Ovestin" in the sexual purposes

Procopenko J.P.


New aspects of using vaginal ovules “Ovestin” at 20 couples of the senior age with purpose correction of the sexual infringements at the women stipulated by period of postmenopause are considered.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):60-61
pages 60-61 views


Efferent therapy in the complex treatment of EPH-gestosis

Vetrov V.V.


In the review the data are submitted, which witnessed about expediency of using detoxication therapy in the complex treatment of EPH-gestosis.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):62-67
pages 62-67 views

The psychosomatic approach to the obstetrical problems

Kaplun I.B.


In the review of the modern concepts of the psychosomatic frustration in the obstetrical practise is the given in present article.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):68-72
pages 68-72 views


Significance of the surgical interference in the complex treatment of the patients with endometriosis

Baskakov V.P.


In the article the questions of the indications, contraindications and the special features of the surgical tactic and approaches at the patients with endometriosis are considered.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):73-75
pages 73-75 views

Psychological and physiological aspects of the interaction between a mother and her newborn

Bystrova K.S.


This lecture examines some of the psychological and physiological aspects of the interaction between mother and newborn.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):76-81
pages 76-81 views


Participation of the gynaecologist and the dermatovenereologist in a system of a hygienic education of under-ages

Lusan N.V., Davidova S.V.


In the article on origin sight of the authors on the decision of a problem a hygenic education and social behaviour of under-ages is submitted.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):82-84
pages 82-84 views

Prostitution and population

Zharkov Y.N.


A publicist article examines some aspects of the problem of prostitution.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):85-88
pages 85-88 views


Estrogen replacement treatment with transdermal patches

Repina M.A., Zinina T.A.


The article provides a comparative analysis of oral and transdermal estrogen replacement use in peri/postmenopausal women.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):89-90
pages 89-90 views

Letter to Editor

On the article by M.V. Shvetsov and N.V. Startseva, "Psychotherapy in Women with the Threat of Miscarriage" (Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases, 1998, v. 1).

Kaplun I.B.


This article summarizes the experience with Lowen's body-oriented therapy in 100 pregnant women with the threat of pregnancy failure.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):91-91
pages 91-91 views


Unconventional treatment of gynecological patients with cardiac pathology

Sergeeva I.V., Baskakov V.P., Schneider Y.A., Slivin O.A., Petrov A.A., Zhorin S.P., Tolkachev V.V.


This article presents two clinical observations of surgical treatment of gynecological patients with concomitant cardiovascular pathology.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):92-93
pages 92-93 views


On the enactment of the model regulations for women's clinics


Order No. 113 of 10.04.98 "On enactment of the model regulation for women's consultation".

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):94-97
pages 94-97 views

History page

Anton Krassovskij and modernity

Tsvelev l.V.


“The greatest people left the life But they continue to be example And by their example act as live”. A. Koni

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):98-102
pages 98-102 views

Scientific activity

Information about the Joint Plenum of the Interdepartmental Scientific Council for Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference of the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists "Topical Questions of Infections in Obstetrics and Gynecology", Saint-Petersburg, May 26-28, 1998

Dolgov G.V.


On May 26-28, 1998, the Joint Plenum of the Interdepartmental Scientific Council for Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the All-Russian Scientific Conference of the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists "Topical Questions of Infections in Obstetrics and Gynecology", dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the first Russian Chair in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Military Medical Academy in Saint-Petersburg, were held.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 1998;47(2):103-103
pages 103-103 views

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