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Ophthalmology journal

Medical peer-reviewed journal of research and practice “Oftalmologiceskie vedomosti” is published quarterly since 2008. The journal is published under the aegis of the All-Russian Public Organization “Association of Ophthalmologists”.

Chief editor

Astakhov Yury Sergeevich, M.D., Ph.D., professor, honorary doctor of the Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University.

 Main publications of the journal are focused on key issues of modern ophthalmology: etiology and pathogenesis, epidemiology, clinical picture features, up-to-date methods of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of eye diseases and of those of its adnexa.

The journal publishes original articles, scientific reviews, lectures, clinical case descriptions (presented by Russian and foreign authors), and informs about past congresses and conferences in Russia.

The journal is oriented toward practicing ophthalmologists, including ophthalmic surgeons, scientific and teaching staff of medical higher educational institutions, physicians in ophthalmology training, as well as for specialists of allied health specialties.

The journal’s mission:

  1. To integrate research results of Russian scientists and the rich clinical experience of practicing doctors in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of eye diseases into the international scientific space; to be an international scientific platform for discussions and sharing experiences;
  2. To provide for ophthalmologists of the Russian Federation actual and high quality research and practice insights into most up-to-date treatment and prevention methods of eye diseases and of those of its adnexa.


“Oftalmologiceskie vedomosti” journal is included into the List of peer-reviewed scientific journals and reviews, in which main research results of theses for a doctor's and candidate’s degree ought to be published.

The journal is indexing in the following international databases and directory editions:

The journal is registered by the Russian State Committee for Press and Mass Media on May 04, 2016 (Registration Number ПИ № ФС 77-65574).


  • NO Article Processing Charges
  • Gold Open Access (in according with Budapest Open Access Initiative)
  • Articles distribution with Creative Commons Attribution International License (CC BY 4.0)


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Current Issue

Vol 11, No 2 (2018)

Analysis of long-term results of collagen corneal cross-linking in patients with ectatic forms of corneal dystrophy
Frolov O.A., Astakhov S.Y., Danilov P.A., Novikov S.A.
Ophthalmology journal. 2018;11(2):6-12
Assessment of Corneal subbasal nerve plexus using confocal in vivo microscopy in patients with pseudoexfoliation syndrome after phacoemulsification
Potyomkin V.V., Varganova T.S., Terehova I.V., Ageeva E.V.
Ophthalmology journal. 2018;11(2):13-18
Pseudoexfoliative glaucoma and molecular genetic characteristics of vitamin D metabolism
Beletskaya I.S., Astakhov S.Y., Karonova T.L., Galkina O.V., Bogdanova E.O., Akopov E.L., Kozyreva A.A.
Ophthalmology journal. 2018;11(2):19-28
Single step laser procedures combined technology in the treatment algorithm of advanced primary open-angle glaucoma stage after surgery
Tumanyan E.R., Lyubimova T.S., Kozlova E.E., Shormaz I.N., Ivashchenko E.V.
Ophthalmology journal. 2018;11(2):29-35
Preliminary results of extra-scleral and vitreoretinal procedures for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment
Shchukin A.D., Saigina E.A., Litvinova Y.A.
Ophthalmology journal. 2018;11(2):36-40
Comparative assessment of the efficacy of primary and secondary corneal endothelial dystrophy treatment by isolated descemetorhexis and accelerated collagen crosslinking method
Astakhov S.Y., Riks I.A., Papanyan S.S., Novikov S.A., Dzhaliashvili G.Z., Bondareva I.B.
Ophthalmology journal. 2018;11(2):41-47
Current approaches to the problem of carrier selection for limbal stem cells cultivation in the treatment of limbal stem cell deficiency
Kulikov A.N., Churashov S.V., Chernysh V.F., Blinova M.I., Alexandrova O.I., Karpovich V.V., Khorolskaya Y.I.
Ophthalmology journal. 2018;11(2):48-56
The main aspects of retinal vein occlusion etiopathogenisis in young adults. Part I. Neuroretinovasculitis (prothrombotic potential, clinical manifestations)
Tultseva S.N., Lisochkina A.B., Titarenko A.I., Turgel V.A.
Ophthalmology journal. 2018;11(2):57-67
The initial experience of using the drain implant to eliminate epiphora in patients with rhinogenous pathology
Beldovskaya N.Y., Karpichenko S.A., Shavgulidze M.A., Farikova E.E.
Ophthalmology journal. 2018;11(2):69-73
The state of conjunctival flora and its susceptibility to “Vitabakt” in cataract patients compared to other antibiotics used in ophthalmologic practice
Pirogov Y.I., Shustrova T.A., Oblovatskaya E.S., Khromova E.S.
Ophthalmology journal. 2018;11(2):75-79
Therapeutic efficacy of 3% NaCl hypertonic solution in postoperative corneal edema
Khripun K.V., Nizametdinov Y.S., Varganova T.S.
Ophthalmology journal. 2018;11(2):81-86
Cyclodialysis diagnosis and treatment revisited
Litvinova Y.A., Laptev D.A., Nikolaenko V.P., Koulicov V.S.
Ophthalmology journal. 2018;11(2):87-94
Unilateral mydriasis after video-assisted thoracic thymectomy: case report and review of literature
Panova T.Y., Nikolaenko V.P.
Ophthalmology journal. 2018;11(2):95-100