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Ophthalmology journal (Ophthalmologic vedomosti) is a scientific peer-reviewed medical journal of Ophthalmological Society published quarterly since 2008 under supervision of professor Yuri S. Astakhov, MD, PhD, Head Ophthalmologist of St.Petersburg Public Health Committee.

The journal publishes original papers reporting fundamental, medical experimental and clinical research, literature reviews, lectures, case reports, and information on all relevant issues of ophthalmology and eye surgery and allied disciplines.

The journal focuses on key problems of ophthalmology such as etiology and pathogenesis of eye diseases, epidemiology, clinical manifestation, state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment techniques as well as treatment and prevention of acute and late complications of eye diseases and associated conditions.

The journal is aimed at researchers, physicians, educators of medical academic institutions, ophthalmologists, eye surgeon, and all specialists in related fields of medicine including residents, research fellows, and medical students.

Our mission:

  1. Integrate Russian scientific efforts and vast clinical experience in treatment and prevention of eye diseases with international science and create international space for discussion and opinion sharing in the field of ophthalmology and eye surgery.
  2. Provide physicians with high-quality scientific evidence on current advances in treatment and prevention of eye diseases.


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Current Issue

Vol 10, No 4 (2017)

Experience in personalized cell therapy clinical implementation for treatment of patients with primary endothelial dystrophy after phacoemulsification
Astakhov S.Y., Riks I.A., Papanyan S.S., Kasparov A.A., Kasparova E.A., Pavlyuk A.S., Fedotova K.
Ophthalmology journal. 2017;10(4):6-12
Lacrimal system pathology in patients with malignant thyroid tumors after radioactive iodine therapy, and its correction methods
Beldovskaya N.Y., Karpichenko S.A., Baranskaya S.V., Karpov A.A.
Ophthalmology journal. 2017;10(4):13-17
Role of pterygopalatine blockade in the early rehabilitation program of children after congenital cataract surgery
Shchuko A.G., Iureva T.N., Oleshchenko I.G.
Ophthalmology journal. 2017;10(4):18-23
Clinical care of acanthamoeba keratitis patients
Skryabina Y.V., Astakhov Y.S., Konenkova Y.S., Varganova T.S., Petukhov V.P., Nokhrina K.V., Dnestryanskaya K.O.
Ophthalmology journal. 2017;10(4):24-31
Personalized analysis of foveal avascular zone with optical coherence tomography angiography
Burnasheva M.A., Kulikov A.N., Maltsev D.S.
Ophthalmology journal. 2017;10(4):32-40
The influence of local IOP-lowering therapy on the anterior segment tissues and outcome of glaucoma filtering surgery
Petrov S.Y., Lovpache D.N., Loskutov I.A., Safonova D.M.
Ophthalmology journal. 2017;10(4):41-47
Lacrimal stents in the lacrimal pathways’ surgery
Orlova E.I., Davydov D.V.
Ophthalmology journal. 2017;10(4):48-55
Experience in Gilan Comfort eye drops use of in patients after excimer laser surgery
Astakhov S.Y., Riks I.A.
Ophthalmology journal. 2017;10(4):57-60
Orbital varix
Potyomkin V.V., Ageeva E.V.
Ophthalmology journal. 2017;10(4):61-63
Wyburn-Mason syndrome
Astakhov Y.S., Belekhova S.G., Shakhnazarova A.A., Ovnanyan A.Y.
Ophthalmology journal. 2017;10(4):64-68