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Azarov, I. I

Issue Section Title File
Vol 330, No 11 (2009) Articles Prophylaxis of chemical poisoning in the Army and NAVY
Vol 339, No 3 (2018) Articles Organization of work of mobile sanitary-epidemiological and toxic-radiological groups: the experience of a comprehensive tactical-special occupation. PDF
Vol 339, No 7 (2018) Articles Application of forces and facilities of military sanitary-and-prophylactic institutions in the disaster recovery: еpidemiological and organizational aspects PDF
Vol 339, No 10 (2018) Articles Experience in the deployment infectious militaryfield hospital of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Guinea PDF
Vol 338, No 1 (2017) Articles Experience in organizing anti-epidemic protection of personnel in case of liquidation of consequences of anthrax outbreaks in the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district PDF
Vol 338, No 9 (2017) Articles Evaluation of the effectiveness of vaccination against typhoid fever in an endemic region PDF
Vol 338, No 11 (2017) Articles First experience of water purging from natural radionuclide with the use of new generation nanosorbent
Vol 337, No 10 (2016) Articles Physiological and hygienic requirements imposed on water supply for troops in the Arctic zone
Vol 336, No 9 (2015) Articles Main types of activity of specialists of medical and preventive profile in military hospitals
Vol 335, No 12 (2014) Articles Status and development prospects of radiological health in the Navy
Vol 334, No 10 (2013) Articles Organization of prophylaxis and treatment of respiratory diseases in military personnel
Vol 332, No 1 (2011) Articles Modern state and prospects of perfection of medical agents of indication of poisoning and high-toxic substances
Vol 340, No 10 (2019) Articles A risk-based model of control and surveillance activities in the implementation of the federal state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance in the Armed Forces
Vol 342, No 2 (2021) Articles Experience in conducting restrictive measures in the health resort organization of the Ministry of Defense due to the new coronavirus infection COVID-19

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