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Yamenskov, V. V

Issue Section Title File
Vol 340, No 3 (2019) Articles Revascularization of the lower limb in multisegmental atherosclerotic lesions.
Vol 340, No 2 (2019) Articles Early complications of endovascular prosthetic abdominal aortic aneurysm.
Vol 339, No 6 (2018) Articles Aneurysmal transformation of the xenoprosthesis in the infrainguinal position. PDF
Vol 337, No 7 (2016) Articles Treatment of spontaneous rupture of the abdominal aorta in a versatile military hospital
Vol 337, No 9 (2016) Articles Assessment of the influence of the balneo-physiotherapeutic procedures on microcirculatory blood flow in patients with occlusive diseases of the great arteries PDF
Vol 336, No 1 (2015) Articles Functional methods of assessment of the blood flow in the lower limbs of the patients with obliterating atherosclerosis during complex conservative treatment PDF
Vol 336, No 2 (2015) Articles Opportunities of flowmetry in assessment of physiotherapy treatment programmes in patients with obliterating disease of low extremities arteries
Vol 335, No 7 (2014) Articles Diagnosis and treatment of peripheral arterial aneurysms in lower limbs PDF
Vol 335, No 12 (2014) Articles Lipocorrective effect of acomplex physiotherapy treatment of patients with obliterating atherosclerosis of the lower extremities
Vol 334, No 9 (2013) Articles Treatment of rupture of abdominal aortic aneurism in multi-field military hospital
Vol 331, No 1 (2010) Articles Air medical evacuation on modern stage
Vol 331, No 6 (2010) Articles Famous scientist and organizer of the surgical service of Military air forces
Vol 332, No 4 (2011) Articles Aviation medicine: yesterday, today and tomorrow
Vol 341, No 1 (2020) Articles Treatment of bone-vascular polytrauma of limbs in a multidisciplinary military hospital
Vol 341, No 5 (2020) Articles The use of psychocorrectional technologies to increase cognitive abilities and adaptive capacity in civil aviation controllers
Vol 341, No 11 (2020) Articles Spontaneous violation of the integrity of the inferior vena cava wall
Vol 342, No 7 (2021) Articles High surgical technologies in the treatment of the abdominal aortic aneurysm
Vol 342, No 6 (2021) Articles Non - drug technologies in the prevention of arterial hypertension in civil aviation dispatchers

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