Vol 11, No 2 (2011)

The role of sensitization in migraine
Sokolov A.Y., Lyubashina O.A., Ignatov Y.D., Amelin A.V., Panteleev S.S.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):3-14
Effect of estron and dexamethasone on osteogenous differentiation of multipotent mesenchimal stromal bone marrow cells by means of disbalance in oxidant homeostasis in blood serum of mice
Shlyakhto E.V., Ivasenko I.N., Dorofeykov V.V., Anisimova L.O., Ivasenko D.A., Barmashova A.A., Maikova A.E.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):15-24
About mechanism antiischemic action for polyprenols
Zarubina І.V., Shabanov P.D., Soultanov V.S.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):25-32
The reciprocal character of the muscarinic and nicotinic cholinergic mechanisms interaction in the systemic hemodynamics regulation
Loseѵ N.A., Evlakhov V.I., Shalkovskaya L.N.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):33-41
Blockade of corticoliberin receptors in amygdala and self-stimulation of the hypothalamus
Lebedev A.A., Shabanov P.D.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):42-48
Current development and introduction of hemoglobin-based blood substitutes
Selivanov E.A., Pshenkina N.N., Murzina E.V., Sofronov G.A., Khanevich M.D., Sarychev V.A.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):49-60
On the question of the probable mechanism of action of substrate antihypoxants
Bagnenko S.F., Shakh B.H., Lapshin V.N., Tepiov V.M., Kyrnyshev A.O., Lapitskii A.V., Smirnov D.B.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):61-65
Modern treatment strategy of ischemic heart disease patients: conservative and surgical technologies ratio
Shlyakhto E.V., Karpenko M.A., Gordeev M.L., Zverev D.A., Yakovlev A.N., Panov A.V., Nifontov E.M.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):66-70
The role of localization of stroke and personality traits of patients as risk factors for poststroke depression
Belokoskova S.G., Stepanov I.I., Tsikunov S.G.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):71-77
Adipokines in pathogenesis of atherogenic dyslipidemia in metabolic syndrome
Tanyanskiy D.A., Firova E.M., Shatilina L.V., Denisenko A.D.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):78-85
Antivirus therapy in the complex treatment of preneopiastic cervix uteri diseases with chronicle HPV-infection
Kovchur P.I., Bahlaev I.E., Oleinik E.K., Oleinik V.M., Churov A.V.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):86-96
Application of mathematical model of the spread of bacillary tuberculoses for estimation and forecasting of epidemiological situation
Markelov Y.M., Schyogoleva L.V.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):97-103
Assessment of a new device for local application of microwaves to destroy colorectal metastases in the liver
Zagainov V.E.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):104-108
Reconstructive operations on carotid arteries as a crucial part of the comprehensive treatment of acute ischemic stroke
Dudanov I.P., Belinskaya V.G., Laptev K.V., Vasilchenko N.O., Koblov E.S., Sterlin O.V.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):109-116
The modern approaches to diagnostics and treatment malignant adrenal glands neoplasms
Maystrenko N.A., Romashchenko P.N., Babich A.I.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):117-126
Anichkov Nikolay Mil'evich
- -.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):127-129
Samoilov Vladimir Olegovich
- -.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(2):130-131

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