Vol 487, No 4 (2019)


On the Kantorovich problems with a parameter

Bogachev V.I., Malofeev I.I.


We study measurable dependence of measures on a parameter in the Kantorovich optimal transportation problem with a parameter. Broad sufficient conditions are obtained for the existence of proper conditional measures measurably depending on a parameter in the case of parametric families of measures and mappings.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):355-360
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Degenerate elliptic equations and nonuniqueness of solutions to the Kolmogorov equation

Krasovitskii T.I.


In this paper we propose a new method of constructing examples of nonuniqueness of probability solutions by reducing the stationary Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov equation to a degenerate elliptic equation on a bounded domain.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):361-364
pages 361-364 views

On singular spectrum of finite dimensional perturbations (to the Aronszajn-Donoghue-Kac theory)

Malamud M.M.


The main results of the Aronszajn-Donoghue-Kac theory are extended to the case of n-dimensional (in the resolvent sense) perturbations à of an operator A0 = A0* defined on a Hilbert space H. Applying technique of boundary triplets we describe singular continuous and point spectra of extensions AB of a symmetric operator A acting in H in terms of the Weyl function M(·) of the pair {A, A0} and boundary n-dimensional operator B = B*. Assuming that the multiplicity of singular spectrum of A0 is maximal it is established orthogonality of singular parts Es and EsAo of the spectral measures E and EAo of the operators AB and A0, respectively. It is shown that the multiplicity of singular spectrum of special extensions of direct sums A = A(1)A(2) cannot be maximal as distinguished from multiplicity of the absolutely continuous spectrum. In particular, it is obtained a generalization of the Kac theorem on multiplicity of singular spectrum of Schrodinger operator on the line as well as its clarification. The multiplicity of singular spectrum of special extensions of direct sums A = A(1)A(2) are investigated. In particular, it is shown that it cannot be maximal as distinguished from multiplicity of the absolutely continuous spectrum. This result generalizes the Kac theorem on multiplicity of singular spectrum of Schrodinger operator on the line and clarifies it.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):365-369
pages 365-369 views


Simple solutions to the wave problem on the surface of a fluid with the linear hydroelastic model

Dobrokhotov S.Y., Il’yasov K.K., Sekerzh-Zen’kovich S.Y., Tolstova O.L.


The problem of generation of waves on the surface of a water layer placed on an elastic base is considered. It is assumed that the generating source is located inside the elastic half-space. The Podyapolskii approach is used which is based on study of the solutions to the common linear system of equations of the theory of elasticity in the half-space and the theory of water waves linked at the interface by the corresponding boundary conditions. The previously obtained simplified dispersion relation for the water mode with account for the elastic base effect is used to derive a simple integral formula which associates the initial perturbation of a special kind in the elastic half-space and the amplitude of the surface water waves generated by this source. The obtained solutions are compared with the solutions based on the well-known piston model of long wave generation.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):370-375
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On bifurcation of the four Liouville tori in one generalized integrable model of the vortex dynamics

Ryabov P.E.


The article deals with a generalized mathematical model of the dynamics of two point vortices in the Bose-Einstein condensate enclosed in a harmonic trap, and of the dynamics of two point vortices in an ideal fluid bounded by a circular region. In the case of a positive vortex pair, which is of interest for physical experimental applications, a new bifurcation diagram is obtained, for which the bifurcation of four tori into one is indicated. The presence of bifurcations of three and four tori in the integrable model of vortex dynamics with positive intensities indicates a complex transition and the connection of bifurcation diagrams of both limit cases. Analytical results of this publication (the bifurcation diagram, the reduction to a system with one degree of freedom, the stability analysis) form the basis of computer simulation of absolute dynamics of vortices in a fixed coordinate system in the case of arbitrary values of the physical parameters of the model (the intensities, the vortex interaction and etc.).

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):376-380
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New cases of integrable seventh-order systems with dissipation

Shamolin M.V.


The paper shows the integrability of certain classes of seventh-order dynamic systems that are homogeneous in part, in which the system on the tangent bundle to three-dimensional manifolds is distinguished. In this case, the force fields have various dissipation and generalize the previously considered ones.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):381-386
pages 381-386 views

Chemical Technology

New method for synthesis of fine crystalline magnesium aluminate spinel

Panasyuk G.P., Kozerozhets I.V., Danchevskaya M.N., Ivakin Y.D., Muravieva G.P., Izotov A.D.


A new method for the synthesis of high-purity fine-crystalline aluminum-magnesium spinel MgAl2O4 was been proposed. The procedure includes treatment of mixture finely dispersed MgO and hydroxide Al(OH)3 or aluminum oxyhydroxide AlOOH by water fluid under supercritical conditions (T = 380-400 °С, PH2O =  22,8-23,0 MPa). It was been shown that the process of formation of the structure of aluminum-magnesium spinel proceeds through a solid-phase mechanism. By varying the conditions of synthesis, the new method of synthesis allows to adjust the size (from 20 nm to 5 µm) and shape (spherical, lamellar, bipyramidal) of particles of synthesized aluminum-magnesium spinel MgAl2O4.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):387-390
pages 387-390 views

Oat-hull cellulose nitrates for explosive compositions

Sakovich G.V., Budaeva V.V., Korchagina А.А., Gismatulina Y.А., Kozyrev N.V., Vakutin А.G.


Cellulose nitrates similar in basic properties to high-viscosity lacquer-grade Colloxyline were synthesized by esterification of pulp with mixed acid. The pulp was isolated from the easily renewable domestic feedstock - oat hulls - the agro-industrial waste. The cellulose nitrate test samples were comparatively evaluated. Infrared and 13C NMR spectroscopies confirmed the chemical structures were identical. It was established by differentiated scanning calorimetry and ampule chromatography that the samples had a high chemical purity. The cellulose nitrates were found to have satisfactory impact and friction sensitivities of 50 mm and 1200 kgf/cm2 and exhibit a good chemical compatibility and a high chemical stability when blended with plasticizers. The findings suggest that it is advisable to use oat-hull cellulose nitrates as the component of composite explosives. 

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):391-395
pages 391-395 views

Physical chemistry

Low temperature partial oxidation of dimethyl ether to hydrogen-rich gas over CuO-CeO2/γ-Al2O3 catalysts for fuel cell feeding

Badmaev S.D., Akhmetov N.O., Pechenkin A.A., Sobyanin V.A., Parmon V.N.


The promise of СuO-CeO2/γ-Al2O3 catalysts for partial oxidation of dimethyl ether (DME) to hydrogen-rich gas for fuel cell feeding was demonstrated. The catalysts provided complete conversion of DME to hydrogen-rich gas with low ( 0,8 vol.%) CH4 content and Н2 productivity ~3,1 l/(gcat · h) at 350 °C under ambient pressure using a reaction mixture (molar ratio): DME : O2 : N2 = 1 : 1 : 4 (DME : air = 1 : 5) at a flow rate 7 l/(gcat · h).

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):396-400
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The results of the experimental study of the efficiency of the electroflotation process of extracting a mixture of slightly soluble compounds of the cerium group from aqueous solutions

Meshalkin V.P., Kolesnikov A.V., Gajdukova A.M., Achkasov M.G., Kolesnikov V.A., Belozerskij A.Y., Men’shova I.I.


Regularities of electroflotation process of a mixture of slightly soluble compounds (Ce, La, Nd, Pr, Sm) from model solutions of man-made effluents are established. The role of the influence of cationic additives SeptoPAV XSV.50 and Superfloc 494 on the indexes of efficiency of the electroflotation process was determined. The influence of pH and concentration of Na2CO3 precipitator were established on the efficiency of electroflotation extraction of a 5-component mixture of cerium group metals, which allows determining the feasibility of the industrial electroflotation process for the extraction of insoluble compounds.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):401-404
pages 401-404 views


Change of geodynamic settings in the Eurasia - Pacific Transition Zone in the late early cretaceous

Didenko A.N., Khanchuk A.I.


The paper seeks to explain in new ways the change in the geodynamic regime at the eastern margin of the Eurasian paleocontinent in the Early Cretaceous from the convergent type of plate boundary to the transform boundary. Certain global geodynamic characteristics were analyzed in the 200-65 Ma interval, which reflect the processes both at depth and on the Earth’s surface and are seemingly unrelated directly to the formation of the transform boundary in the east of Asia. The change of geodynamic regimes is found to occur within the 115 to 110 million years ago time range.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):405-408
pages 405-408 views

About the discovery of the late vendian basement within the Blyb metamorphic complex of the Greater Caucasus Fore Range Zone

Kamzolkin V.A., Somin M.L., Latyshev A.V., Vid’japin Y.P., Ivanov S.D.


New data are presented concerning the age and relationships with the overlapping rocks of the Balkan massif of quartz diorites located in the central part of the Blyb metamorphic complex of the Fore Range of the Greater Caucasus in the Malaya Laba river basin. For the first time, using modern geochronological methods, it is shown that the Balkan massif has Precambrian age. An estimate of the age of the rocks of the Balkan massif using the SHRIMP II method for three U-Pb datings gives an interval of 549 ± 7,4-574,1 ± 6,7 Ma. A new interpretation of the structure of the basement of the Fore Range is suggested, according to which the rocks of the Late Vendian basement are exposed in a tectonic window and overlapped by the Middle Paleozoic metamorphic rocks of the Armovka nappe, first identified by the combination of geological features. The lower boundary of the nappe is characterized by a sharp change in composition and a change in the orientation of planar structures. On the border with the Armovka nappe there is a thick blastomilonite pack.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):409-413
pages 409-413 views

Two new localities of Mesozoic mammals in Russia (Krasnoyarsk territory, Lower Cretaceous)

Lopatin A.V., Averianov A.O., Ivantsov S.V.


Two new localities of Mesozoic mammals have been discovered: Bol’shoi Ilek and Berezovaya River (Russia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Lower Cretaceous, Ilek Formation). Bol’shoi Ilek locality yields an edentulous fragment of the maxillary of Docodonta indet. A fragment of dentary without teeth attributed to Mammalia indet. (presumably eutriconodontan or symmetrodontan) is presented in the Berezovaya River locality. New localities fill the geographical gap between previously known mammalian localities of Ilek Formation in the basins of Kiya and Bol’shoi Kemchug rivers.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):414-417
pages 414-417 views


Comparative geochemical characteristics and genesis of large polystage plutons in the core and periphery of the different age areas of the Mongol-Okhotsk fold belt

Antipin V.S., Kuzmin M.I., Odgerel D., Kousch L.V., Sheptyakova N.V.


The Early Mesozoic Baga-Khentey pluton is the fragment of the Dauria-Khentey batholith, which could have formed due by the mantle plume action on lower horizons of the continental crust within the zone of collisional compression by closing of the Mongol-Okhotsk ocean. The batholith and their peripheral zones possibly formed from the mantle and crustal sources of magma. The Ikh-Narotin-Khid Massif is located on the border of the rifting zones on periphery of the Late Mesozoic area. The petrographic and geochemical affinity of granitoids of the Ikh-Narotin-Khid massif and composition of gneisses from the country rocks might indicate that this was the substratum in formation of palingenic granites of the calc-alkali series. The distinctions in rock composition of the large plutons consist in minor differentiation of the Baga-Khentey Massif rocks probably related to the anatexis conditions and origin of melts in the collisional compression setting. The granites of the Ikh-Narotin-Khid Massif formed in the extension setting favorable for deep differentiation of magmatic melts.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):418-423
pages 418-423 views

New geochemical criterion of rare metal mineralization in the peralkaline magmas (Lovozero mineral deposit, Kola Peninsula)

Kogarko L.N.


Detailed studies have shown that changing the forms of eudialyte release (and the time of its crystallization) is a new geochemical criterion for the ore - bearing of alkaline magmas for rare metal (eudialyte ores). A new ore-bearing principle of alkaline magmas has been formulated: a prerequisite for the formation of an ore deposit is the early saturation of alkaline magmas with respect to the ore mineral. If the concentration of the ore component is significantly lower than the cotectic concentration (saturation), then the melt saturation and crystallization of the ore mineral will be carried out at the later stages of rock formation in a small volume of interstitial melt, when the phenomena of convective-gravity differentiation and segregation of mineral phases in the form of ore deposits are hampered. This leads to the dispersion of ore components in the form of xenomorphic forms of accessory minerals. Rocks of the differentiated complex (lower zone of the Lovozero deposit), and of the Khibiny massif, containing xenomorphic eudialyte, are not promising for eudialyte ores. Eudialyte deposits are associated with the upper zone of the Lovozero intrusion containing idiomorphic early eudialyte. The saturation of the initial magma in relation to eudialyte occurs after crystallization of about 80% of the intrusion. The proposed criterion is applicable to the largest alkaline massifs in the world. With the Ilimaussaksky massif (Greenland), in the rocks of which early, crystallized, idiomorphic eudialyte, there is a superlarge eudialyte ore deposit while in the Khibiny eudialyte ore is absent.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):424-427
pages 424-427 views

Coesite inclusion in diamondferous kyanite-bearing eclogite from kimberlite pipe Udachnaya (Siberian Craton)

Mikhailenko D.S., Korsakov A.V., Rezvukhina O.V., Golovin A.V., Sobolev N.V.


A find of coesite in a kyanite graphite-diamond-bearing eclogite xenolith from the Udachnaya-Vostochnaya kimberlite pipe is described in this paper. The coesite relics were found in intensely fractured garnet indicating some influence of the kimberlite melt, which is supported by the typical secondary mineral assemblage around this inclusion. These data indicate that shallower diamond-free coesite rocks (2,7 GPa) underwent metamorphism distinct from diamond-bearing coesite eclogites (~4 GPa). The metasomatic alteration of rock interacting with C-O-H fluid during diamond crystallization may be another possible reason for the missing coesite in diamond-bearing xenoliths.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):428-431
pages 428-431 views

Synthetic chalcogenides of gold in the Au-Te-Se-S system and their natural analogs

Palyanova G.A., Tolstykh N.D., Zinina V.Y., Kokh K.A., Seryotkin Y.V., Bortnikov N.S.


First in the Au-Te-Se-S system (where Te ≥ Se + S) quadruple chalcogenides were obtained by dry synthesis: AuX (AuTe0,7Se0,2S0,1), Au3X10 (Au3Te6Se3S, Au3Te6Se2,5S1,5) и AuX2 (AuTe1,8Se0,2, AuTe1,8Se0,1S0,1). According to the results of X-ray phase analysis, the synthetic phases of the composition AuTe1,8(Se,S)0,2 correspond to the calaverite (AuTe2). The unidentified peaks on the diffractograms belong to the new gold chalcogenides AuTe0,7Se0,2S0,1 and Au3Te6(Se,S)4. Obviously, they are synthetic analogues of compounds previously unknown in nature, found on the Gatching occurence of the Maleteuyamsky ore field (Central Kamchatka volcanic belt). The compositions of natural phases cover the intervals: 1) Au0,99-1,00Te0,70-0,71Se0,25-0,27S0,03-0,06;  2) Au2,91-3,08Te5,85-6,06Se1,57-3,66S2,63-0,44. Raman spectra of synthetic and natural gold chalcogenides with a similar composition have identical character.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):432-437
pages 432-437 views


Morphometry of the relief and debris flow features on the northern slope of the Great Caucasus

Karavaev V.A., Seminozhenko S.S.


The morphometric indicators of the relief significantly affect the debris flow features in the mountains. The key characteristics are the angles of inclination and height, and when considering heights in the first place we pay attention not to their absolute values, but to the nature of the distribution. In the presented study, the analysis of the numerical values of these two indicators for the Western, Central and Eastern Caucasus was carried out on the basis of the original digital model of the relief. The average value of the tilt angles in the Western Caucasus is 0,5° more than in the Central and Eastern, which contributes to more active debris flows. On the other hand, the Western Caucasus is distinguished by smaller elevation differences. From the position of this factor, the Central Caucasus is the most dangerous. Thus, the nature of the distribution of absolute altitudes, along with high forestation, neutralizes the factor of more significant angles of inclination of surfaces and causes less debris flow danger in the Western Caucasus relative to the Central and Eastern.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):438-442
pages 438-442 views

Feature of formation of the Black Sea surface layer temperature during air cold intrusions

Sizov A.A., Bayankina T.M.


Application of the results of the drifter observations performed in the western Black Sea permitted to show that during air cold intrusions (CI) in winter accompanied by the wind (10 m/c and more), the upper mixed layer (UML) was cooled by 0,1-0,2 °C in course of a day. At that the seasonal thermocline (ST) and the cold intermediate water (CIW) sink deeper; after CI is over these layers rise to the depths smaller than their previous ones. It results in decrease of temperature in UML and its increase, as compared to the period preceding CI, in the layer below ST. The process of the sea upper layer mixing is explained by the fact that anti-cyclonic mesoscale vortices are involved in it.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):443-447
pages 443-447 views


The first colorimetric characteristic of the bottom sediments from the Chukchi Sea

Kolesnik A.N., Kolesnik O.N., Astakhov A.S., Vologina E.G.


The paper gives a quantitative characteristic of the Chukchi Sea bottom sediments’ color and considers its correlations with the content of grain-size fractions, chemical elements, and biogenic components taking into account the diagenetic factor. The prospect for lithostratigraphy of such a colorimetric index as saturation S is noted.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):448-454
pages 448-454 views

Biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology

Inhibition of neutrophil elastase and cathepsin G as a new approach to the treatment of psoriasis: from fundamental biology to development of new target-specific drugs

Krasavin M.Y., Gureev M.A., Garabadzhiu А.V., Pashkin A.Y., Zhukov А.S., Khairutdinov V.R., Samtsov A.V., Shvets V.I.


Psoriasis therapy remains extremely relevant area of modern drug design, due to necessity of adverse reactions reduction, inherent for actual methods of therapy. It has been established that two of serine proteases are key agents in psoriasis development: neutrophil elastase 1 (HNE1) and cathepsin G (CatG). Collected molecular data for presented targets forms the basis of molecular modeling strategy for search and identification of new target-specific inhibitors. The result of work is a group of high-priority small-molecule compounds with double-targeted affinity with ability to suppress pro-psoriatic processes, induced by observed serine proteases in the initial stage of disease.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):455-459
pages 455-459 views


Effects of pinacidil and calcium on succinate-energized rat heart mitochondria in the presence of rotenone

Korotkov S.M., Brailovskaya I.V., Nesterov V.P., Soroko S.I.


The effect of pinacidil was studied on calcium-loaded rat heart mitochondria (RHM) in the presence of succinate and rotenone. In experiments with pinacidil, the swelling of these mitochondria increased in media with NH4NO3 or K‑acetate, but the inner membrane potential DΨmito and state 3 or 2,4-dinitrophenol-uncoupled respiration of these organelles were decreased due to opening of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore in the inner membrane. These effects were inhibited by cyclosporin A and ADP. It was concluded that the protective effect of pinacidil in the cardiac muscle ischemia/reperfusion may be associated with stimulation mitochondrial swelling and a decrease in RHM calcium overload resulted in a decrease in DΨmito due to the soft uncoupling pinacidil effect.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):460-464
pages 460-464 views

General biology

Dangerous parasitoses on the Southern Russian Far East under climate and demographic change

Bogatov V.V., Besprozvannykh V.V., Prozorova L.A.


Recent distribution in the Southern Russian Far East of the most hazardous parasitoses caused by trematodes, cestodes and nematodes is demonstrated. Decelerating expansion of the trematode Clonorchis sinensis, an agent of clonorchiasis towards the southern Primorye Territory from the Amur River basin, that began 10-15 years ago, was revealed. A prognosis was made on the activation of natural foci of endemic paragonimosis. It has been established experimentally that freshwater gastropods belonging to endemic genus Parajuga and local species of the genus Stenothyra were resistant to infection by that trematode. These facts do not exclude possible introduction of the P. heterotremus on the Russian Far East using susceptible gastropods from other genera.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):465-468
pages 465-468 views

Experimental study of the European river lamprey Lampetra fluviatilis (L.) downstream migrating smolts rheoreaction under various illuminations

Zvezdin A.O., Pavlov D.S., Tsimbalov I.A., Kucheryavyy A.V.


Rheoreaction of the downstream migrating smolts of the European river lamprey was studied in the experimental conditions at illuminations of day and night intensity. It was found that at the daytime the smolts are mostly dormant and if move downstream then in active-passive form (with the head against the stream, and their speed going beyond the velocity). This data is well within the findings on the night downstream migration of the smolts during the 24 h period in natural conditions. Thus, the downstream migration of the smolts has an active form.

Доклады Академии наук. 2019;487(4):469-472
pages 469-472 views

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