The use of vegetable ingredients in soft cheese technology

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The article is devoted to finding solutions to the problem of production of dairy products with functional ingredients. Today it should be emphasized that dietary fibers are among the most promising and effective ingredients due to their versatility On the one hand, dietary fibers are used as technological additives changing the structure and chemical properties of food, on the other hand, dietary fibers are excellent functional ingredients that can have beneficial effects on both particular systems of the human body and the human body as a whole. The author presents the results of her own experimental research on the method of buckwheat bran preparation and bringing in. It is also offered to use a method of immobilization in the mixture of biopolymers for uniform spreading of the functional ingredient throughout the product mass. Based on the results of experimental research the technology of soft buckwheat bran cheese production is developed. The organoleptic and physical-chemical parameters of the product are determined. The schematic diagram of soft buckwheat bran cheese production is presented. The draft standard documentation for the soft buckwheat bran cheese production is worked out. The novelty of technology process is reflected in the invention patent.

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About the authors

N. B Gavrilova


E. A Makarova


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