Vol 51, No 2 (2002)


Modern views on cure-diagnostics tactics of pregnancy and delivery observation in women with pelvic traumas and post-traumatic altering support-moving apparatus (literature review)

Tsveliov U.V., Divin S.V.


The modem literature review concerning diagnostic and cure tactics during observation of pregnancy and delivery in women with pelvic traumas and post- traumatic altering support-moving apparatus is presented in this article. The diagnostic tactics based on the accurate assess of clinical data and on analysis of laboratory and instrumental research methods have been substantiated for estimation of pregnant woman and fetus conditions with available pelvic injures. It allows make more exact prognosis, select criteria of pregnants for the conservative conduction; establish indices for the operational cure.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):78-83
pages 78-83 views

Particularities of morphogenesis of human fetus brain

Talantova O.E.


The review is devoted to the basic events of human fetal CNS development. The cellular processes of two broad phases of cerebral morphogenesis — cytogenesis/histogenesis and differentiation/growth — are described. In this review we also concern the main regressive events in the CNS development such as programmed cell death (apoptosis), axonal pruning and synaptic elimination. Different environmental factors may effect human brain development even from its early stages causing brain injury that can result in major or minor cerebral malformations. So, the knowledge of the main questions of fetal brain morphogenesis can helpto prevent some abnomalities of CNS in the future child development.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):89-94
pages 89-94 views

Saint Petersburg centre of the unbearing pregnancy prophylactics and treatment, results of the scietific and practical activity

Kosheleva N.G., Pluzhnikova T.A.


The results of the twelve-year work of the St. Petersburg Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Miscarriage (NB) have been summed up. During this time, 6755 women, 2856 pregnant women and 3899 non-pregnant women were observed at the Center. Women suffering from misdiagnosis received a comprehensive comprehensive examination, on the basis of which the prevention and treatment of NB was carried out. This made it possible for women with 1OO% loss of pregnancies in the past to achieve a decrease in the frequency of spontaneous abortions in 2OO1 to 7.6% and premature births to 2.7%.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):84-88
pages 84-88 views

Book Review

Review of the monograph by V. E. Radzinsky and P. Ya. Smalko "biochemistry of placental insufficiency." Moscow: Peoples' FriendshipUniversity of Russia Publishing House

Berlev I.V.


The publication is dedicated to a new and one of the important branches of medicine - perinatology - a science that emerged at the intersection of obstetrics and pediatrics. Numerous studies in recent years have convincingly proven the leading role of the placenta in the functioning of the biological system "mother-placenta-fetus". At the same time, most expert assessments convincingly prove that the pathology of the placenta, including its insufficiency, in the structure of the causes of perinatal and child mortality exceeds 20%. It is also known that dysfunction of the placenta causes numerous changes in the child's body, which are the cause of violations of his physical and mental development.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):106-107
pages 106-107 views

Scientific activity

Resolution of the Scientific and Practical Conference "Miscarriage and Premature Baby", Petrozavodsk, June, 2002

Ailamazyan E.K., Kulakov V.I.


The problem of protecting the health of mothers and children is the most important component of health care, which is of paramount importance for the formation of a healthy generation of people. Premature birth has a psycho-social aspect, since the birth of a handicapped child, his illness and death are severe mental trauma for the family.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):8-9
pages 8-9 views

Indexes of arterial blood flow in the utero-placental and fetal-placental circulation

Polyanin A.A., Kogan I.Y.


The aim of this study was to asses the normal ranges for S/D ratio and pulsatility index (PI) for umbilical artery (UA), aorta (A), middle cerebral artery (MCA), renal artery (RA) and uterine artery (UtA) during normal pregnancy. Results showed decrease of S/D ratio and PI for UA, UtA from 8 to 40 weeks of gestation and PI for RA from 20 to 40 weeks of gestation. S/D ratio and PI for A was not changed during second half of normal pregnancy. S/D ratio and PI for MCA were increased from 20 to 30 weeks of gestation and after that had tendency of decreasing to term.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):10-12
pages 10-12 views

Prematurely delivery — observation tactics with account to gestation terms

Kulakov V.I., Serov V.N., Sidelnikova V.M.


Some disputable matters according to the problem of prematurely labor were presented in this article.

The urgency of the problem is due to the fact that preterm birth determines the level of perinatal mortality and morbidity. The management of labor is determined by the gestational age. Termination of pregnancy in the period of 22-27 weeks is most often due to infection and fetal malformations, determined by this period of gestation. With a gestational age of 28-33 weeks, the percentage of indicated premature births is extremely high due to a complicated course of pregnancy (preeclampsia, placental insufficiency) and severe extragenital diseases. Premature birth at 34-37 weeks is close to timely delivery in terms of labor outcomes.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):13-17
pages 13-17 views

The role of antiphospholipid antibodies on the pathogenesis of habitual pregnancy loss

Arzhanova O.N., Shliakhtenko T.N., Selkov S.А., Pluzhnikova T.А., Tishkevitch О.V., Fedorenko А.V., Shapovalova E.A.


Clinical and anamnesis analysis as well as analysis of the course and outcome of the present pregnancy was performed on 595 patients with complicated obstetrical and gynecological history (COGH) — habitual pregnancy loss, infertility, genital chronic processes. Control groupconsisted of 5O healthy women. Immunofluorescent analysis was used to reved antiphospholipid antibodies on blood plasma. Antiphospholipid antibodies were found in 42% of COGH women. No antiphospholipid antibodies were seen in the control group. In all patients of the studied groupthe course of pregnancy was accompanied with signs of threatened abortion, gestosis. 29% (p< O, O1) patients had preterm labor and spontaneous abortion occurred in 18% (p< O, O1) of cases. Perinatal mortality was 9, 8%±4, 16.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):18-22
pages 18-22 views

Common loss of the I-th three months gestation, observation tactics

Sidelnicova V.M., Sosnina V.V.


The common loss of gestation is a poly etiological complication during pregnancy time, where together with causes and factors of embryo/fetus peril there are destructions of the conjugal reproductive system. Main disturbances due to aborts in early terms are cariotype breakages: chromosome translocations and inversions were revealed in 8, 8% of inspected conjugal pairs, “cariotype peculiarities” in 72, 7%, conjugal compatibility according to HL А тогеЗ antigens was detected in 59, 3%. Disturbances of trophoblast invasion processes and placenta formation are evident because of hormonal distortions (NLF, hyperandrogeny), autoimmune distortions and chronicle endometritis with high level of anti-inflammatory cytokines. The development of placenta insufficiency in patients with these disturbances leads to pregnancy interruption.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):23-27
pages 23-27 views

Abortion pregnant: immunologycal and gormonale aspects

Samorodinova L.A., Kormakowa T.L.


The object of the research is to study the condition of humoral and cellular immunity of pregnant women with imminent and incipient abortion, as well as study the gormonal function of suncitiotrophoblasts. The study of immune status of pregnant with abortion showed the considerable reduction of suppressor activity and increase of the activity jf immunity helper unit. After the completion of therapy, increase in suppressor activity was mentioned, as well as approach of laboratory figures to the ones of healthy pregnant women. The study revealed quick reduction of placental lactogen and beta-trophoblastic globulin of pregnant with abortion, retention of low figures of these hormones during the whole period of gestation process. These data should be considered as the appearance of placental deficiency.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):28-32
pages 28-32 views

Role of conditional-pathogenic microscopic flora in the pregnancy loss development

Beriev I.V., Kira E.F.


The pregnancy loss problem is topical for obstetrical practices nowadays. Last years investigations based on anaerobic bacteriology achievements have changed traditional aspects of these diseases microscopic etiology and in concordance with it on their diagnostics. The new data obtained assert disbiotical disturbances in vagina biological field in pregnancies have influenced on it. Representatives of conditional-pathogenic microscopic flora have the main etiologic significance in it.

The present work aim was studying the role of conditional-pathogenic microscopic flora in pregnancy loss.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):33-37
pages 33-37 views

Features Central Blood Circulation at Women with Normal and Pathological Current of Pregnancy

Kosheleva N.G., Buzurukova P.S., Vosheva T.P., Crawl T.M.


Features central blood circulation at 386 women are investigated: 6O healthy not pregnant women, 53 healthy pregnant, 147 women with threat of interruption of pregnancy and 126 with gestosis. Distribution on types of central blood circulation at healthy pregnant differed from healthy not pregnant. The increase of frequency eucinetic blood circulation in 2 times and demotion of frequency hypocinetic blood circulation in 3 times took place.

At development gestosis the increase of frequency hypocinetic blood circulation was observed: at hypostases pregnant — in 3 times, and at nephropathy — in 6 times in comparison with healthy pregnant.

At threat of interruption of pregnancy distribution pregnant on types is similar with not pregnant.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):38-42
pages 38-42 views

Immunomorphological condition of placentas in women with repeated pregnancy losses under action of different antigens

Zubgitskya L.B., Kosheleva N.G., Arganova O.N., Bespalova T.P., Gromiko G.L., Shapovalova Е.А., Tishkevich О.V.


The aim of the research was to investigate the pathomorphological changes in placentas of women with recurrent pregnancy losses under action of different injuring stimulus (infection, hormonal, biochemical reactions on membrans of syncytiotrophoblast and endothelium of placental vessels, actions of antiphospholipid antibodies). Identical changes was detected which connected with immune complexes (IC) formation. IC with different composition generate immunopathological processes in placental tissues. Present of antiphospholipid antibodies on placental membranes enhancing immunopathological processes, leading to dystrophic and necrotic lesions in surrounding tissues and to placental insufficiency. The outcome of this lesions is incompetent pregnancy.

Therefore IC may be the marker of placental injury and insufficiency as well as a biologic indicator of failure in reproductive system.

The treatment of threatened abortion is improve pregnancy outcomes and immunomorphological evidence.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):43-49
pages 43-49 views

Peculiarities of pregnancy interruption in female patients with syphilis

Komlichenko Е.V., Kim L.H., Nezhentseva E.L., Ivanova L.V., Bezhenar V.F.


One presented in this article the analysis of pregnancy interruption peculiarities in 14O women with various syphilis forms. Peculiarities of the reproductive and social anamnesis were shown in mentioned categories of women. Regularities between syphilis morbidity and indices of reproductive health of women were detected. Elaboration perspective ways of syphilis and pregnancy problem were outlined.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):50-53
pages 50-53 views

The use of the drug "duphaston"in women with a history of miscarriage to prepare for pregnancy and treat the threat of termination of pregnancy

Pluzhnikova T.A.


The aim of the study was to evaluat`e the use of the drug duphaston: 1) to prepare for an upcoming pregnancy in women with hyperandrogenism and insufficiency of the luteal phase of the cycle; 2) to treat the threat of termination of pregnancy in women with a history of miscarriage.

The use of duphaston in women suffering from miscarriage has confirmed its high efficiency both in preparation for pregnancy in patients with hyperandrogenism and insufficiency of the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, and in the treatment of threatened abortion. In 93.5% of women with a history of 100% fetal loss, it was possible to bring the pregnancy to delivery.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):54-56
pages 54-56 views

The early neonatal period of neonates born after multiple pregnancies after in vitro fertilization

Maslianuk N.A.


In this article are analyzed peculiarities of early postnatal adaptation of 131 neonates bom after multiple pregnancies after in vitro fertilization. I was seen that 88, 3% of infants had dichorial type of placentation. 64, 9% of infants were bom prematurely. The frequency of two-fold higher (gestational age 28-32 weeks). The leadingplace in perinatal pathology belonged to intrauterine chlamidial infection.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):57-61
pages 57-61 views

Respiratory insufficiency in premature children

Kosov М.N.


Pathology of respiratory system plays a significant role in morbidity and mortality of premature neonates and it means that searching of new and remodeling of existing methods to diagnose and treat respiratory insufficiency (RI) is of particular importance. We evaluated a new method of an early preclinical diagnosis of RI based on using of capnography — assessment of end- tidal CO2 concentration, which makes possible to propose a leading pathophysiological mechanism of RI. Using of the gradient between end-tidal and capillary CO2 concentrations helps to predict development of serious ventilation-perfusion mismatch when it exceeds 2O mm Hg. So, in the treatment of RI in neonates individualized therapy should be used, based on the assessment of the leading pathophysiological mechanism.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):62-65
pages 62-65 views

Medico-social and demographical tendencies in forming of reproductive health

Kulavsky V.A., Dautova L.A., Kulavskv Е.V.


In the article the medico-social and demographical tendencies in forming of reproductive health are minutely considered. Among them there are: mass prevalence of little number of children in the family, postponement of the date of the first child’s birth, increase of illegitimate birth rate and change of optimal reproductive age coefficients of women groups may be mentioned. Changes of reproductive conducthave the great significance in the organization of obstetric- gynaecological care. Methods of dispensary observation includingpsychological training of married couples for delivery demand perfection. Pregnancy and delivery conducting of women incoming the groups of high risk of maternal and perinatal pathology also expects attention.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):66-69
pages 66-69 views


Infections in Pregnant Women (diagnosis, treatment, prophylaxis)

Savitcheva A.M., Bashmakova М.A., Arzhanova O.N., Kosheleva N.G.


The article presents a review of new literature and own data resulted from a many-years study of inf ections in pregnant women. Pathogenesis and diagnosis of transplacental infections which demand serologic screening, prophylaxis and treatment of pregnant women is discussed. Attention is paid to urogenital infections (chlamydiosis, genital gerpes, candidiasis, trichomoniasis), genital colonization with groupВ streptococci, mycoplasma, association of different bacteria. Informative methods of laboratory diagnosis and schemes of antibacterial therapy are given.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):70-77
pages 70-77 views


Mark evaluation scale of gestosis gravity degree

Abramchenko V.V.


One elaborated the new mark evaluation scale of gestosis gravity degree with use of modem recommendations of the Worldwide health organization (WHO) and International hypertension society (1999) and the Scientific society for studying of arterial hypertonicity in Russian Federation (2000). According to mark sum one distinguishes gestosis оf light form (0-12 marks), middle gravity gestosis (13-16 marks) and heavy gestosis (17 marks and more ones). Quantitative evaluation scale of gestosis gravity degree allows unify gestosis assess, make prognosis of gestosis course and determinate the treatment effectiveness

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):95-97
pages 95-97 views

History page

Who was the first obstetrician in Russia?

Abashin V.G., Tsvelev Y.V.


It is rightly believed that the establishment of scientific obstetrics in our country was facilitated by the opening of “women’s schools” (1757), the creation of Educational homes in Moscow (1764) and St. Petersburg (1771), the activities of the first Russian professor and “father of Russian obstetrics” Nestor Maksimovich Maksimovich-Ambodik. However, these transformations and the emergence of a domestic obstetric school could not arise out of nothing, out of nowhere. The basis for them was the activity of foreign and Russian doctors who worked in Russia at the beginning of the 18th century.

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):98-105
pages 98-105 views


Conference "Miscarriage and Premature Baby


According to the decision of the board of the Ministry of Health of Russia dated June 21, 2001 (Protocol No. 11) "Maternal and infant mortality in the Russian Federation - condition and prognosis" PREMATURE BABY".

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):1-1
pages 1-1 views

About VII europian symposium concerning psychosomatical investigations in obstetrics and gynaecology. Debretsen. Hungary

Kaplun I.B., Abramchenko V.V.


Review of books presented of interest at a symposium on psychosomatic research in obstetrics and gynecology in Hungar

Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases. 2002;51(2):103-107
pages 103-107 views

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