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Blaginin, A. A

Issue Section Title File
Vol 339, No 2 (2018) Articles Influence of the opticokinetic and statokinetic effects on the spatial orientation of the aviation profile operators PDF
Vol 339, No 12 (2018) Articles Modern trends of primary training of aviation doctors for the state aviation
Vol 338, No 4 (2017) Articles Medical Aspects of Flight Safety PDF
Vol 338, No 7 (2017) Articles Issues on decompression safety of flight crew. PDF
Vol 337, No 2 (2016) Articles Prospects of training for air and space physicians PDF
Vol 337, No 4 (2016) Articles Modern means of statokinetic improvement and vestibular rehabilitation
Vol 337, No 8 (2016) Articles Possibilities of computer stabilography as a part of evaluation of functional state of aerospace operator’s organism PDF
Vol 337, No 11 (2016) Articles Psychophysiological methods to support pilots training in the flight simulator
Vol 336, No 1 (2015) Articles Actual questions of medical maintenance of aviation specialists in the Arctic region PDF
Vol 336, No 8 (2015) Articles Prospects of computer-assisted assessment of functional health status of military personnel.
Vol 335, No 7 (2014) Articles Peculiarities of medical backup of low flight course and nap-of-the-earth PDF
Vol 335, No 6 (2014) Articles Issues of professional pathology in aviation and space medicine during the military practice
Vol 334, No 6 (2013) Articles Prospect technologies of medical army support
Vol 333, No 5 (2012) Articles About the problem of high-altitude decompression sickness and its treatment
Vol 333, No 12 (2012) Articles Medical aspects of current flight safety concept of Air Forces of the Russian Federation
Vol 331, No 4 (2010) Articles Directions of improvement of psycho-physiological supply of professional activity of specialists of manipulation of spacecrafts
Vol 331, No 5 (2010) Articles Medical supply of long flies
Vol 332, No 4 (2011) Articles The contribution of the Military Medical Academy in space exploration
Vol 332, No 1 (2011) Articles Army research-to-practice conference «Current problems of air medicine»
Vol 332, No 11 (2011) Articles The profile of aviation training doctors
Vol 335, No 2 (2014) Articles The main ways of improvemnt of medical support of the Air Forces in modern conditions PDF

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