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Orlov, F. A

Issue Section Title File
Vol 330, No 11 (2009) Articles Medical case of successful therapy of polymyositis by high doses of glucocorticoid
Vol 339, No 2 (2018) Articles Minor cardiac abnormalities: study and evaluation for the purpose of military medical examination PDF
Vol 339, No 9 (2018) Articles Effectiveness of immunomodulating therapy in the complex treatment of angina in the military PDF
Vol 338, No 5 (2017) Articles Remodeling of the left ventricle in case of thyroid function abnormality - symptomatic and asymptomatic Graves’ disease (Literature review) PDF
Vol 338, No 3 (2017) Articles Clinical evaluation of the effectiveness of using non-drug treatment integrated technique from military contract servicemen with metabolic syndrome PDF
Vol 337, No 10 (2016) Articles Expert approaches to chronic kidney disease
Vol 336, No 8 (2015) Articles New approaches to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of military personnel, military pensioners and their family members with arterial hypertension
Vol 336, No 12 (2015) Articles Emergency state of health by arterial hypertension
Vol 335, No 3 (2014) Articles New in the military-medical examination of persons suffering from hypertension PDF
Vol 335, No 4 (2014) Articles Morning medical conference as an element of quality control of medical care in the hospital PDF
Vol 335, No 9 (2014) Articles Chronic kidney disease as an object of medical examination PDF
Vol 335, No 10 (2014) Articles Clinical and economic analysis of antibiotic regimens of non-severe community-acquired pneumonia PDF
Vol 334, No 7 (2013) Articles Evolution of treatment options for hypertension
Vol 333, No 4 (2012) Articles Systemic lupus erythematosus: correlation between cutaneous manifestations of disease activity
Vol 332, No 2 (2011) Articles Peculiarities of myocardium remodeling in patients with coronary 30 disease and arterial hypertension

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