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Chernov, S. A

Issue Section Title File
Vol 330, No 2 (2009) Articles Effectiveness of transcatheter alcohol of septal ablation in treatment of obstructive hyper trophic cardiomyopathy
Vol 339, No 7 (2018) Articles Optimization of therapeutic and diagnostic approaches with angina pectoris and non-obstructive lesions of the coronary arteries PDF
Vol 338, No 5 (2017) Articles Optimization of diagnostics of secondary forms of arterial hypertension PDF
Vol 337, No 3 (2016) Articles Community-acquired pneumonia in servicemen: patients suirvalence and antimicrobial therapy
Vol 336, No 12 (2015) Articles Emergency state of health by arterial hypertension
Vol 335, No 1 (2014) Articles Pervyy opyt primeneniya PET/KT v diagnostike aktivnogo sarkoidoza PDF
Vol 335, No 3 (2014) Articles Applying of assessment scales for patients with severe community-acquired pneumonia in young patients PDF
Vol 335, No 5 (2014) Articles Refractory hypertension: diagnosis and treatment optimization
Vol 333, No 1 (2012) Articles Nekotorye pokazateli nespetsificheskogo i spetsificheskogo immuniteta u bol'nygkh ishemicheskoy bolezn'yu serdtsa s khronicheskoy serdechnoy nedostatochnost'yu
Vol 333, No 7 (2012) Articles Hypertensive crisis: problems of diagnostics and paradigm of the treatment
Vol 333, No 9 (2012) Articles Diagnostics and treatment of patients with sarcoidosis in multidisciplinary hospital
Vol 333, No 11 (2012) Articles Hypertensive disease: diagnostics and differential methods of antihypertensive therapy
Vol 331, No 11 (2010) Articles Resistant hypercholesteremia in clinical practice: new insight into the causes and methods of treatment
Vol 332, No 7 (2011) Articles Osobennosti dinamiki urovnya natriyureticheskogo peptida u bol'nykh ishemicheskoy bolezn'yu serdtsa s khronicheskoy serdechnoy nedostatochnost'yu
Vol 340, No 8 (2019) Articles Cardiac sarcoidosis: clinical manifestations, modern diagnostics, and treatment
Vol 342, No 2 (2021) Articles Diagnosis, treatment, and medical examination of military personnel with familial hypercholesterolemia
Vol 342, No 2 (2021) Articles Use of anticospecial plasma from healthy vaccinated people in the treatment of patients with severe coronavirus infection
Vol 342, No 4 (2021) Articles Arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis: a comparative analysis of indicators of daily monitoring of blood pressure

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