Vol 8, No 4-5 (2014)


Innovative development of Russian enterprises in the context of globalization

Kargina A.V., Lubenets N.A.


The article discusses the role of innovations and problems of their development. The peculiarity of this article is that it assessed the innovativeness of the world in terms of the educational level, the level of R & D expenses, the level of research activity, the number of patents. The author examines a number of issues, which are the main causes of backwardness of Russia from the leading countries of the world, and offers activities to address these issues and the development of the international community in the field of innovation.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):6-11
pages 6-11 views

Improvement of efficiency for industrial enterprise: methods and directions

Lyasnikov N.V., Dudin M.N., Gorokhova A.E.


This article discusses the methods and ways to improve the efficiency of industrial management. There are defined the stages of development of science and manufacturing practices; considered indicators of management efficiency of industrial enterprises; shows diagram of interaction of enterprise management information system modules; defined factors that contribute to achievement of quality parameters of industrial management.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):11-18
pages 11-18 views

Role of financial management in modern conditions

Tereshkina O.S.


Organization of financial management greatly affects the welfare of the company and its owners, as well as the prospects for dynamic economic development. In this regard, the role of the financial manager is one of the key.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):19-22
pages 19-22 views

Genesis of innovative approaches to strategic development of socio-economic systems of the industrial sector

Dudin M.N., Lyasnikov N.V., Sekerin V.D.


Forecasting and planning of innovative transformation of the socio-economic system are two interrelated and interdependent procedures. Planning is subordinate with respect to forecasting, and should not be strictly deterministic, but organic and adaptive to changing environmental conditions. At the same time as the process of forecasting has a special purpose - the process should ensure the sustainability of socio-economic system in conditions of innovative transformation.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):22-27
pages 22-27 views

Construction of a one-parameter stochastic model of the production process

Mordasov Y.P.


The author developed a mathematical, stochastic model of production process execution, which depends on a single parameter. For approbation of the model there was created a simulation model of machine-building production process with influence of random disturbances and failures. Comparison of the results of mathematical modeling and simulation supports the use of mathematical models in practice.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):27-34
pages 27-34 views

Transition from concentration to diversification as an effective way for economic development of small and medium-sized businesses

Kozlenko N.N.


This article deals with the problem of choosing of most effective development of Russian small and medium-sized businesses by transition from the strategy of concentration to the strategy of diversification. The author considers the questions of diversification feasibility, its benefits, criteria for selecting of a path of diversification, classification of diversification strategies.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):34-39
pages 34-39 views

International level of economic security of Russia in the early twentieth century

Ulyanova N.S., Gurnina D.A.


This article describes the key aspects of the economic security of Russia in modern conditions: preconditions and factors affecting the economic security of Russia. The structural analysis of the protection of the national economy from external threats, preventing the effective development of the national economy model. Strategy to protect national economic security is investigated through the key concepts of national interests and national security threats. There are the examples of economic sanctions by foreign countries having mutual importance both for Russia and for themselves. Considered are not only the problems of economic dependence of the national economy, but also effective measures to ensure the progressive development of the country.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):40-42
pages 40-42 views

Strategy of forming the automotive industry in developing countries

Chan T.T., Hoshgiyafeh A.R.


The article provides the establishment of the automotive industry in countries such as China, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Tha authors considered the mechanisms of social policy aimed at creating national automotive industry.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):42-47
pages 42-47 views

Prospects of development of service centers in the Republic of Angola

Dia M.S.


When managing official dealers in the Republic of Angola there are many problems in ensuring vehicle maintenance, in particular, the provision of spare parts. Furthermore, there is the problem of recycling of old and damaged vehicles. Above listed problems require more attention when the market is growing rapidly, and maintenance services can not keep up this pace of growth. The paper discusses the problem of auto-service in the Republic of Angola.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):48-51
pages 48-51 views

Problems of establishment and development of small innovative enterprises at universities

Vesnin V.R., Gribov V.D., Kamchatnikov G.V.


The article deals with the problems constraining the establishment of small innovative enterprises at universities. The measures to overcome these problems are proposed.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):51-54
pages 51-54 views

Methods of assessing students' loyalty

Sekerin V.D., Yurkevich E.V., Tumin Y.A., Ivanov V.A.


In addition to formal educational performance evaluation it is needed an evaluation from those who receive the knowledge for a comprehensive evaluation of the quality and relevance of education, which can give university, and its prestige which are important for gaining competitive advantage in the field of educational services. The attitude of students to their institution can be evaluated using the integral index - the index of the loyalty of students which is defined as the difference between the share of allies (promoters) and opponents among the total number of respondents
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):54-58
pages 54-58 views

Improvement of quality of processing of applications of citizens and organizations to the federal bodies of state power

Barykin D.V., Boronnikov D.A., Fedulova Z.M., Samokhin I.E., Morozov S.V.


The paper defines the problem and offers recommendations for improving the quality of work with applications of citizens and organizations to the government authorities, developed on the basis of analysis of used schemes of work organization by federal bodies (based on open information sources).
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):58-62
pages 58-62 views

Modernization of the information system for monitoring of state tasks in scientific research to universities and scientific organizations

Bespalov O.Y., Borovin Y.M., Yurasov A.B., Godovikov S.A.


The paper deals with the modernization of the information system for monitoring of implementation of scientific research within state tasks of higher education and scientific organizations.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):62-68
pages 62-68 views

Information support of controlling

Zadornov K.S.


The article describes the operation of the main objectives, the creation of systems and mechanisms for controlling an industrial plant.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):68-72
pages 68-72 views

History of Commercial Court as a factor in boosting trade and industrial life of Russia in the second half of the XIX century

Olshanskaya L.V.


The article considers the organization of in Russia in the post-reform period, highlights the problem of determining jurisdiction, questions on the structure of the court and the debate on the conditions and procedure for the election of judges. Particular attention is given to types of court sessions and paperwork in commercial courts. The authors conclude that the organization of commercial courts was caused by socio-political and commercial and industrial system of the Russian Empire.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):73-77
pages 73-77 views

Historical aspect of idea of integration and pan-national concept in ancient philosophy, western European and Russian social thought

Frantsuzova O.A.


The article considers the pan-national ideology in ancient philosophy, the ideas of integration in social and political thought of modern times and the Age of Enlightenment. The concept of political integration of the Slavs in the Russian social and political thought of XVIII-XIX centuries is analyzed.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):78-84
pages 78-84 views

Origins of controversy between "Russian Populists" and "legal Marxists" about special path of Russia

Golovin Y.B.


The article is dedicated to ideological debate about the development of Russia in the late XIX between so-called "narodniki" and "legal Marxists". The position of the main participants of the debate is described. The points of view of Marx and Engels themselves are presented. General opinion about the rightness and victory of "legal Marxists" in that debate is revised.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):84-89
pages 84-89 views

Ideological origins of integral approach to society in philosophy of P.A. Sorokin

Golovko Y.V.


The article studies the theory of integralism of P.A. Sorokin and its ideological origins. Sociological ideas of positivists and Russian philosophy of all-encompassing unity as the main prerequisites for the formation of an integrated approach to society in a philosophical doctrine of P.A. Sorokin are discussed.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):90-94
pages 90-94 views

Existence as the subject of philosophy

Guseynov F.I.


In this article the central philosophical categories of Gabriel Marcel - the founder of the French existentialism are introduced. The text reveals the main anthropological ideas of the thinker. Marcel’s existentialism is one of the famous philosophy in the XX century. The thinker poses the questions of human existence, spirituality, dignity and relationship between science, religion and philosophy nowadays.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):94-97
pages 94-97 views

Philosophical views of V.V. Lesevich

Samsonova N.G.


The paper analyzes the philosophical views of V.V. Lesevich, one of the most prominent representatives of positivism in Russia. The evolution of the views from the first positivism to empiriocriticism is considered.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):97-101
pages 97-101 views

Evolution of computer data in the development of computer representations of knowledge

Inozemtsev V.A.


The article presents the philosophical and methodological study of transformation of computer data systems in the development of computer problems of representation of knowledge. The work analyzes the major theoretical constructs of informatics and artificial intelligence (AI) such as "subject area", "object", "object property", "relationship between objects" and a number of others, due to which there is a formation of computer data computer knowledge as well as declarative and procedural types of computer representations of knowledge in AI.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):101-110
pages 101-110 views

Specificity of philosophical understanding of activities of stock market subjects

Inozemtseva Y.V.


This paper analyzes the characteristics of philosophical understanding of such an important phenomenon of our time as the stock market. The paper considers the methodology of activities of economic subjects in classical and non-classical economics which serves as a basis for the development of the modern theory and methodology of the research activities of the subjects of the stock market.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):111-116
pages 111-116 views

Youth subculture and social mythology

Malakhova E.V.


This article considers the modern youth subculture as a phenomenon that has its origins both in modern and archaic levels of culture. The research of a concept of myth and mythology is made in order to find a connection between two sides of subculture: the structure and the meanings.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):116-121
pages 116-121 views

Formation of philosophical foundations of psychological concept of endowments in the XIX - early XX century

Ivleva M.L., Inozemtsev V.A.


In this paper the authors study the formation of the philosophical foundations of the psychological concept of endowments in the XIX - early XX centuries. They analyze the most important philosophical and psychological teachings of this era that influenced the development of the philosophical foundations of the psychological concept of endowments.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):122-128
pages 122-128 views

Talent: from paradoxes to the development of subjectivity

Panov V.I.


The article indicates the conceptual, diagnostic and theoretical and methodological paradoxes that raise the question of a common nature of endowments. The author proposes an ecopsychological approach to endowments allowing to imagine the development of endowments as a transition from a potential form to evident talent of an individual. The seven stages of formation of subjectivity of the individual as the subject of a certain kind of endowments are identified.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):129-137
pages 129-137 views

Legal problems and prospects of functioning of system-agent for remote transactions in the Internet

Dobryakova G.E.


The article examines the legal problems of functioning of information system-agent for remote transactions in the Internet and describes prospect of their solution. As the solution of scientific problems it can be accepted a proposal for the implementation and structural integration of system-agent in existing legislation system information.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):137-140
pages 137-140 views

New changes in tax legislation of the Russian Federation

Krasilnikova I.V.


The article deals with significant changes in the tax legislation of the Russian Federation concerning the interests of individuals. The article highlights the major changes in detail in the definition of the object of taxation, the tax base for the tax on personal property. It also covers the procedure and terms of payment of the tax. The paper contains a comparative analysis of existing laws and a new law in October of this year, thus allowing to identify trends in the development of tax policy of Russia.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):141-143
pages 141-143 views

Genesis of legal status of languages ​​used in Russia in XVIII-XIX centuries: historical and legal aspects

Machinskaya D.A.


The article deals with the genesis of the legal status of languages ​​during the XVIII-XIX centuries. The paper investigates the folding language policy typical for the period. The analysis of regulations undertaken in this period is made. The paper addresses the issue of the development of the Ukrainian language in the territory of the Russian Empire.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):144-146
pages 144-146 views

Issues of publishing regulatory legal acts in state languages of republics within the Russian Federation

Poberezhnaya I.A.


The article is devoted to the procedure of publishing regulatory legal acts in state languages of republics within the Russian Federation. The matters are relevant for development of the Russian legislation. The article investigates in detail the regulatory legal acts in the sphere of law-making of the republics being the part of the Russian Federation, the analysis is carried out. The problems of legal regulation of procedure of publishing regulatory legal acts in state languages of republics within the Russian Federation are revealed.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):146-153
pages 146-153 views

Place of institute of municipal boundaries in municipal law system of the Russian Federation

Khludnev E.I.


The paper considers institute of municipal boundaries in terms of its place in the system of municipal law in Russia. Its functions are determined and internal division on sub institutes. As well as justification of its constituent rules complex nature is given.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):153-161
pages 153-161 views

Peculiarities of mentality and national character through analysis of national phraseology

Arutyunian V.S.


The article deals with some peculiarities of mentality and national character of English, German and Russian people. The author makes etymological analysis of phraseological units and proverbs demonstrating the peculiarities of national character.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):161-165
pages 161-165 views

Translating features of scientific texts

Borishanskaya M.M., Kurbakova M.A.


The article discusses the main features of translation of scientific texts on three aspects: grammatical, lexical, stylistic. A special place in the article is given to syntax structure of scientific text and the use of precision vocabulary in it.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):165-168
pages 165-168 views

From attention to action: language incentive funds in advertising slogans

Zmazneva O.A., Isaeva N.V.


The article is devoted to the linguistic analysis of modern Russian advertising slogans and method of expression incentive intentions.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):168-171
pages 168-171 views

Actual methods of interactive learning of Russian language

Kovina T.P., Kulchytskaya A.I.


The article addresses issues about the use in the educational process of modern educational technologies that can improve the quality of students ' knowledge. One of the most popular methods is interactive work, for example, the interactive dictation in Russian language in online system.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):171-174
pages 171-174 views

Linguistic equivalence with intercultural interaction

Omelyanenko T.N.


The article discusses the need to consider cultural factors in the teaching and translation of foreign language to achieve linguistic equivalence when intercultural communication. Verbal and nonverbal ways of emotions expression in English and Russian languages are considered, because emotions are the most common factor in success of intercultural communication.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):174-179
pages 174-179 views

Cross-cultural aspect in teaching English

Prudnikova V.A., Gritsenko A.A.


This article examines the impact of such discipline as regional geography on process of learning foreign language.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):179-181
pages 179-181 views

Metaphorization of terms of machine-building industry

Zaitseva T.N., Martirosyan N.V.


The article discusses the basic processes of metaphorization of machine-building complex in the modern Russian language, the description of a number of metaphorical models identified in the terminological system engineering.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):181-185
pages 181-185 views

Improving the efficiency of higher education and personality-oriented learning

Bagramiants N.L.


The article analyzes the motivation as a fundamental unit of modern educational theory and practice of personality-oriented learning.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):185-191
pages 185-191 views

Formation of students’ cross-cultural communicative-professional competence in university

Karpova T.A., Voskovskaya A.S.


The article represents the pedagogical model of formation of students’ cross-cultural communicative-professional competence. This model includes general-cultural and professional competences. The model also contains pedagogical conditions, criteria and indicators of the considered competence formation.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):191-194
pages 191-194 views

Creation and implementation of points rating system of students knowledge and achievements estimation in UMech

Kramer S.M., Gorina Y.E., Khomyakova N.V.


The paper considers the prospect of implementation the consistent points rating system within the university for estimation of students knowledge and achievements taking into account educational and extra-curricular activities.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):194-199
pages 194-199 views

Systemically important architectonic concept of continuing education at virtual era

Tsylenko L.P.


The paper analyses the problem of continuing education of professional at virtual era. Systemically important architectonic concept of education throughout life is correlated as main. Knowledge of English is an undeniable component of the pragmatic-communicative competency of new generation.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):199-202
pages 199-202 views

“Project method” as a mechanism of career orientation of children and young people

Kazun A.P., Pastukhova L.S.


The article considers the use of "project method" as a mechanism of career orientation of children and young people; Russian and foreign experience of project work with students (pupils and students) is discussed; experience of "project method" practical testing on an example of the educational project "Industrial Park" is revealed.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):202-209
pages 202-209 views

Implementation of career oriented training of student on the basis of Resource Center of university

Tsybizova T.Y.


The paper discusses the implementation of career oriented educational training of secondary educational institutions students on the basis of Resource Center organized by higher education institution. Approaches and principles of Resource Center organization and technologies of system for training students within the educational program are shown.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(4-5):209-213
pages 209-213 views

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