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Ecological genetics

Journal: fundamental medical and biology peer-review journal

Editor-in-Cheif: professor Sergei G. Inge-Vechtomov 


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History: publishes from 2003





The journal Ecological genetics is an  international multi-disciplinary journal which accepts for consideration original manuscripts that clarify all aspects of interactions between genetic and ecological processes on any types of organisms and on all levels of living system organization, from molecular to ecosystem.

The editorial board accepts manuscripts that reflect the results of field and experimental studies, and fundamental research of broad conceptual and/or comparative context.

We welcome the publication of materials that:

  • make a significant contribution to the development of general biological theory and methodology of ecological and genetic research;
  • contribute to a better understanding of genetic mechanisms of the regulation of intra– and inter–species interactions of organisms, as well as ‘organism–environment’ interactions;
  • contribute to a better understanding of modern issues in general biology.

Publications of the journal would be of interest to a wide range of specialists in the fields of ecology, genetics, biochemistry, general biology, evolutionary theory, as well as for physicians and teachers and students of various biological and medical profiles.





Ecological genetics publishes original research and review articles within the scope of the journal.

There are 6 major topics in the journal:

1. Genetic fundamentals of ecosystems evolution

2. Genetic toxicology

3. Human ecological genetics

4. Systems biology in ecological genetics

5. Genetic education

6. History, personalities, information, critical reviews




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from 2017

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News: Our journal accepted for SCOPUS indexation


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Current Issue

Vol 15, No 3 (2017)

1. Genetic fundamentals of ecosystems evolution
Assessment of the state of population gene pools of the slightly mobile animal species on the example of the land snail Bradybaena fruticum Müll. (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) based on the DNA markers
Snegin E.A., Snegina E.A.
Ecological genetics. 2017;15(3):4-19
The reasons of genetic heterogeneity of Siberian whitefish Coregonus lavaretus pidschian in the Anabar river
Sendek D.S., Ivanov E.V.
Ecological genetics. 2017;15(3):20-26
Peculiarities of choromosomal polymorphism Glyptotendipes glaucus meigen, 1818 (Diptera, Chironomidae) from lake Chaika of the national park “Curonian spit”
Kalinina E.A., Vinokurova N.V.
Ecological genetics. 2017;15(3):27-33
2. Genetic toxicology
Genotoxic effects of N-nitrosodimethylamine in somatic and generative cells of mice
Lovinskaya A.V., Kolumbayeva S.Z., Kolomiets O.L., Abilev S.K.
Ecological genetics. 2017;15(3):34-41
DNA methylation in early mice embryogenesis under the influence of bisphenol A
Noniashvili E.M., Grudinina N.A., Kustova M.E., Tran V., Suchkova I.O., Pavlinova L.I., Sasina L.K., Dergacheva N.I., Sofronov H.A., Patkin E.L.
Ecological genetics. 2017;15(3):42-53
5. Genetic education
Combination of rice blast resistance genes in the genotypes of russian rice varieties with the use of marker assisted selection
Kostylev P.I., Krasnova E.V., Redkin A.A., Dubina E.V., Mukhina Z.M.
Ecological genetics. 2017;15(3):54-63