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Ecological genetics

Fundamental medical and biology peer-review journal.

Editor-in-Cheif: professor Sergei G. Inge-Vechtomov 

Indexing: Russian Science Citation Index, Google Scholar, Ulrich's Periodical directory.

Publishes from 2003.

Ecological genetics publishes original research and review articles within the scope of the journal.

There are 6 major topics in the journal:

  1. Genetic fundamentals of ecosystems evolution
    - Cell symbiogenetics
    - Population symbiogenetics
    - Ecological and genetic adaptation mechanisms
    - Transgenic organisms in ecosystems
    - Behavioural genetics
  2. Genetic toxicology
    - Mechanisms of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis
    - Genetically active environmental factors
    - Genetic test systems
  3. Human ecological genetics
    - Ecological and genetic factors of ageing and longevity
    - Ecological and genetic health factors
    - Ecological and genetic factors of human evolution
    - Ecological and genetic consequences of introduction and biological pollution
  4. Systems biology in ecological genetics
  5. Genetic education
  6. History, personalities, information, critical reviews



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Current Issue

Vol 14, No 4 (2016)

Use of morphoj soft package for phenotypic and genotypic variety testing (English oak case study)
Baranov S.G.
Ecological genetics. 2016;14(4):3-13
The evolution of ideas on the biological role of 5-methylcytosine oxidative derivatives in the mammalian genome
Efimova O.A., Pendina A.A., Tikhonov A.V., Baranov V.S.
Ecological genetics. 2016;14(4):14-25
Functional analysis of cT-DNAs in naturally transformed plants, recent findings and general considerations
Otten L.
Ecological genetics. 2016;14(4):26-31
Genetically modified organisms authorized for cultivation and breeding in Russia
Matveeva T.V., Mahboobe A.
Ecological genetics. 2016;14(4):32-40
Karyotype and inversion polymorphism of natural populations Glyptotendipes glaucus (meigen), 1818 (diptera, chironomidae) from the small reservoirs of Kaliningrad
Vinokurova N.V., Kalinina E.A., Stol’ E.E.
Ecological genetics. 2016;14(4):41-51
Lux-biosensors: screening biologically active compounds for genotoxicity
Igonina E.V., Marsova M.V., Abilev S.K.
Ecological genetics. 2016;14(4):52-62