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Sergoventsev, A. A

Issue Section Title File
Vol 339, No 1 (2018) Articles Yubilei PDF
Vol 338, No 1 (2017) Articles Surgical treatment of infective endocarditis of the aortic valve before development of severe hemodynamic disorders: case report PDF
Vol 337, No 2 (2016) Articles Nauchno-prakticheskaya konferentsiya «Fundamental'nye nauki v meditsine PDF
Vol 337, No 10 (2016) Articles Modern approaches to diagnosis and treatment of tachyarrhythmia at military-medical organizations
Vol 336, No 4 (2015) Articles Diagnostics of pulmonary-renal syndrome in young patients with suspected community-acquired pneumonia
Vol 335, No 5 (2014) Articles The experience of successful treatment of severe viral-bacterial pneumonia in a military hospital
Vol 335, No 3 (2014) Articles Experience of successful treatment of patient with severe community-acquired pneumonia accompanied by acute respiratory distress syndrome in conditions of military hospital PDF
Vol 331, No 7 (2010) Articles Peculiarities of the immune status of the soldiers, who had been taken ill with a extramural pneumonia during the battle action
Vol 340, No 5 (2019) Articles Heart surgery in the P.V.Mandryka Central Clinical Hospital: establishment, present and future
Vol 340, No 5 (2019) Articles Surgery of aortic defect in the P.V.Mandryka Central Military Clinical Hospital
Vol 340, No 5 (2019) Articles Comorbidity in various age groups of reserve officers (retired) and their family members
Vol 340, No 6 (2019) Articles Biophysical processes in radiofrequency catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias
Vol 341, No 2 (2020) Articles Modern functional diagnostics and artificial intelligence
Vol 341, No 10 (2020) Articles Possibilities of ultrasound examination for the diagnosis of structural changes in the kidneys at the stage of providing specialized medical care
Vol 342, No 3 (2021) Articles Ways to improve military medical expertise of the citizens subject to conscription
Vol 342, No 3 (2021) Articles Development of the system of medical examination of aviation personnel of the state aviation of the Russian Federation
Vol 342, No 4 (2021) Articles Experience in deploying multifunctional medical centers of the Ministry of Defense in the extreme conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic

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