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Grebenyuk, A. N

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Vol 330, No 2 (2009) Articles Ob\"ektivnaya otsenka professional'nogo khimicheskogo riska i ego vospriyatie sotrudnikami Gosudarstvennoy protivopozharnoy sluzhby
Vol 330, No 4 (2009) Articles Purposes of medical service in area of assurance of toxical-radiologic defense of service men PDF
Vol 330, No 5 (2009) Articles Eksperimental'naya model' ostroy luchevoy bolezni, otyagoshchennoy zakrytoy travmoy zhivota PDF
Vol 330, No 7 (2009) Articles Clinics, diagnostics and treatment of acute intoxication by baclofen PDF
Vol 330, No 11 (2009) Articles Prophylaxis of chemical poisoning in the Army and NAVY
Vol 338, No 11 (2017) Articles Influence of preventive application of b-estradiol on survival rate and bone-marrow hemopoiesis in irradiated mice
Vol 338, No 7 (2017) Articles Interacademic conference «Actual issues on health and safety and emergency medicine» in Moscow. PDF
Vol 338, No 9 (2017) Articles International Conference on Disaster and Military Medicine (DiMiMED 2016) PDF
Vol 337, No 11 (2016) Articles Use of the tacticts of multistage surgical treatment on the model of combined radiation-and-mechanic injury
Vol 337, No 12 (2016) Articles Present condition and perspective of development of self-care decontamination products
Vol 336, No 1 (2015) Articles Chemicals as fires damaging factor PDF
Vol 335, No 6 (2014) Articles Radiomitigators: prospects for use in medical radiation protection
Vol 335, No 9 (2014) Articles The use of the new loads of expendable medical supplies by the medical service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation PDF
Vol 334, No 1 (2013) Articles Modern condition and prospects of improvement of the specialized medical aid of acute marrow failure of radiant etiology
Vol 334, No 2 (2013) Articles System of preservation of servicemen’ health and training of medical staff of Japan Self-Defence Forces
Vol 334, No 7 (2013) Articles Prospects of the use of radioprotectors for improvement of anti-radiation medicine in the Armed Forces
Vol 334, No 3 (2013) Articles Chemical, biological, radiologic and nuclear countermeasures of NATO
Vol 334, No 10 (2013) Articles Workshop of disaster medicine experts of the committee of the chiefs of medical services of the NATO’s armed forces
Vol 334, No 6 (2013) Articles Prospective technologies in military medicine
Vol 333, No 2 (2012) Articles Modern possibilities of therapeutic aid in the time of mass sanitary losses of radiation profile
Vol 333, No 3 (2012) Articles Use of modern first-aid kits for the first aid dressing in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Vol 333, No 5 (2012) Articles Structure and tasks of the medical service of the armed forces of the Italian Republic
Vol 333, No 1 (2012) Articles XXXIX World Military-medical Congress
Vol 333, No 10 (2012) Articles Use of modern medical wallets at the combat level of medical service of the Armed Forces
Vol 333, No 10 (2012) Articles Second European Congress of military medicine
Vol 330, No 6 (2009) Articles Modern approaches to the estimation of the health risk at influence of the chemicals polluting environment PDF
Vol 331, No 1 (2010) Articles Modern state of antidotal therapy of acute poising of chemical etiology in foreign countries
Vol 331, No 6 (2010) Articles Normative and legal aspects of medical maintenance of the persons occupied on works with toxic chemicals, concerning to the chemical weapon
Vol 332, No 1 (2011) Articles Modern state and prospects of perfection of medical agents of indication of poisoning and high-toxic substances
Vol 332, No 2 (2011) Articles Modern possibilities of medicamental prophylaxis and primary therapy of irradiation injuries
Vol 332, No 8 (2011) Articles Eksperimental'naya otsenka estrogenov v kachestve potentsial'nykh sredstv meditsinskoy zashchity pri radiatsionnykh i khimicheskikh vozdeystviyakh
Vol 332, No 5 (2011) Articles Sanitary and chemical protection during the Great Patriotic War
Vol 332, No 8 (2011) Articles Toxicology and Radiobiology: current problems and prospects
Vol 335, No 2 (2014) Articles The main ways of improvemnt of medical support of the Air Forces in modern conditions PDF
Vol 335, No 2 (2014) Articles Eksperimental'noe obosnovanie primeneniya immunomodulyatora moliksan v kachestve sredstva terapii gerpesvirusnoy infektsii PDF
Vol 342, No 6 (2021) Articles Experience in using a medicinal composition based on selenium for local treatment of wounds

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