Conceptual approaches to the system of milk products quality on the base of the blockchain technology

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Formation of the conditions for production of quality food products is considered to be one of the aspects of food safety of the country. Consequently, it is necessary to carry out system research works aimed at implementation of the acting standards of quality in the complete chain of products manufacturing. Existing control systems in the separate technological stages of feeds production, finished products at a producing organization and inlet control in the retail network do not already ensure required level of quality. The world practice has positive experience of applying in some activity spheres the blockchain technology, based on transparency of the complete technological process of products manufacturing having many stages. International and domestic practice of using the blockchain technology is analyzed in the article. Conceptual approaches to the application of the system in the processes controlling milk products supplying chains are discussed. Application of the blockchain system in the processes of milk products supply provides safety of the data, protection of the documents repositories, eliminates possibility to make changes in the information during transportation, reduces delay of delivery. It also eliminates possibility of non-permitted addition of forbidden or non-desired ingredients, allows retailers or even consumers to follow the history of a product creation. It makes possible to locate the farms of the origin, milk plant, transporting company, to optimize processes of raw materials and finished products supply from producer to consumer and reduce expenses for transportation for all participants of the process.

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