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Krainyukov, P. E

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Vol 340, No 2 (2019) Articles Clinical and economic rationale for the use of complex antibacterial lymphatic and nitrogen monoxide therapy for peritonitis caused by diseases and injuries of the upper urinary tract
Vol 340, No 1 (2019) Articles Correction of the psycho-physiological status of military personnel by the combined use of transcranial electroanalgesia and hypoxic therapy.
Vol 339, No 4 (2018) Articles To the treatment of peritonitis caused by the pathology of the upper parts of the urinary system. PDF
Vol 339, No 8 (2018) Articles Soft tissue sarcoma or purulent disease of the hand: difficulties in differential diagnosis PDF
Vol 339, No 10 (2018) Articles Optimization of the management of the activity of the dental organization based on the methodology of the system approach PDF
Vol 339, No 10 (2018) Articles Method for the prevention of implant-associated inflammation in the area of the spermatic cord PDF
Vol 339, No 10 (2018) Articles All-army meeting of the main specialists of the therapeutic profile of the Armed Forces, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Emergency Situations Department of the Branch of the S.M.Kirov Military Medical Academy PDF
Vol 338, No 1 (2017) Articles Surgical treatment of infective endocarditis of the aortic valve before development of severe hemodynamic disorders: case report PDF
Vol 338, No 3 (2017) Articles Empiric selection of antimicrobial therapy in case of purulent diseases of hand PDF
Vol 338, No 4 (2017) Articles From the history of the buildings of the Mandryka Central Military Clinical Hospital PDF
Vol 337, No 1 (2016) Articles Children’s department and child care institutions of the Central military hospital of People’s commissariat during the Great Patriotic War PDF
Vol 337, No 10 (2016) Articles Method of fixing the sieve graft in case of alloplasty inguinal hernia
Vol 336, No 4 (2015) Articles Surgical service at the Central Military Hospital of People’s Commissariat of Defence shortly before the Great Patriotic War
Vol 335, No 5 (2014) Articles The experience of successful treatment of severe viral-bacterial pneumonia in a military hospital
Vol 335, No 7 (2014) Articles Applying of the multifaceted approach to the treatment of patients with a phlegmon of hand PDF
Vol 340, No 5 (2019) Articles Hospital of the management of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Vol 340, No 5 (2019) Articles Effectiveness of pelvic lymphadenectomy in the treatment of prostate cancer
Vol 340, No 5 (2019) Articles Room of diagnosis and treatment of pain is a necessary division of the clinical hospital in modern conditions
Vol 340, No 5 (2019) Articles On the provision of medical care to patients of the dispensary group in a multidisciplinary military medical organization
Vol 340, No 5 (2019) Articles Modern views on the epidemiology and diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumors.
Vol 340, No 5 (2019) Articles Gastrointestinal stromal tumor of the small intestine (clinical observation)
Vol 340, No 7 (2019) Articles Organization of medical care in a tactical zone of hostilities during modern war
Vol 340, No 6 (2019) Articles Military medicine and digital technologies: theory, practice, problems and prospects
Vol 341, No 3 (2020) Articles Modern approaches to the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors
Vol 341, No 9 (2020) Articles Clinical features of a gunshot injury to military personnel protected by body armor, defining tactics of medical aid delivery
Vol 341, No 12 (2020) Articles Unified military medical information system of the medical service of the armed forces: opportunities for creation and development strategy
Vol 341, No 9 (2020) Articles Rational perioperative prevention of infectious and inflammatory complications of prostate surgery
Vol 341, No 10 (2020) Articles Experience in the treatment of a severe form of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the central military hospital
Vol 342, No 5 (2021) Articles Tactical medicine - a new concept for the «new type» wars
Vol 342, No 5 (2021) Articles Experience in the treatment of hemorrhagic complications in a patient with a new coronavirus infection on the background of anticoagulant therapy
Vol 342, No 8 (2021) Articles Correlation relationships between the volume of the prostate gland and the age groups of military personnel
Vol 342, No 9 (2021) Articles The structure and nature of modern combat surgical trauma
Vol 342, No 7 (2021) Articles Experience in the use of thermal heliox when carrying out rehabilitation measures for patients after suffering a coronavirus infection

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