Vol 6, No 2-1 (2012)


Turbo fan for intercooling system of transport turbodiesel engine

Andreenkov A.A.


Influence of back pressure, caused by turbofan, on engine parameters at nominal mode is defined by mathematical modeling of the turbodiesel (power 404 kW) with turbofan intercooling system.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):9-12
pages 9-12 views

Mathematical description and optimization of performance of transmission and brake control in problems of optimal vehicle engineering

Akhmedov A.A., Bakhmutov S.V.


The article provides a summary of performance of vehicle transmission and brake control for formulating and solving multiobjective parametric problems with adjustable design parameters. Characteristics for regulation of design parameters of transmission and brake control of class “B” passenger car are determined based on the road microprofile.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):13-19
pages 13-19 views

Test-bench for tractive ability and efficiency tests of belt drives

Balovnev N.P., Dmitrieva L.A., Semin I.N.


The paper describes the test-bench for testing of tractive ability and efficiency of belt drives with different methods of belt tensioning.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):19-23
pages 19-23 views

Experimental estimate of tractive ability of belt drives with different methods of belt tensioning

Balovnev N.P., Dmitrieva L.A., Semin I.N.


The article considers the results of experimental researches of tractive ability of belt drives with different methods for belt tensioning.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):23-29
pages 23-29 views

Study of stability and controllability of hybrid car with variable-in-motion drive

Baulina E.E., Dementyev Y.V., Iturralde P., Kislov A.A.


The article considers the problems of stability and controllability of the car with a combined power plant on changing of drive type in motion.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):29-38
pages 29-38 views

Prospects medium-tonnage urban commercial vehicles with hybrid power plant with Russian-made tractive electrical equipment

Bakhmutov S.V., Serebryakov V.V., Baulina E.E., Kulikov A.I., Filonov A.I.


The article describes the prospects of development of medium cargo urban vehicles with combined power plants using components manufactured in Russia. It also describes advantages and disadvantages of the chosen layout of powertrain. The authors justify the necessity of application of test benches for experimental studies.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):38-46
pages 38-46 views

Method of forecasting of fatigue durability in the conditions of quasimonotonous degradation of physico-mechanical properties of an object

Borovskikh V.E., Podvoyskiy A.O.


The authors consider the method of object life estimation in the conditions of quasimonotonous degradation of system quality parameters, invariant relative to a class of generally non-stationary stochastic process of complex structure.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):46-55
pages 46-55 views

Modeling of the device for balancing of a Li-Ion battery with switched capacitors for electric vehicles

Varlamov D.O.


The article describes the principle and method of constructing a simulation circuit of balancing devices with switched capacitors for Li-Ion battery in Matlab Simulink program. Conclusions are drawn about the possibility of balancing device with a battery of an electric vehicle.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):55-61
pages 55-61 views

Approximate method for calculating of internal combustion engine intake noise

Vakhitov Y.R., Zagayko S.A.


In article the approached method of calculation of noise of admission ICE, based on dependences between noise level and parameters of a stream of air in an inlet branch pipe of the engine which are received by numerical calculations is considered. Errors of the offered method are resulted.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):61-64
pages 61-64 views

Methods of selecting the rational combination of materials for sandwich panels of a bus body

Voronkov O.V., Peskov V.I.


The article contain main principles and formulas which allow to predict possible weight or price benefits of introduction of new materials in sandwich panel structure used as floor or roof of self-carrying bus body during early steps of structure development. Weight, mechanical and price properties of materials and discrete row of sheet thicknesses are taken into account.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):64-72
pages 64-72 views

Kinetostatical analysis of a lifting mechanism

Gebel E.S., Zhursenbaev B.I., Sarbasov A.T.


This article considers the developed vector-matrix method for determining of driving forces and reaction forces in kinematic pairs of multilever linkage with adjustable closed circuit, which allows obtaining of analytical expressions of desired parameters in an explicit form. As a result of the kinetostatical analysis of lifting mechanism there are received recommendations for selection of a hydraulic cylinder.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):72-78
pages 72-78 views

Complex automation of petrol stations

Golovkova E.O., Sofiev A.E.


The article describes the existing automation of petrol stations, it points to major drawbacks of existing systems. The authors offer an option of complex automation of petrol stations with introduction of the system at gas stations “Gazpromneft-center”.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):78-84
pages 78-84 views

Piecewise continuous regulation of a tractor speed

Gorodetskiy K.I., Bannikov M.V., Ivkova G.B., Muratova S.K., Shuvaev D.N.


The paper presents a method of piecewise continuous regulation of tractor speed, based on using rational choice of a rather small range of correction characteristic of a diesel engine, where power does not decrease below nominal, and the fuel efficiency is improved by reducing of engine speed.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):84-89
pages 84-89 views

Forecasting of operating temperature of pneumatic tires of rock handler trucks

Goryunov S.V., Sharipov V.M.


The paper considers influence of tire tread temperature on durability of rock handler truck tires. The authors present the results of research of tire heating nature during operation. By the statistical treatment of experimental data the regression models of the multifactor processes are obtained.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):89-92
pages 89-92 views

Numerical and experimental investigation of braking performance of a bus

Groshev A.M., Konikova G.A., Kostin S.Y., Trusov Y.P., Tumasov A.V.


The article contains results of studies of PAZ bus brake performance. For this research there are approaches used during road tests and for computer modeling, simulating the conditions of a real test. The authors give a comparative analysis of the results obtained during simulation of braking process and in road tests of the bus.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):92-97
pages 92-97 views

Analysis of the design of the automotive generator of reciprocating type

Dukhanina V.I., Ketsaris A.A.


This article considers an automobile generator of reciprocating motion type with a free piston, which is an integral unit converting mechanical energy of the reciprocating motion of engine pistons into electrical energy for use as an on-board power supply of hybrid vehicles. The authors examine advantages of this method of converting of thermal energy into electrical energy and design issues. The papers formulates the requirements to the linear electric generator with a free piston. It also includes a brief review of linear generator developments.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):97-104
pages 97-104 views

Analysis of the workflow of linear generator of reciprocating motion type

Dukhanin V.I., Ketsaris A.A.


This article considers the integrated propulsion system, consisting of internal combustion engine with a free piston and linear electrical inductor machine with permanent magnet on the stator. The authors investigate the regenerative mode of the linear inductor machine operation and compare two systems of permanent magnets layout. There are data presenting calculation of linear electric machine performance.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):104-110
pages 104-110 views

Selection of a rational layout in the compact urban vehicle design

Ivshin K.S., Polozov A.V.


The article defines the criteria for selecting of layouts and rational layouts for wheels, passengers and powertrains for a compact urban vehicle.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):110-118
pages 110-118 views

Simulation of a mixture formation in a cylinder of the engine running on Otto-Diesel cycle

Kamennyy A.V., Kostyukov A.V., Makarov A.R., Pustyntsev M.E.


The paper considers the process of evaporation and homogenizing of fuel-air mixture in the engine running on the Otto-Diesel cycle.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):119-126
pages 119-126 views

Development of a system of two-stage turbocharging for KAMAZ EURO-5 engines

Kaminskiy V.N., Grigorov I.N., Kaminskiy R.V., Sibiryakov S.V., Kuchev S.M., Likhachev V.N.


This paper describes the development of a two-stage turbocharging system, allowing to achieve the requirements of emission standards EURO-5 on the engines of KAMAZ.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):126-132
pages 126-132 views

Development and production of turbochargers and other engine components and systems using information technologies

Kaminskiy V.N., Kaminskiy R.V., Gusak A.A., Sibiryakov S.V., Korneev S.A., Kovaltsov I.V., Sergeev A.S., Ishchenko N.V., Olisova T.A.


The article presents an overview of the information technology systems, implemented at Scientific and Production Association “Turbotehnika” for development and production of turbochargers and other components and engine systems.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):133-143
pages 133-143 views

Development of test-benches for control and research tests of turbochargers

Kaminskiy V.N., Kaminskiy R.V., Lazarev A.V., Grigorov I.N., Kostyukov A.V., Korneev S.A., Kovaltsov I.V., Sergeev A.S., Gusak A.A., Sibiryakov S.V.


The paper describes non-motorized bench for testing turbochargers: design, concept, method of characterization.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):143-148
pages 143-148 views

Turbo-electric compressor: potential, design and prospects

Kaminskiy V.N., Lazarev A.V., Kaminskiy R.V., Sibiryakov S.V.


The paper describes a turbo system based on a hybrid turbocharger, its advantages over a conventional turbocharger, design, performance, operating principles. The description of a control system of the turbo-electric compressor is also given in the article.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):149-153
pages 149-153 views

Information search for identifying of the trends in the motor engineering development for a specific region (Kazakhstan)

Kim V.V., Kaminskiy V.N.


The paper presents the main steps of determining the optimal direction of the production of internal combustion engines.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):153-160
pages 153-160 views

Application of active wheel modules in articulated trucks for transportation of oversized and heavy cargo

Korkin S.N., Kurmaev R.K., Kramer A.S.


The paper presents the design of various types of active-terrain trucks. The authors provide technical solutions and methods for linking of trains by active wheel modules with hydrostatic wheel drive. The article also contains the analysis of the traction capabilities and an estimate of the damaging effects of trucks on the ground with the active and inactive trailing links.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):160-168
pages 160-168 views

Investigation of the heat transfer process in a mesh matrix of a rotary heat exchanger

Alexeev R.A., Kostyukov A.V.


The paper presents the results of computational modeling of thermal processes in mesh matrixes of rotary frame heat exchangers. The authors received the refined dependence of the mesh matrix heat transfer of the coolant flow characteristics.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):168-173
pages 168-173 views

Investigation of combustion modes of energy-accumulating materials

Kostykov A.V., Kuznetsov V.V., Ashcheulnikov E.K., Rodkin K.P.


The paper considers a model of combustion powdered energy-accumulating substances (EAS) in a cylindrical combustion chamber. This camera can be considered as a prechamber of the hydrogen reactor for transport and stationary power plants based on gas turbine engines. For calculations of combustion of powdered EAS in the flow of superheated steam a program is developed. Distribution of the temperature in the chamber axis at different values of the coefficient of oxidant excess (water vapor). The authors determined the size of the depth of the flame front at the given conditions of the combustion chamber with energy-accumulating substances.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):173-178
pages 173-178 views

Microturbine with efficiency of over 43%

Kostykov A.V.


The paper considers the results of mathematical modeling of strain state of a non-uniformly heated ceramic frame of rotary heat exchanger of multi-purpose gas turbine engine with the power of 300 kW . Received a conclusion that the implementation of frame heat exchanger made from ceramics will enable the design of the rotary heat exchanger with high degree of regeneration (95-97%), without increasing the amount of air leaks through the seals of the heat exchanger.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):179-182
pages 179-182 views

The comparative evalution of the vibration damping characteristics of materials for modification of an oil pan and valve covers of an engine

Kruglov K.M., Sherbakov V.I.


The results of experiments by vibratory response of plate elements of five different materials with different dimensions and boundary conditions are given in the article. The effects of vibration-absorbing and composite materials on vibratory properties are considered. The major attention has given to the changing of frequency spectrum of vibrations and damping coefficient. The comparatives diagrams of damping coefficient are given. Conclusions and recommendations are made.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):182-189
pages 182-189 views

Development of a mathematical model of an energy-absorbing seat, using the results of piling tests

Kulakov N.A., Gavrilov E.V.


The paper presents the results of nature piling tests simulating mine explosion of armored vehicles. The tests were conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of anti-mine energy-absorbing seats. During testing by measuring the dynamic parameters in the design of the seat and the man modeled by anthropomorphic dummies "Hybrid 2" and "Scythian". The test results allowed to create a mathematical model of anti-mine seats and to make a comparative analysis of numerical and experimental data.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):189-194
pages 189-194 views

Evaluation of explosive impact of mines on structures and crews of armored vehicles. Damaging Effects. Methods of protection

Kulakov N.A., Shevchenko A.A.


This paper considers mechanism of explosive mine impact on the armored vehicles and crews. The authors presented integral estimations of explosion, allowing to carry out calculations for dynamics and strength of the undercarriage, and the criteria for assessing the risk of injury of crew members. There is an analysis of possible ways to improve the design of mine resistance of armored vehicles.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):194-205
pages 194-205 views

Numerical and experimental stufy of composite ceramic armor resistance when exposed to high-speed bullets and fragments

Kulakov N.A., Lyubin A.N., Skakbaeva A.S.


+7(495)223-05-23 ext. 1507, kulakov@mami.ru The article presents the results of calculation and experimental study of a composite ceramic armor resistance when exposed to high-speed bullets and fragments. Based on the analysis of the experiments the authors refined a finite-element model, which allowed to make multiple calculations of various structural designs of armor in order to choose the most rational. Authors show influence of geometrical parameters of a ceramic element on the strength of armor.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):206-213
pages 206-213 views

Optimal control theory solutions for investigation of a hybrid electric vehicle’s powertrain

Kulikov I.A.


The paper gives a theoretical background of the development a control strategy for a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). Properties of a HEV that define its fuel economy and pollutant emissions are briefly described. Analysis of energy flows in a HEV’s powertrain is carried out. Based on this analysis a way to optimize energy flows is proposed. Said way implies a method of optimal control theory, namely dynamic programming, to be utilized. HEV’s model implemented in a DP-based routine is presented. Some theoretical background about DP is given as well. The most interesting results of DP-investigations are presented in the next section. The last section of the paper contains some conclusion remarks.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):213-222
pages 213-222 views

Methods of creating an "intelligent" automatic adaptive transmission control multidrive wheeled vehicle

Lepeshkin A.V.


The paper presents the results of research carried out by the State contract, and also the proposed science-based technique for development of "intelligent" automatic adaptive transmission control of multidrive wheeled machines.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):222-228
pages 222-228 views

Comparative analysis of series and combined options of control of a hydrostatic transmission of all-wheel drive wheeled vehicle

Lepeshkin A.V.


In the article there are presented the results of research of the developed mathematical model of linear motion of all-wheel drive three-axle vehicle with individually controlled hydrostatic drive of its driving wheels which allow to justify the need of usage of series option of control in the system of automatic adaptive control of hydrostatic transmission.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):228-233
pages 228-233 views

Analytical method of estimating the results of interaction of elastic wheel with deformable bearing surface in the sustained straight rolling motion

Lepeshkin A.V., Petrov S.E.


Suggested by the authors mathematical model was obtained on the basis of a combination of known relationships that govern the interaction of elastic wheel with non-deformable bearing surface, with recommendations for taking into account of additional forces in the area of ground deformation by a wheel. Mathematical model allows to define the longitudinal component of the force that is transferred to the machine frame and, at the same time, the moment occurring on the axis of the wheel using vertical load on the wheel axle, the longitudinal velocity of the axis and the longitudinal slip in the contact area.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):233-241
pages 233-241 views

The fuel pump of a new generation

Maksimov Y.V., Sokovikov V.K., Bekaev A.A., Strokov P.I.


Bekaev@list.ru Based on the electrohydraulic effect, also known as the “Yutkin effect”, the authors developed a brand new design of an electro-hydraulic fuel pump of high pressure, providing performance superior (for pressure and flow rate) than modern high pressure fuel pumps of internal combustion engines. Application of the developed electro-hydraulic pump for internal combustion engines will completely eliminate the use of a mechanized actuator, an integral part of modern fuel pumps, and thus greatly simplify the design and operation of fuel system, reduce its metal content, cost and noise.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):241-245
pages 241-245 views

Moment theory of wedge

Martinov V.K., Zverev A.I.


The article describes the different types of loading of a wedge in the process of work, considers the forces acting on a wedge for the various types of loads and proposes the method of accounting of appearing loads.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):245-249
pages 245-249 views

Development of the V-belt transmission theory

Martinov V.K., Zverev A.I.


The paper examines different methods for calculating of belt transmission to assess the reliability of the results. In the end it is concluded that it is needed to consider the belt rigidity to obtain reliable results.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):250-255
pages 250-255 views

Modern trends in car security systems development

Medelec N.A.


The article provides an overview of modern trends of passenger car safety in the context of developing information technologies.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):255-260
pages 255-260 views

Information and energy converters for control systems

Melnikov A.A.


The paper considers the information and energy converters from the standpoint of engineering systems. A set of elements is transformed into the system due to the exchange of information between the elements, therefore the quality of any system is defined by the processes of information transfer in its elements and the system as a whole. The paper also considers kinetics of information processes and its influence on quality management systems.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):260-269
pages 260-269 views

Determination of compliance of an object of development with the level of modern technology.

Melnikov A.A.


In developing of products for any purpose it should be determined their compliance with the modern technology level. The paper proposes indicators that determine the level of development of modern technology.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):269-279
pages 269-279 views

Engineering method of calculation of gasdynamic foil bearings of turbocompressors

Merkulov V.I., Plykin M.E., Tishchenko I.V.


In this article the engineering method of calculation of gasdynamic foil bearings is considered. Calculations according to this method were made and comparison with the experimental results, obtained by other authors, was done. Ranges of application are also considered.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):279-286
pages 279-286 views

Strength analysis of the frame of the unit for long loads when modifying the geometry of its elements

Mishin P.P., Osipov N.L., Kramskoy N.A.


The paper considers the problem of strength analysis of advanced vehicle frame for transporting of long loads. There are offered the measures of modifying of the frame construction. With offered alternatives of improvements there were built mathematical model and defined values ​​of the stresses and deflections in the frame of the unit for all cases considered.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):286-293
pages 286-293 views

Universal test bench for elastic behavior control of pressure plate of a ready-assemble clutch

Petunin V.P., Prokopiev M.V., Prasolov A.V., Volkov D.A., Trankvilevskiy V.G.


In the process of automotive components approbation it is necessary to use test bench equipment which allows to evaluate characteristics of components for compliance with the documentation requirements. In the article there is presented a test bench allowing to take measurements of elastic characteristics of the clutch pressure disk.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):293-296
pages 293-296 views

Unified control algorithm for torques delivered to wheels of all-wheel-drive vehicles

Pliev I.A., Saykin A.M., Arkhipov A.V., Akhmedov A.A.


This paper proposes the unified control algorithm for torques delivered to wheels of all-wheel-drive vehicles with “intellectual” transmission. The algorithm provides the determination of torques delivered to each wheel of multi-axis vehicle with minimal loss of power regarding to road conditions: solid surface or deformable ground. Results of calculations were confirmed by experimental research.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):297-303
pages 297-303 views

Methods of acquisition and spectral analysis of vibration characteristics of artificial tracks

Podrubalov V.K., Podrubalov M.V.


The article describes the results of the calculations of kinematic excitation characteristics from the profiles of artificial tracks, which should be applied when assessing the machinery vibration standards compliance. The authors presented the basic properties and selected the most representative tracks for calculation and nature experiments to improve the systems of vibration protection.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):303-310
pages 303-310 views

Analysis of the characteristics of external combustion heat engine by computer simulation

Potapov S.I., Nikishkin S.I., Piskarev M.Y.


The article is about the mathematical model, which is used for development of a computer model of the heat engine with external combustion. Computer simulation allowed to establish main principles of heat engine operation and make the analysis of the impact of changes on its characteristics and develop variant of the engine design.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):311-318
pages 311-318 views

Kinematic and force analysis of universal multiple differential mechanism of automatic gearboxes

Voloshko V.V., Galimyanov I.D., Salakhov I.I., Mavleyev I.R.


In the article there are presented structural and kinematic schemes and the design of the module of automatic gearboxes on the basis of universal multiple differential mechanism, designed by the authors. There is also considered the method of kinematic and force analysis.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):318-328
pages 318-328 views

Theoretical analysis of plane motion of rolling wheel when forming of contact area

Sergeyev A.I.


There is considered the plane motion of rolling wheel in conjunction with geometric and power relations of forming of contact area. There is established that the transformation of the connection is accompanied by mutual deformation of contacting surfaces with arising of friction forces, caused by the repacking of soil particles and other factors. There is defined the energy state of the “wheel-contact patch” system and its general characteristics of movement.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):328-334
pages 328-334 views

Analysis of forming of contact area by rear wheel-drive 4x2 wheel chassis with elastic circuit of power flow input

Sergeyev A.I.


There is considered the process of forming of contact area by 4x2 wheel chassis with elastic circuit of power flow input. There was developed the method of calculating of tractive characteristics, amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics of motion of the “wheel-contact area” system. There was got the transfer function establishing a connection between input and output parameters, allowing to design measuring and information vehicle onboard system with determination of its parameters (motion parameter dead-band of measurement system, ranges of measurements and characteristics of sensors, devices, etc.).
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):334-339
pages 334-339 views

Use of electrohydrodynamic engine on vehicles

Sokovikov V.K.


The article is dedicated to electrohydrodynamic engine working without hydrocarbon fuel. Engine operation is based on the electric discharge in the nonfreezing liquid located under piston volume of the cylinder. According to calculations, engine efficiency can reach 68 - 72 %.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):339-348
pages 339-348 views

The form of contact of deformable elastic wheel and soil and the calculation of the track depth

Solovyov V.I., Shukhman S.B., Kapralova M.A.


This paper examines the impact of design form of contact between elastic wheel and deformable soil on a track depth. There are solved the problems of the adequacy of adopted theoretical models, there are indicated the estimated equations and graphs.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):348-355
pages 348-355 views

Prediction of remaining lifetime of constructions and machine elements

Starodubtseva S.A., Gusev A.S.


There are suggested effective methods of solving the task about prediction of remaining lifetime according to statistical information on faults; and calculated cumulated damage models.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):355-360
pages 355-360 views

Analysis of constructions providing the maximum thermodynamic effectiveness of reciprocating engines

Khripach N.A., Lezhnev L.U., Papkin B.A., Shustrov F.A., Tatarnikov A.P., Tingaev N.V.


In the article there is carried out the analysis of various concepts of gasoline internal combustion engines with prolonged expansion of reaction mass used for improving economic and environmental factors. There is considered classic concept of Atkinson cycle, Otto-Atkinson and Atkinson-Miller schemes and also discussed measures to improve the combustion process.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):360-367
pages 360-367 views

Test bench for evaluation of the strength characteristics of elements of wheels

Balabin I.V., Chabunin I.S., Gruzdev A.S., Lukyanov M.N.


The paper presents the design and principle of operation of a test bench for evaluation of the strength characteristics of elements of an automobile wheel. The advantage of the test bench is the ability of independent application of radial and axial forces which gives the ability to research the influence of each of them separately on a strain-stress behavior.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):367-370
pages 367-370 views

Evaluation of the law of nonlinearity of elastic characteristic of an automobile suspension under isochronous frequency of free oscillations according to vehicle weight change

Kramskoy N.A., Chukanin U.P., Shcherbakov V.I.


The article shows the dependencies for the law of the nonlinear elastic characteristics of the vehicle suspension, providing isochronism of frequency of free small oscillations of a vehicle when changing mass.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):370-376
pages 370-376 views

The method of construction of compact kinematic schemes of planetary gearboxes

Sharipov V.M., Marinkin A.P.


There is considered the method of construction of compact kinematic schemes of planetary gearboxes on the example of planetary gearbox with two degrees of freedom.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):376-380
pages 376-380 views

Slipping of equalizing element of a synchronizer in preselective gearbox

Sharipov V.M., Kruchkov V.A.


There is considered the process of gear shifting with help of synchronizer in automobile and tractor gearbox taking into account working driving moment from disconnected friction clutch coupling. There is suggested the method of calculation of work of slipping and the time of synchronizing for conditions of synchronizer loading taking into account working driving moment from disconnected friction clutch coupling.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):380-387
pages 380-387 views

Increase of dynamic qualities of diesel generator in the supplementary energy system of road train

Fomin A.P.


There are considered possibilities of improving the dynamic properties of diesel generators in the supplementary energy system of road train and identified influencing factors and control features. There is suggested the system of automatic regulation of diesel generator which had passed road tests and allows to solve the task.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):387-391
pages 387-391 views

General questions of interaction of an elastic wheel with rigid supporting surface

Abuzov V.I., Balabina T.A., Chepurnoy S.I.


This article discusses general issues of mechanics of wheel rolling, which were subsequently used for a more detailed study of the friction pair "flexible wheel - supporting surface."
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):392-397
pages 392-397 views

Improving environmental quality of transport diesel by use of physical and chemical effects on the operating cycle

Fomin V.M., Hergeledji M.V., Atrash R.


A method for improving the environmental performance of diesel engine based on the use of biological and hydrogen-containing compounds as means of physical and chemical activation of the operating cycle processes.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2012;6(2-1):397-402
pages 397-402 views

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