Vol 12, No 3 (2022)


Using modular designs for the construction of temporary housing

Guzhova O.A., Khairullin M.F.


The article notes the particular relevance of the problem of shortage of temporary housing. The purpose of the study is indicated – the choice of the optimal option for the construction of temporary housing. The features of the construction of temporary housing are considered. The characteristics of two groups of temporary housing are presented, their advantages and disadvantages are highlighted. A comparison was made of containers and prefabricated structures when used as temporary housing. The results of comparing the characteristics of the considered options for the construction of temporary housing are presented in the table. The positive aspects of modular construction are listed in comparison with traditional construction methods. Conclusions are drawn based on the results of the study.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):4-10
pages 4-10 views

On the unloading action of torques in beams reinforced concrete coffered floors

Mozgolov M.V., Kozlova E.V.


The purpose of this work is the qualitative and quantitative identification of the unloading effect in the beams of direct coffered floors from the action of torques. To solve the problem in the computer complex SCAD, the bending and torsional moments in the beams of a direct coffered floor hinged along the contour with a plan size of 8.0 × 8.0 m with different widths of the beams installed with a step of 1.0 m were determined. As a computer model, a rod finite element model of beams of rectangular section with a direct application of a linear load to them according to the law of a triangle was used, as the most accurate finite element method. Analytical calculation of the structure is carried out. The calculation data of computer models showed that as the width of the beams increases, the torques in them increase, while the span bending moments decrease. The width of the support contour beam affects the support bending moment of the span beams, which occurs at the point of their joining. The paper presents graphs of the dependence of the values of the span bending moment, the support moment and the torque on the width of the caisson beams. The analytical method for calculating coffered floors does not take into account the rigidity of the support contour, the presence of torques in the beams, their effect on bending span moments and deflections of the structure. This is one of the reasons for the discrepancy between the data compared by the researchers.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):11-20
pages 11-20 views

Analysis of structural solutions for buildings with cantilevered floors

Pishculev A.A., Manyahina E.O.


Constructive solutions for buildings with cantilevered floors with a span of more than 20 m are considered. Examples of objects in which similar cantilever floors and their design features are presented. The implementation variant of a cantilever floor with a length of more than 20 m is proposed, where a box-shaped beam is adopted as a core spatial structure. The calculation was performed using the LIRA-CAD calculation complex. The values of moments and cutting forces for consoles with a length from 21 to 39 m are obtained. The main advantages of the proposed constructive solution are highlighted and possible variants of its execution are given.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):21-27
pages 21-27 views


Method for assessing the efficiency of the use of a biological preparation in wastewater of oil extraction production

Strekkov A.K., Bazarova A.O., Teplyh S.Y.


One of the promising ways to remove fats in the wastewater of food enterprises is the bioenzymatic technology for the decomposition of organic substances, including fats and vegetable oils, at local treatment facilities located directly at the enterprises. Bioenzymatic technologies for the decomposition and utilization of fats in wastewater are based on the use of microbial lipases and microorganisms capable of producing them. The experiment was carried out on the territory of the oil extraction plant in Bezenchuk for 18 days. Based on the samples taken, the concentration of triglycerides was revealed, the destructive ability was determined, as well as lipolytic activity after the introduction of the biological product.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):28-33
pages 28-33 views

Results of studies on biological wastewater treatment of a brewery

Strelkov A.K., Ponomarenko O.S., Avdeenkov P.P., Zontova E.R., Tuktasheva E.Y.


For the biological treatment of wastewater from the brewing industry, a batch reactor was used, which was operated under aerobic and anoxic-aerobic conditions. As a result of long-term studies, the following qualitative characteristics of treated wastewater were achieved, mg/l: COD – 147, BODtot – 36, suspended solids – 10. Nitrogen compounds were reduced to, mg/l: N-NH4 – 0.68, N- NO3 – 15.3, N-NO2 – 0.01. The specific rate of oxidation of organic pollutants at 20 °C averaged, mg/(g·h): for COD – 12.4, for BODtot – 9.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):34-39
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Phytoremediation potential of aquatic plants to tetracycline in Eastern Siberia

Timofeeva S.S., Tyukalova O.V., Ulrikh D.V.


The current status of the environment pollution with tetracycline antibiotics is considered. It is demonstrated that big-scale and often unauthorized use of tetracyclines in veterinary practice leads to their accumulation in foods of animal origin and in natural environments, resulting in endocrine disorders, chronic toxicity, and development of antibiotic resistance. The existing treatment facilities as a rule do not ensure the removal of antibiotics from wastewater, so these transit through the treatment system, directly enter water bodies (rivers, lakes), and pose a threat for water users located downstream. To block this path of antibiotics spread, advanced treatment systems can be used, such as phyto-engineering treatment facilities with growing of aquatic plants with high phytoremediation potential for antibiotics. It has been found that aquatic plants are capable of eliminating tetracycline from water medium. It has been proposed to consider phytoremediation as one of reasonably-priced solutions for removing antibiotics from water medium.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):40-50
pages 40-50 views


Analysis of the operation of mechanical equipment during the operation of hydro engineering facilities of HPP

Evdokimov S.V., Orlova A.A.


According to its technological purpose and location, the mechanical equipment of the hydrotechnical structures of the hydroelectric power station is divided into three groups: the equipment of the upstream shield room, the turbine room and the downstream shield room. The article discusses in detail the main features and problems that arise during the operation of the mechanical equipment of the upstream shield compartment. This mechanical equipment serves to protect the units from overclocking; overlapping of inlet openings of spillways in case of accidents with main gates; for fencing from the headwater side when access to the underwater parts of the structure and equipment is required. It is noted that a feature of the operation of mechanical equipment is a large number of metal structures that are under water or are wetted with water and thereby undergo biochemical corrosion, which causes intensive destruction of the metal. The ways of preventing the development of corrosion and methods that ensure the durability and effectiveness of protection against biological fouling, metal structures at hydroelectric power plants are presented.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):51-55
pages 51-55 views

Influence of the type of fastening of the slope of hydrotechnical structures on the reduction of the cost of their construction

Mikhasek A.A., Rodionov M.V., Gorbunov S.K.


In the field of fixing the slopes of hydraulic structures in the conditions of wave impacts, the world construction industry has accumulated considerable experience. The article considers four types of slope mounting plates: reinforced concrete slabs, gabions, concrete-filled mats and fasteners made of coarse-pored concrete (crushed stone and recycled broken concrete). The article is devoted to the feasibility study of the most common types of fastening of slopes of hydraulic structures. When performing the justification, the following fastening characteristics were taken into account: the thickness of the fastening from the condition of ensuring their stability, the boundaries of the fastening, the cost of resources for the device of one square meter of fastening. The most significant results of the study are the obtaining of technical and economic indicators of a new type of fastening plates and their comparison with other options.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):56-61
pages 56-61 views

Hydromechanical method of aeration of open water bodies under conditions of urban development

Orekhov G.V.


Open water bodies in areas with dense urban development experience an increased anthropogenic impact and, therefore, need restoration work, reconstruction and maintenance of the normative sanitary state of water. Many of them are closed, without flow. The article discusses technical approaches for maintaining the oxygen regime of urban water bodies, which is the most important indicator that determines the normalization of biological processes occurring in the aquatic environment. At present the only way to maintain the necessary hydrobiological characteristics of water bodies in urbanized areas is to create special hydraulic systems for artificial jet aeration of water bodies and circulation currents in such objects.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):62-71
pages 62-71 views


Restoration of the church of Cosmas and Damian in the village of Musorka, Stavropol district, Samara region

Karasev F.V.


This article examines archival materials, describes the spatial planning solution of the cultural heritage object of regional significance “The Church of Cosmas and Damian”, located in the village of Musorka, Stavropol district, Samara region. The emphasis is placed on the need to conduct historical, archival and engineering research before carrying out construction and installation works. Based on the analysis of the current state of the monument, the main defects of the building structures are identified. A description of the types of work performed on the restoration and adaptation of the Temple for modern use: strengthening of the foundations of the bell tower and the seven-axis part in axes 6-9; strengthening and restoration of the walls of the bell tower and the seven-axis part in axes 6-9; installation of tides on the protruding decorative elements of facades, installation of a drainage system; replacement of the roof truss system and roofing.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):72-80
pages 72-80 views

Progressive settlements of the eastern megacities of Russia: synarchiotectonics of the latest vector-network “Arkaims”

Norenkov S.V., Silin V.P., Krasheninnikova E.S.


As Russia consolidates as a power, there is a growing need to develop a new, integral synarchitectonic concept of settlement and development of promising eastern territories, which are extremely poorly involved in the effective functioning of the state. The reduction in the population and life expectancy of people, the increase in morbidity, a significant deterioration in the environmental situation will have to be overcome by the national idea of revival, movement towards the Sun to the East, where Russia, the Russian Empire, Russia was and is a country of cities – GRADarina, where “RA” is the Sun, and settlements like “Arkaim” can and should develop along the latest vector-network trajectories.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):81-87
pages 81-87 views

Features of architectural monuments in North Kazakhstan

Tuyakayeva A.K., Oguleva A.D.


This article examines the current state and features of the architectural monuments of the Northern Kazakhstan on the example of the Petropavlovsk city. The stylistic, architectural-artistic and functional-planning features of certain types of public buildings and structures of the 19th to early 20th centuries have been studied.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):88-94
pages 88-94 views


Principles of biophilic design in the organization of a comfortable space

Butabekova A.S.


This article discusses the principles of biofilm design as a way to change a person’s attitude to the surrounding space. As you know, plants have a positive effect on physical health, efficiency and productivity, as well as the emotional state of a person and participate in the creation of a harmonious interior. The biophilic direction in architecture and design seems to be the most promising, since it corresponds to the most relevant of all modern global trends based on the principles of sustainable development of society. Being a relatively new concept on the interior design scene, it has many advantages that need to be explored. It should be noted that biophilic design is more than just a powerful aesthetic, it is a design method that can improve human health and well-being, as well as the environment.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):95-99
pages 95-99 views

Ideas of architectural and landscape scenario and quantitative assessment of the aesthetic qualities of the urban environment in the process of its perception

Temnikova E.A.


The role of quantitative and qualitative assessment of the aesthetic properties of the urban environment in the process of its perception is considered and the role of modern architecture in promoting these changes is determined. The design of the environment is considered as a subjective concept and the assessment of the aesthetic qualities of the urban environment is also perceived subjectively. “Local” art is one of the many trends that emerged in the second half of the twentieth century, but it is of particular importance for the recognition of urban space. Most modern architects, landscape architects, environmental designers and urbanists attach great importance to mapping the architectural context, and artists emphasize individual expression, autonomy and universality of the arts. Conservation is a balance between preserving the quality, significance and special character of the historically established territory. The role of urbanists and specialists in the field of conservation of natural resources is to ensure a balance of the old and the new.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):100-105
pages 100-105 views

Flexibility and sustainability factor in unorganized and organized types of urban environment

Malakhov S.A., Alsayed Ahmad M.T.


The paper analyzes the flexibility factor of architectural objects to adapt to the ongoing natural changes: the transformation of property, social conditions, kinship, cultural and functional programs. Two diametrically opposed types of buildings act as an object of analysis and potential transformation based on the application of the principle of flexibility. The first type refers to the informal urban formations, developed in the process of extensive growth of the urban peripheral areas, the second – to the extra organized construction: high-rise residential construction, defines the conditions for sustainable development of building, examines examples of experiments, hypothesizes the creation of an effective model of flexible architectural and planning approach to the two types of urban environment.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):106-118
pages 106-118 views


Development of the water and environmental framework within the borders of Naberezhny Chelny city, Republic of Tatarstan

Vaytens A.G., Baryshnikova E.E.


The article is devoted to the problem of the formation of a water-ecological framework in the coastal part of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. The preservation of recreational areas, the development of coastal areas, their connection into a single green frame with the integration of development are one of the main aspects of an urbanized city. The study area was divided into 4 parts, each of which has its own problems. It is proposed to transform these parts on the basis of the analyzed public spaces near the water of domestic and foreign cities. As a result, measures were formulated and solutions were found for conceptual development in the study area to create a single water-green frame of the city, which will make it possible to turn Naberezhnye Chelny into a city with natural sustainable development.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):119-123
pages 119-123 views

Formation features of natural- ecological framework in Zelenodolsk city, Kazan agglomeration

Gardt S.A., Alekseeva I.D., Vaytens A.G.


The article is devoted to the study of the problems of the formation of the natural and ecological framework in the historically established planning structure of the central district of the city of Zelenodolsk. Today, green spaces perform not only ecological, but also socio-economic functions. Consequently, the developed system of the natural-ecological frame makes it possible to form an identical, stable and flexible planning structure. In the course of the study, a comprehensive urban planning analysis of the current situation was carried out to identify the problems of the study area. As a result of the study, a concept was proposed for the formation of a holistic natural and ecological framework, the improvement of new open public spaces and an increase in the level of landscaping. The proposed concept of development allows you to set a new vector for the development of Zelenodolsk – as an investment-attractive city of the Kazan agglomeration.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):124-130
pages 124-130 views

Territory and objects of the plant named after M.V. Frunze in the context of urban environment development in Penza

Bocharova J.V., Khryukina M.T.


The objects located on the territory of the city-forming enterprise “Frunze Plant” (“ZIF”), built in the pre-revolutionary period of 1914-1916, are considered. These objects are of interest for the preservation and continuity of the historical architectural environment in the conditions of modern development. Based on field surveys and archival materials, the water tower of the engineer P.L. Pasternak system and a fragment of a production shop are considered as one of the first examples of the use of monolithic reinforced concrete in Russia and in order to preserve identity in the context of urban development.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):131-137
pages 131-137 views

Comfortable public space as a factor in the development of social infrastructure

Karabayev G.A.


The article raises the question of the organization and formation of a comfortable public space. The research is devoted to the role of transformation of socially significant city territories at the present stage. As a result of the analytical work done, the main negative aspects of existing public spaces have been identified and the main vector of its transformation has been determined. In the XXI century, taking into account socio -economic, cultural, historical and climatic factors, during the period of scientific and technological progress, humanity has all the possibilities to implement the concept of “comfortable public space”.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):138-142
pages 138-142 views

Role of architectural and landscape means in increasing the artistic potential of the urban environment of monocities in Kazakhstan

Kozbagarova N.Z., Tamara B.Y.


The emotional component in the formation of a comfortable environment of urban space is considered. The influence of architectural and landscape means on improving the qualitative potential of the functional and spatial organization of the living environment of small towns is shown. Investigated eco-reconstruction, connection with the natural environment inside the city. The five main human sensory senses, their influence on the perception of the environment are considered. The sensation of the inhabitants of the rhythm of the urban environment, the perception of the compositional qualities of the space created by the architect through the combination of all sensory qualities is shown. The problem of de-urbanization and depressiveness of small single-industry towns of Kazakhstan is noted.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):143-148
pages 143-148 views

Principles of location of production zones as the main component of city-forming groups of villages

Kornilova A.A., Sultanayeva Z.Z.


The sustainable development of small settlements, the development of agricultural production in them are among the priority areas in the development of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The basis of the architectural and spatial reconstruction of the village at the present stage is the integrity, complexity of the approach to a unified solution of the problems of development of industrial and residential areas. The rational distribution of production solves the problems of increasing the efficiency of production and labor productivity. The purpose of this study is to identify the main methods of locating industrial zones in rural areas.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):149-153
pages 149-153 views

Design-code as a cultural parameter for preserving the historical heritage in the places of active development of tourism and recreation

Lutchenko S.I., Kornya E.A.


This article analyzes cultural identity. This analysis will make it possible to develop a design code for the selected settlements in order to consolidate the image of the future territory. The article also touches upon the historical past of the settlements and the tourist potential of the territory today.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):154-162
pages 154-162 views

Digital twin of accessible urban environment in the framework of the “Healthy city” socio-spatial concept

Teryagova A.N.


The current aspects of the formation of the socio–spatial concept of a “Healthy city” are considered. The basis of this concept is being studied – the framework of an accessible urban environment. Based on modern information technologies of design, operation and reconstruction of elements of the urban environment, the advantages of creating and using digital twins of an accessible urban environment are shown. The possibilities of modern city monitoring systems are analyzed. An algorithm for monitoring the accessibility of the urban environment is proposed to provide cities with information about the operation of the components of the system and intelligence for quick reactions and decision-making in various situations.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):163-169
pages 163-169 views


Frost protection of the mouth of the exhaust tower of the cooling tower with natural draft

Demina Y.E., Kudinov A.A.


The article presents the results of numerical simulation of the protection system of the mouth of the exhaust tower of a cooling tower with natural traction from freezing. To prevent the formation of ice, it is proposed to install an atmospheric air supply system at the mouth of the cooling tower, which ensures the creation of a protective boundary layer at the inner wall of the cooling tower and allows you to separate the warm moist air of the cooling tower from the cold walls. To test the possibility of using such a scheme, a numerical simulation of the process was performed using the k-SST turbulence model. The use of an additional air flow injection system makes it possible to increase the efficiency and reliability of a naturally aspirated cooling tower and a thermal power plant as a whole. Modeling of the cooling tower protection system from the formation of ice showed the possibility of using this scheme in all ranges of outdoor operating temperatures.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):170-175
pages 170-175 views

Pressure distribution study in cone slot gap drives of electric power systems

Krestin E.A., Zhilnikov V.B.


The distribution of pressure in the conical slotted gaps of drives of electric power systems has been studied. A general expression is found to determine the pattern of pressure change along the flow of a viscous fluid in the gaps of non-contact seals, and special cases are also considered. For a narrowing gap, the maximum pressure will be in the section with the smallest gap. In this case, the plunger will tend to take a coaxial position. In the expanding gap, the maximum pressure will be in the section with a larger gap, so the plunger will be pressed against the wall of the sleeve by the forces of unbalanced pressure. With an eccentric location of the plunger in the sleeve, the pressure in the gap will change. Moreover, the uneven distribution of pressure increases as the eccentricity increases. With a larger taper of the slotted channel and with a constant inlet gap, the nature of the pressure change along the slot differs significantly from the linear one. If the flow and the plunger move in the direction of the increasing gap (expanding gap), then the plunger is pressed against the wall of the sleeve by the forces of unbalanced pressure. In this case, the contact surface of the plunger pair is destroyed, which leads to scuffing and failure of the units.

Urban construction and architecture. 2022;12(3):176-182
pages 176-182 views

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