Marine Phisics

Issue Title Abstract File
Vol 59, No 6 (2019) Impact of salt finger convection on the structure of oceanic thermohalocline Abstract   PDF
Pereskokov A.I.
Vol 59, No 6 (2019) Variability of ice conditions of the Bering sea and assessment of the possibility of their modelling Abstract   PDF
Plotnikov V.V., Vakulskaya N.M., Dubina V.A.
Vol 59, No 6 (2019) The mesocyclone over the northern part of the Japan/East sea in February 2013 Abstract   PDF
Potalova E.Y., Kleshcheva T.I., Permyakov M.S.
Vol 59, No 6 (2019) Conductors of the current variations of the sea-surface temperature of the North Atlantic Abstract   PDF
Vakulenko N.V., Sonechkin D.M.
Vol 59, No 4 (2019) Run-up of nonlinear monochromatic wave on a plane beach in presence of a tide Abstract   PDF
Didenkulova I.I., Pelinovsky E.N.
Vol 59, No 4 (2019) The bottom sediment suspension under irregular surface wave Abstract   PDF
Divinsky B.V., Kosyan R.D.
Vol 59, No 4 (2019) Correlation analysis of the interaction between oceanic heat fluxes and the geopotential gradient fields in the middle troposphere during meridional and zonal processes Abstract   PDF
Razorenova O.A., Shabanov P.A.
Vol 59, No 3 (2019) Energy of the jets of the Antarctic circumpolar current and of their eddies in the surface layer of the Southern Ocean Abstract   PDF
Koshlyakov M.N., Savchenko D.S., Tarakanov R.Y.
Vol 59, No 2 (2019) Wave boundary layers in a stably-neutrally stratified ocean Abstract   PDF
Reznik G.M.
Vol 59, No 2 (2019) Asymmetry of jet streams formed under nonlinear geostrophic adjustment in shallow water Abstract   PDF
Kalashnik M.V.
Vol 59, No 2 (2019) Structure and variability of the synoptic disturbances of ocean currents in the Drake Passage and Scotia Sea Abstract   PDF
Koshlyakov M.N., Repina I.A., Savchenko D.S., Tarakanov R.Y., Taroyan V.K.
Vol 59, No 1 (2019) On advective model of the ventilated thermocline Abstract   PDF
Mirabel A.P., Vakulenko N.V.
Vol 59, No 1 (2019) Wave climate of the Caspian sea. The input wind data for hydrodynamical modeling and some results of calculations Abstract   PDF
Lopatoukhin L.I., Yaitskaya N.A.
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