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No 5 (2014)


Import and export of cheese and curds

Goroshchenko L.G.


Foreign economic activity in the cheese and curds market is considered on the basis of the statistics of the Foreign Trade of the RF since 2008 till 2013. Information is given on the Code TH ВЭД 04.06 «Cheese and curds».
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):4-6
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Is Russia going over to domestic cheese?

- -.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):7-7
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Is there life after the embargo?

Glajenkov K.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):10-11
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Cheese making in Belarus

Rybalova T.I.


The cheese market of Belarus - production, import and export is considered.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):13-15
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Development of the technology of the domestic analogous of the «Maskarpone» cheese

Mironenko I.M., Usatyuk D.A.


Special features of the technology and varieties of cheeses produced on cream basis are discussed in the article. The technology developed by the specialists of the research institute in Barnaul for receiving of the domestic cheese «Maskarpone» is presented.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):16-17
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Complex technology of processed cheeses and cheese products

Gavrilova N.B., Moliboga E.A.


The problem of the processed cheese and processed cheese products intended for special (functional) nutrition manufacturing is discussed in the article. Russian food market as a whole is developing in line with the world trend. It is currently characterized by a wide variety of foods of domestic production and imported ones, i.e. there is a globalization of the food market. The specialists note that in 2014, despite the increase in domestic production of cheese and cheese products, the consumer as a result of signi cant growth in prices over the past year, both on the domestic and on the world market, refuses cheeses in favor of cheaper cheese products. That's why today an important direction is considered to be not only increase of cheese volumes production, but also development of new types of cheese, processed cheese and cheese products, including special (functional) foods. The authors scienti cally substantiated and practically developed a comprehensive technology of processed cheese and cheese products. The rst element is the intensive technology of cheese and cheese curds to melt, which provided the species properties, taste and balanced composition of proteins and fat. All components of the formulations and ingredients of processed cheese and cheese products were experimentally proved in accordance with the functionality. Normative and technical documentation for the elements of the complex technology was developed and approved. Innovations and technological solutions are described in the patents of the RF.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):18-19
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The technology of the processed cheese with addition of roe and milt of the Baltic herring

Lyutova E.V., Klyuchko N.Y.


Recently the direction related with application of the non-milk raw materials such as berries, fruits, wild vegetable products, honey, sea products in the processed cheese manufacturing started to develop. The technology of the processed cheese enriched with fish roe and milt has been developed at the Food Biotechnology Chair of the Kaliningrad State University. Possibilities to improve the processed cheese technology by adding roe and milt of sprats (Clupea harengus membras) was studied. In the Baltic region the Baltic herring or sprats is considered to be one of the resources of fish catching. Sprats are a popular product among the population, but valuable food wastes-roe and milt-are not applied. In this relation the aim of the work was to study biological value of the processed cheese prepared with addition of sprats' roe and milt. According to the target the following tasks were to be solved: to find optimal recipe of the fortified processed cheese with added roe and milt of sprats, to study total chemical composition of the enriched processed cheese as well as the levels of the essential amino acids and fatty acids. Due to the mathematic planning of the experiment optimal technological parameters for preparing fortified processed cheese were established. Results of the study of the total chemical composition as well as the amino acids and fatty acids compositions con rmed increasing of the essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids contents.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):20-21
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New types of products - the main resource of the stable operation

Dunaev A.V., Konopleva A.V.


Results of the research work carried out for evaluation of the processed products with new composition of raw materials are outlined. The recipes for the imitating processed cheeses are given.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):22-23
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Experience of applying dry bacterial concentrates in the semi-hard cheese manufacturing

Sviridenko G.M., Zaharova M.B., Mordvinova V.A., Delitskaya I.N.


Results of using various methods of applying dry bacterial concentrates in the production of semi-hard cheeses are outlined.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):24-26
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The methodology to determine antibiotics in milk

Aspandiyarova M.T.


Control of antibiotics in milk is considered as a factor inhibiting appearance of the bacteria strains resistant against antibiotics.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):27-27
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Keep abreast of the times

Kashina E.D.


The range of the starter cultures of the company «AltaLakt» suitable for making various types of cheese are discussed in the article.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):28-29
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Key ways to reduce losses in the cheese making sector

Sviridenko Y.Y., Volkova T.A.


The article is devoted to the actual problems of milk whey and first rinses processing and principle ways for increasing efficiency of their industrial processing.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):30-32
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Milk whey components in cheese making

Zolotareva M.S., Evdokimov I.A., Volodin D.N.


Advantages of using membrane equipment for ultra-filtration in cheese making are discussed.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):34-36
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The line to start innovations

Girinovich O.A., Bykovskaya G.V.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):37-41
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Packaging polimere materials with antimicrobial and antioxidant properties

Snejko A.G., Fofanova E.M., Uzdenskii V.B., Strahova P.A., Ramanauskas P., Galginaite L.


The authors of the article give new information about innovative packaging barrier materials with improved protective characteristics. The resource characteristics of the package were widened due to making it antimicrobial and antioxidant after addition of the antimicrobial supplement AMD dehydroquercetine. Properties of new materials, results of their study in cheese making, forecast of applications in the dairy sector are given.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):42-44
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Import and export of the dairy butter

Goroshchenko L.G.


Goroshchenko L.G. Import and export of the dairy butter The foreign economic activity in the dairy butter market based on the data of the Customs statistics of the foreign trade of the RF since 2008 till 2013 is considered taking as an example the code TH ВЭД 04.05 «Dairy butter and other fats and oils made from milk, milk pastes»
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):45-47
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Milk fat replacers «SolPro» for manufacturing of the products containing milk

Kolpakova M.E.


Advantages of the milk fat replacers «SolPro» applied for production of the milk containing products are outlined in the article.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):48-49
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Food value and taste of the dairy butter The farther of the Russian dairying

Vyshemirskii F.A.


Special features of the dairy butter composition as a food product, assessment of its food value and items of forming taste of the dairy butter are considered in the article.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):50-54
pages 50-54 views

Otets russkogo molochnogo dela

- -.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(5):55-56
pages 55-56 views

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