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No 2 (2016)


Prices on the Russian market of the dairy butter, cheese and curds in 2015

Goroshchenko L.G.


Dynamics of the prices on the Russian market of the dairy butter, cheese, curds is analyzed using o cial statistics published in the «Weekly average consuming prices (tariffs) for some goods and services» in the RF and in the separate regions of the country.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):4-7
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Situation on the dairy butter market (Everything goes like clockwork)

Rybalova T.I.


The dairy butter market in the world and in Russia is analyzed. The dynamics of its production, consumption, import and export is considered.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):8-11
pages 8-11 views

Butter of goat milk

Topnikova E.V., Danilova E.S., Nikitina Y.V.


The main raw material intended for the dairy butter production in the RF and in the majority of foreign countries is considered to be cow milk and only in some separate regions buffalo, goat and ship milk is applied for receiving of butter. Certainly composition and properties of the butter made of various milks will be characterized by their own special features. In the given article special properties of the butter received from goat milk are discussed.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):12-14
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The page of a technologist

- -.


На вопросы отвечают зам. директора по научной работе канд. техн. наук Елена Васильевна Топникова и канд. техн. наук Нина Васильевна Иванова
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):15-15
pages 15-15 views

Fortification of the products of the butter making with functional ingredients

Topnikova E.V.


The market of functional products including products of butter making is considered in the article.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):16-19
pages 16-19 views

Once more about the goat milk

Sannikov M.Y., Novopashina S.I.


Physical-chemical indices of the goat milk and requirements to the indices given in the intergovernmental standard are analyzed. It is offered to make more precise mass share of fat, protein, solids-non-fat, somatic cells counts and density in the goat milk using one's own study.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):22-23
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Soft cheese from the farm «Koza Nostra»

- -.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):24-25
pages 24-25 views

«Rockforte» was born from the legend

Grinevich A.I.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):26-27
pages 26-27 views

Prospects of the cheese market developments in Brazil

Kozlova L.V.


Basic trends of cheese production, consumption and trade in Brazil have been considered. The forecast of cheese market developments in the Brazil up to 2020.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):28-30
pages 28-30 views

The cheese market is melting

Bespalov A.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):31-31
pages 31-31 views
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Special issues of «Mozarella» type cheeses manufacturing

Dimitrov B.G.


Possibility to produce «Mozzarella» type cheeses with cheddaring and thermomechanical treatment of cheese curds of the mizarellan type has been considered. Recommendation are given how to apply starters and enzymes for this type of cheese Direct vat set starters, used for the production of cheeses with cheddaring of cheese curd are described. In order to increase the yield of the nal product and the quality of the cheese it is recommended to apply highly speci c enzymes of chymosin and ferment of phospholipase A1, the combination of which leads to an increase in yield by 4%. Recommendations for key moments of «Mozzarella» cheese technology, including cheddaring,are given. Dynamics of the active acidity and parameters of thermo-mechanical processes of cheese curd treatment is described.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):34-35
pages 34-35 views

Low fat cheese: an actual trend of the Russian market

Kelyashova Y.


Special issues of the low fat semi-hard cheese production are outlined and practical recommendation are given how to remove defects, improve consistency and taste properties.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):36-37
pages 36-37 views

Effects of antibiotics on the cheese suitability of milk and cheese quality

Mironeneko I.M.


Effects of antibiotics on the cheese suitability of milk and cheese are outlined.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):38-42
pages 38-42 views

Innovative solutions for the dairy sector: cheese and cheese products

- -.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):43-43
pages 43-43 views

About the role of emulsifiers in improving cheese products quality

Lepilkina O.V., Smykov I.T., Loginova I.V.


Possibilities to improve quality of the semi-hard cheese products due to the application of the milk fat replacers with preliminary added low molecular emulsi ers are discussed. Results of the experimental study of the impacts of emulsi ers on formation of the fat globe membranes, availability of fat for lypolisys, organoleptic properties of cheese products are given.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):44-45
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Curds product with vegetable complex from green buckwheat

Glagoleva L.E., Korotkih I.V.


Chemical composition, functional-technological and therapeutic properties of the vegetable complex (VC) from green buckwheat intended to be added to the curds product have been studied. Taking into account normalized physical-chemical indices (mass share of moisture not more that 60%, titratable acidity - nor more than 160 °T) and harmonized taste, smell and color it was established that quantity of the vegetable complex in the recipe should be 30% of the curds base mass. The way to introduce the vegetable complex in the curds base has been determined: by swelling at the temperature 40 °С during 30 min in small quantity of water with regulation of the mass share of moisture by additional introduction of whey powder (10%). The developed product has the following physical-chemical characteristics: the mass share of moisture - not more than 60%, acidity - not more than 190 °T, activity of water at the end of shelf life - 0,90. It was found that the curds products micro ora depending on the components composition changes during the storage time as follows: from 42 to 7·103 cfu/g (traditional recipe) and from 2,8 to 5·103 cfu/g for the curds product with vegetable concentrate from green buckwheat. The summary antioxidant activity was as follows (by quercetine): control-0,0107 mg/g, trial - 0,014 mg/g. Addition of the vegetable complex of green wheat to the recipe of the curds products promotes fortification of the latter with important biologically active substances possessing antioxidant properties. It was found that chosen vegetable complex positively effects quality indices of the curds product taking into account formation of organoleptic and physical-chemical indices.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):46-47
pages 46-47 views

Application of rice and albumin flours in the technology of processed cheese product

Bogdanova N.S.


In the article the relevance of application in a compounding of a fused processed cheese product of rice our and albumine is proved. The article describes distinctive features of these raw ingredients are described. The in uence of structure-forming properties of cereal components on quality of a ready-made product is investigated. The article establishes the in uence of amount of the brought rice our and albumine on organoleptic, physical and chemical and rheological indicators of a product. The author establishes the mathematical expressions describing dependence of quality indicators of a fused processed cheese product on the maintenance of the brought components on which basis the rational amount of the brought ingredients is established are received: albumine - 15%; rice our - 5%. It is established that it is necessary to include a stage of additional machining before melting in the traditional technological scheme of production of a fused processed cheese product that at the exit to receive the product meeting all declared requirements. Ways and the modes of preliminary preparation of mix of rice our and albumine are defined. Researches on studying of structure and properties of the developed fused processed cheese product are conducted. Quality indicators of a new fused processed cheese product in the course of storage are studied, on the basis of which the period of the validity of 120 days is established.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):48-51
pages 48-51 views

Commodity-technological classification of cheeses and cheese products: innovative approaches

Nikolaeva M.A., Ryazanova O.A.


In article complex innovative classification of cheeses and their substitutes by fundamental classification signs - with use of a hierarchical method of classification, and by additional signs with use of a facet method is offered. Thus the combined method based on a combination of hierarchical and facet methods of classification is used.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2016;(2):52-56
pages 52-56 views

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