Issue Title Abstract File
Vol 488, No 1 (2019) Combined irradiation by gamma rays and carbon nuclei increases the C/EBP-β LIP-isoform content in the pituitary gland of rats Abstract   PDF
Anokhina I.P., Anokhin P.K., Kokhan V.S.
Vol 487, No 5 (2019) Influence of cranial radiation by high-energy protons on the visuo-motor behavior of nonhuman primates Abstract   PDF
Latanov A.V., Tereshchenko L.V., Ostrovsky M.A.
Vol 487, No 5 (2019) Bioinorganic markers of lens capsule barrier properties loss in age-related cataracts development Abstract   PDF
Pakhomova N.A., Borisenko T.E., Novikov I.A., Avetisov S.E.
Vol 487, No 4 (2019) Effects of pinacidil and calcium on succinate-energized rat heart mitochondria in the presence of rotenone Abstract   PDF
Korotkov S.M., Brailovskaya I.V., Nesterov V.P., Soroko S.I.
Vol 486, No 6 (2019) Chronic exposure to ultrasonic frequencies results in selective increase of aggression level in rats Abstract   PDF
Gorlova A.V., Pavlov D.P., Ushakova V.M., Zubkov E.A., Morozova A.Y., Zorkina Y.A., Inozemtsev A.N., Chekhonin V.P.
Vol 486, No 5 (2019) Hypothermia induces postrepolarization refractoriness in the atrial myocardium of the hibernating and active ground squirrel Citellus undulatus Abstract   PDF
Kuzmin V.S., Abramov A.A., Egorov J.V., Rosenshtraukh L.V.
Vol 485, No 1 (2019) Mechanisms of blood flow regulation of in the skin during stimulation of the spinal cord in humans Abstract   PDF
Lobov G.I., Gerasimenko Y.P., Moshonkina T.R.
Vol 485, No 2 (2019) Physical fatigue and the morfofunctional state of myocardium in experimental chronic stress Abstract   PDF
Kondashevskaya M.V., Tseylikman V.E., Komelkova M.V., Lapshin M.S., Sarapultsev A.P., Lazuko S.S., Kuzhel O.P., Manukhina E.B., Downey H.F., Chereshneva M.V., Chereshnev V.A.
Vol 484, No 5 (2019) Endothelium-dependent hyperpolarization-mediated relaxation pathway in bovine mesenteric lymph nodes Abstract   PDF
Lobov G.I., Dvoretskii D.P.
Vol 484, No 1 (2019) Effect of taste receptor protein T1R3 on the development of islet tissue of the murine pancreas Abstract   PDF
Murovets V.O., Sozontov E.A., Zachepilo T.G.
Vol 484, No 3 (2019) Serotonin differentially modulates the functional properties of damaged and intact motoneurons of the frog spinal cord Abstract   PDF
Kalinina N.I., Zaitsev A.V., Vesselkin N.P.
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