Meeting of obstetric and gynecological societies. Protocol No. 2
Ott E.0.
To the doctrine of congenital anomalies of female genital organs. A fourteen year old girl’s ANUS PRAETERNATURALIS VESTI
Gimmelfarb G.I.
A few words about the recent samples of the tampon-vaginal electrical conductor and the nonpolating cutaneous electrode of the A.N. Aleksandrova and on the method of using them for internal-external electrification of the female genital area
Alexandrov A.N.
Winternitz. - For the treatment of vesicular fistulas. - (Ibid., No. 15)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Meeting of obstetric and gynecological societies. Protocol No. XI
Slavyanskiy K.F.
To the question of the volume of changes in the elastic tissue of the uterus in case of spontaneous ruptures of it during childbirth and pregnancy
Davydova G.L.
H D. Ingraham. A brief report of three cases of ectopic pregnancy (New-York Medical Journal, 1892, December 31). A brief report on 3 cases of extrauterine pregnancy
Kaplyanskiy V.
O. Morisani. Sulla applicazione del forcipe dopo la sinfisiotomia. (Annai di ostetr. e ginecol., 1893, № 1). About the imposition of forceps after symphysis
Kaplyanskiy V.
About damage to female genital organs during sexual intercourse. From clinical lectures read to Students of Kazan University
Lvova I.M.
Medical report on the activities of the Obstetric Department of the Gynecological Clinic prof. N.V. Yastrebova at the Imperial Warsaw University for 1890 (from 15 / III), 1891 and 1892 (until 15 / III)
Brzhezinsky V.A.
A case of malignant neoplasm, which has developed from the elements of the villous cover (Desidoma malignum autorum)
Ulezko-Stroganova K.
On the question of uterine-ovarian function in connection with menstrual and climacteric phenomena in the female body
Fedorov O.O.
A case of twisting of the legs of an ovarian tumor every time after the appearance of the first menstruation
Muratov A.A.
Woman doctor M. A. Panfilovich. A case of eversion of the uterus. (Collection of protocols General Kaluga doctors for 1893 Kaluga. 1894, p. 53)
Kakushkin N.
To scholarship about the "months"
Zhikharev S.S.
Team E.
To operative treatment of high vesicovaginal fistulas
Gubarev A.P.
A short note on the article by prof. Dm. Ott: "The volume of operative treatment of vesicovaginal fistulas complicated by the destruction of the urethra"
Lipinsky S.
From the notice of the Council of Doctors of the Kazan Provincial Zemsky Hospital on June 3, 1894
Lvov I.M.
Laparotomy with partial overgrowth of the birth canal
Mikhin A.
To the etiology of cysts of small lips vulvae
Brandt A.F.
Clinical materials for the doctrine of tubal pregnancy
Dranitsyn A.A.
А. Mars. Przypadek porodu u osoby cieapiacej na wade serca. (Przeglad lekarski, 1893, № 11). A case of childbirth in cardiac patient
Kaplyanskiy V.
Meeting of obstetric and gynecological societies. Protocol No. 12
Slavyanskiy K.F.
The treatment of vesicoureteral fistulas by separating the urinary bladder from the cervix, and the advantage of this method compared to other methods used from the vagina
Dranitsyn A.A.
Meeting of obstetric and gynecological societies. Protocol No. 13
Slavianskiy K.F.
Report on the maternity ward of Odessa city hospital, 1893
Razumovsky M.I.
Towards the anatomy and development of the human placenta
Khazan S.Y.
Report on the Gynecological Department of the Peter and Paul Hospital for 1896
Dobbert O.A.
Surgical treatment of uterine fibroids
Gubarev A.P.
Case of uterine tuberculosis
Neyolov N.K.
A case of cystic neoplasm of the small lip
Yakobson V.L.
Sclerosis of the uterine arteries and climacteric bleeding
Feinberg B.
XII International Congress of Physicians. SECTION OF Obstetrics AND FEMALE DISEASES
Kakushkin N.M.
Haematocele retrouterinum intraperitoneale post graviditatem tubariam and its treatment
Kalinovskiy K.Y.
A case of erythema in the postpartum period
Lipinskiy S.A.
Antiseptics and asepsis in obstetrics
Voff I.A.
Westermark. - A case of ureteral implantation into the bladder. - (Centr. F. Gynaec., No. 7, 1895)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Emanuel Wittkowsky und Veit. - Ueber Endometritis in der Gravidität. (Zeitschr. F. Geb. Und Gyn., Bd. XXXII, Hft. 1). Endometritis during pregnancy
Khazan S.Y.
Sarcomatous tumor of the right ovary, removed by laparotomy in the gynecological department at the Mogilev obstetric institution
Lipinsky S.
Gustav Woyer. (From the clinic of Prof. Schauta). - A case of eclampsia in mother and child. - (Centr. F. Gynaec., No. 13, 1895)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Otto Küstner. - Operation Alexander’a. (Breslavl Gynecological Clinic). - (Centr. F. Gynaec., No. 7, 1895)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
A case of septic disease, treated with antistreptococcal serum
Korde V.K.
Emil Knauer. - A case of a uterine cyst. - (Ibid., No. 19)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Prof. Dohrn. - Tonic muscle spasm in a stillborn premature fetus of one eclamptic. Caesar section on the dead. - (Centr. F. Gynaec., No. 19, 1895)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Prof. Gubarev. - About the treatment of eclampsia. - (S. f. Gynaec. No. 5, 1895)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Pathological and anatomical changes in the liver and kidneys with eclampsia
Guyeisse B.
Alexander Rosner. - The volume of removal of the entire uterus with the help of a thermocauter to eliminate vaccine relapses. (Über die sog. Thermocauterectomia uteri totalis zur Verhütung von Imfrecidiven)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Heinrich Ludwig. - To pathology of amniotic fluid. (Grape sugar in the amniotic fluid of a diabetic pregnant woman). - (Centr. F. Gynaec., No. 11, 1895)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Dr. A. Hink. - Clinical spasm of the diaphragm in fetuses. - (C. f. Gynaec., No. 5, 1895)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Emilio Curatulo. - Influence of removal of ovaries on metabolism. (Centr. F. Gynaec., No. 21, 1895)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
I. Starlinger. - New uterine dilator according to the old principle. - (Ibid., No. 9)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
The volume of complications during the healing of the abdominal wound: after the wounds.
Soloviev A.N.
Dr. Peters. - Ileus due to compression of the intestine by the ovarian cystoma without twisting the leg. - (Ibid., No. 13)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Reckmann. - Zur Aetiologie der Inversio uteri post partum. (Zeitschr. F. Geb. und Gyn., Bd. XXXI, Hft. 2). Ethiology of postpartum uterine inversion
Khazan S.Y.
G. Winter. - About the content of bacteria in the cervix. (Ibid, no. 19)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
W. Thorn. — Operations of large carcinomas of the posterior wall of the vagina .— (Cent. F. Gynaec., No. 9, 1895)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
N. Thomson. - Beiträge zur Extrauteringravidität. (Zeitschr. F. Geb. Und Gyn., Bd. XXXII, Hft. 1). To the casuistry of ectopic pregnancy
Khazan S.Y.
Dr. Farner. - To the casuistic of elephanthiasis (Ein Beitrag zur Kasuistik der Elephanthiasis) .— (Ibid., No. 17)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Dr. Hermes. - Studies on the relationship of temperature and mortality of newborns in connection with diseases of the navel. - (Centr. F. G., No. 17, 1895)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Antistreptococcic Serum in a Case of Acute Puerperal Lymphangitis and phlebitis
Ginzburg M.
Observations of weight loss during the first week in 10 healthy puerperas
Khazhinsky P.K.
Dr P. Davis, prof. Mann et al. — Fatal Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy. - (New-Jork Medic. Journ., 1894, 28 / VII, p. 121). Fatal nausea and vomiting in pregnant women. Dr. Terrel. - The Black vomit of Pregnancy. - (Ibid, 18 / VIII p. 212). Black vomiting in pregnant women
Ginzburg M.
Dührssen. - About the extirpation of the vagina. - (Centr. F. Gynaec., No. 9, 1895)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Pathology of the birth act according to Soranus of Ephesus
Yanpolsky S.D.
To casuisticѣ of an imaginary pregnancy
Zilbermints A.I.
I. M. Lvov. Narrowing of the external opening of the cervix and its improvement in a simplified way Borissowicz'a. (Weekly, 1894, No. 29, p. 485)
Kakushkin N.
Histological structure of gallbladder drifts and their relation to malignant outgoing from chorial villi (falling off shell) tumors of the uterus
Team E.
Female doctor M. Volkova. A case of treatment of non-operated uterine fibroids by means of vibrations. (Proceedings of the General Russian doctors in St. Petersburg for 1893-1894, March)
Kakushkin N.
Bloody diarrhea during labor
Krivoshein M.
To the casuistry of childbirth with fused twins
Sobustiansky E.
Graviditas extrauterina
Gurvich B.S.
On the question of dense tumors of the broad ligament
Gryaznov A.A.
On the ovariotomy in the postnatal period
Poroshin M.N.
G. Calderini. Beitrag zur Diagnose und Therapie des Uteruskrebses. (Berliner klin. Wochenschr., 1894 r., No. 15). To the recognition and treatment of uterine cancer
Kakushkin N.
Correspondence. I. Out of gynecological casuistry. Vaginal cyst. Cancer of the clitoris and lips
Abrazhanov A.
Image of gynecological operations on rubber models
Sobestiansky E.M.
On operations on broad ligaments and uterine appendages
Gubarev A.P.
Priv.-Assoc. A. A. Muratov. To the question of various changes in the organism of the operated after removal of the uterine appendages. (Medical Review, 1894, No. 15, p. 231)
Kakushkin N.
M. Treymann. Ueber Submucose Myome. (St. Petersburg. Med. Wochenschr., 1894, No. 2). About submucosal fibroids
Kakushkin N.
Döderlein. Die Scheidensecretuntersuchungen. (Centralblatt für gynäkologie, No. I, 1894). Examination of vaginal secretions
Stroganov V.
R.K. Yanovskiy. About laparotomy in private practice. (Proceedings of the Society of Minsk Doctors, for 1892-93 Minsk. 1893, p. 18)
Kakushkin N.
PROTOCOL No. 16 Meeting on November 28, 1891
Krasovskiy A.
Lizol in surgery
Fisher A.
New bedpan
Hermonius A.
On operations with already developed uterine cancer
Brandt A.
About the meaning of gynecological massage
Krasnopolskiy F.
Eleven laparotomies
Kuhn F.
Is it possible to determine the place of rupture during an ectopic pregnancy?
Soloviev A.
Parametritis puerperalis et influenza
Ruzi D.
A case of amenorrhea and dizziness during the arrest of the membranes
Hermonius A.
Dr. Yakov Rosenthal. Przypadok utworzenia sie kamienia w jamie pecherzowo-pochwowej po zupelnem zaszyciu przewodu pochwowego. (Colpokleisis). (Gazeta lekarska, No. 12, 1894). A case of the formation of a stone in the vesicovaginal cavity after the operation of the complete obliteration of the sleeve
Polonsky B.
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