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No 4 (2017)


The International Milk Week. Making summaries

Raicheva E.Y.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):4-6
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Resolution of the International Milk Week

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Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):7-8
pages 7-8 views

The dairy pride of Russia. The winners of the competition of quality

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В рамках Международной молочной недели 9-18 июня 2017 г. проходил конкурс качества молочной и молокосодержащей продукции. На конкурс был представлен 121 образец продуктов из разных регионов России, включая Республику Татарстан, Республику Мордовия, Алтайский край, Красноярский край, Краснодарский край, Белгородскую, Вологодскую, Воронежскую, Калужскую, Костромскую, Нижегородскую, Московскую, Свердловскую, Тульскую, Тюменскую, Ярославскую области и Республику Казахстан. Участниками конкурса стали 36 предприятий молочной отрасли и два предприятия фермерского производства.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):9-11
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Natural products from Gorodets. The interview with N.I.Kvasnikova

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Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):12-13
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Valio in Ershovo

Bushueva I.G.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):20-21
pages 20-21 views

Prices on the Russian market of the dairy butter, cheese and curds

Goroshchenko L.G.


Analysis of the dynamics of prices for the dairy butter, cheese and curds on the Russian market has been made on the base of statistic data about average consuming prices (tariffs) on goods and services in the Russian Federation in the whole and in different regions of the country.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):22-26
pages 22-26 views

About the trends on the world cheese market

Shabanova O.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):27-27
pages 27-27 views

Resources of the technologies replacing cheese import

Mordvinova V.A.


Review of the imported cheese market was made. Structure of the imported cheese according to the types is given. Problems of the technologies replacing import of cheese of the mass demand are outlined. Special distinctive features of the original technologies of «Gauda», «Tilzeter», «Edam» are considered. Possibilities to widen varieties on the base of existing technologies are shown.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):28-29
pages 28-29 views

Love the goat cheese

Rybalova T.I.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):30-34
pages 30-34 views

Imitating processed cheese products and items of import replacement

Dunaev A.V.


Technology and composition of the imitating processed cheese and cheese products are discussed in the article as well as the advantages of the thermo-resistant processed cheese and cheese products.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):36-37
pages 36-37 views

Experience of applying protective cultures in the semi-hard cheese production

Kelyashova Y.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):38-39
pages 38-39 views
pages 40-40 views

Milk whey as a basis for the production of innovative drinks

Kazakov A.V.


Milk whey has a meager assortment in trade. Therefore, the author suggested whey drinks that contain substances to support own auto ora of human body (prebiotic variants); viable lactic acid and probiotic microorganisms (probiotic variants); destroyed useful microorganisms and products of it s vital activity (metabolites) (postbiotic variants). The author also concluded, that liquid postbiotic milk whey products are the most physiologic for humans and animals, most convenient for consumer and commercially perspective for manufacturer, than liquid probiotic food products. The author showed the possibility of creating of probiotic and postbiotic alcoholic drinks, based on milk whey. The author expressed the opinion about the necessity of further comprehensive investigations in this direction.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):41-43
pages 41-43 views

Functional special features of milk whey protein

Mironenko I.M.


Biological role of whey protein in the natural functioning cycle (in the intestine of calves) has been considered. Data about structural special issues of whey protein and their conformation state depending on outside effects are given. Special attention is paid to the whey protein behavior in milk media in relation with technological processes at the acid and rennet clots formation. Participation of beta-lactoglobulin in the process of polymerization and formation of complex poly-molecular associations is shown.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):44-48
pages 44-48 views

Question - reply

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На вопрос отвечает врио директора Елена Васильевна Топникова ФГБНУ «Всероссийский научноисследовательский институт маслоделия и сыроделия», Углич
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):49-49
pages 49-49 views

The food fibers «Citri-Fi» for spreads with reduced fat levels

Pirogova E.N., Topnikova E.V., Gubina I.V.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):50-51
pages 50-51 views

Keepability of the dairy butter produced by the Russian and classic methods

Vyshemirskii F.A.


The mechanisms of spoilage of the dairy butter are outlined, effects of the composition of its components and temperature factor on the process. Keepability of the dairy butter manufactured by the Russian method -transformation of the high fat cream and by the classic method - cream churning is considered.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):52-55
pages 52-55 views

Equipment for butter making from the company «ADAMAC»

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Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2017;(4):56-56
pages 56-56 views

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