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No 3 (2014)


Production of the dairy butter and spreads in Russia in 2013

Goroshchenko L.G.


Analysis of the dairy butter and spreads manufacturing in Russia in 2013 is made.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):4-6
pages 4-6 views

The VI International Salon of Cheese

Raicheva E.Y.


In the frames of the XII International Exhibition «The Dairy and Meat Industries-2014» by tradition the Cheese Salon was held. The organizers of the Salon were the companies ITE, The Russian Dairy Union, the company «Pir Product».
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):7-9
pages 7-9 views

Cheese market of the European Union

Rybalova T.I.


Review of the cheese market of the EU is given. Production, import, export and consumption are considered. Future developments are outlined.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):10-12
pages 10-12 views

The Czech milk products at the exhibition «Dairy and Meat Industries»

- -.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):13-13
pages 13-13 views

The company «Orbita» - innovations multiplied by experience

- -.


The article is a story about operation of the cheese plant «Orbita» - the leader in the processed cheese manufacturing.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):14-15
pages 14-15 views

Packed cheese in Russia - yesterday, today, tomorrow

Petrova M.D.


Situation in the market of packed cheeses in Russia is analyzed as well as trends and prospects of their developments are considered.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):16-17
pages 16-17 views

Portioning and packaging of cheese

Mayorov A.A.


Items of portioning and packaging of cheese, ways for cutting into the portions are considered. Equipment for cutting cheese is also presented.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):18-22
pages 18-22 views

Cheese forms with micro-perforation - technological nuances

Stukacheva O.N.


Advantages and technological items of using forms with micro-perforation are discussed.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):23-24
pages 23-24 views

Mini-cheese making plants and mini-complexes for milk processing

Kokochenko E.A.


Advantages of mini-cheese making plants and mini-complexes for processing milk at small farms are discussed.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):25-25
pages 25-25 views

Mini-cheese plants from Italy

- -.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):26-27
pages 26-27 views

Kompaniya IXAPACK -ekspert v oblasti upakovki

- -.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):27-27
pages 27-27 views

Distribution of cheese hardness at two-sided pressing

Manukyan S.S.


Advantages of the two-sided pressing and expediency of its launching are outlined in the article. It was found that anisotropy of cheese received with application of the two sided pressing reduces due to the cheese mass compression from both sides and repressing is excluded and time of pressing becomes shorter ( 1,5-2 hours instead of 6).
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):28-29
pages 28-29 views

Relief labeling of milk products Create your new commercial face

- -.


The method for making relief pictures on the food products is described in the article. The method can be used at labeling and making picture of the trade mark by manufacturer taking into account identification and recognizing by consumers in the market of produced and retailed products and preventing possible attempts to falsify these products. As an example relief labeling for brynza is described.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):30-30
pages 30-30 views

New generation of the microparticulation plants at existing milk operations

- -.


Possibilities and advantages of applying microparticulating plants and whey protein concentrates in cheese manufacturing are considered.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):32-33
pages 32-33 views

The lines for the dairy butter and spreads manufacturing of the company GEA Westfalia Separator

- -.


Advantages of the new generation of the butter making machines of the company GEA Westfalia Separator are discussed in the article.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):34-35
pages 34-35 views

Food bers «Citri-Fi» in the processed cheese manufacturing

Gubina I.V.


Advantages of applying food bers «Citn-Fi» at the processed cheese production are considered.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):36-36
pages 36-36 views

Melted aromas

Svistyn N.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):37-37
pages 37-37 views

Melting Salts Novelties of the Group of Companies PTI

Zimin A.A.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):38-38
pages 38-38 views

Creation of the structure in spreads with Akoblend SB

- -.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):40-40
pages 40-40 views

Expertise of soft cheeses with the white mould on the surface

Denisova M.F., Denisov S.V.


Soft cheeses «Bri» and «Camamber» have been examined in terms of organoleptic indices in accordance with the designed rating scale; samples of soft cheeses are analysed in terms of safety indices. It is recommended to check the raw stuff for soft cheese production and to develop short-time methods of cheese quality control.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):42-43
pages 42-43 views

Role of the sensor evaluation in improvement of the milk products research objectivity

Ojgihina N.N., Tetereva L.I.


Role of the organoleptic assessment in evaluation of milk and butter products quality is considered in the article. Ways how to increase objectiveness of the organoleptic tests and preparation of high quali ed experts-tasters are outlined.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):44-46
pages 44-46 views

Factors effecting activity of the enzymes preparations of the animal origin

Sturova Y.G., Kriger A.V., Jydkih K.V.


Проведено исследование влияния активной кислотности и температуры на молокосвертывающую активность ферментов животного происхождения. Установлены оптимальные параметры температуры и активной кислотности буферных растворов, используемых для растворения молокосвертывающих ферментных препаратов.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):47-49
pages 47-49 views

Free fat in milk

Lepilkina O.V., Smykov I.T., Loginova I.V.


In the article results of the study of the mechanical and temperatures effects on formation and quantity of free fat in milk in the course of milk processing into milk products are given.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):50-51
pages 50-51 views

Special issues of producing thermo-acid cheeses

Mironenko I.M.


Some special features of production and range of thermo-acid cheeses are considered in the article. New developments of the Siberian Scienti c-Research Institute of Cheese Making - the thermo-acid cheeses «Fenix» and «Znat» are introduced.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):52-54
pages 52-54 views

Active package as a part of the complex technology for fighting with moulds

Efimov K.M., Dityuk A.I., Snejko A.G., Bogdanov A.I., Fedorova L.S.


New data about development of the innovative complex technology for fighting with moulds and losses including disinfection of the working zone with safe disinfecting universal agent «Biopag-D» are summarized. Applications of the antimicrobial materials of new generation in the barrier technologies for cheese handling are also outlined.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2014;(3):55-56
pages 55-56 views

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