Vol 9, No 3-5 (2015)


Financial and investment support of small business innovative development in the North Caucasus regions of Russia

Boronnikov D.A., Polikarpova E.S., Tsogoev V.G.


The paper suggests priority areas for improving financial and investment support of small busi- ness innovative development in the regions of Russian Federation included in the North CaucasianFederal District.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):5-8
pages 5-8 views

Aspects of stimulation of innovative activity in conditions of crisis

Burlakov V.V., Sharikova E.V.


This article describes some forms of innovative activity stimulation. Each form has its own methods and instruments. Stimulation of innovative activity is a complex and multi-layered processthat could not survive in conditions of crisis without government support.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):8-12
pages 8-12 views

Test marketing as a tool to reduce the risk of launching new product on market

Gorlevskaya L.E.


The paper considers the role of test marketing in launching innovative product on market. The analysis of market research methods was made at the stage of pilot production in terms of theoreti- cal and practical components. The problems of methods application in Russian companies are indi-cated. The areas for further development are identified.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):12-16
pages 12-16 views

Features and benefits of small innovative enterprises

Gribov V.D., Kamchatnikov G.V.


The paper discusses the benefits of small innovative enterprises.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):16-18
pages 16-18 views

Political culture of youth as a factor of innovative development of society

Dzyurdzia O.A., Skopintseva O.I.


The article examines main factors influencing the formation of young people political culture in innovative development of society. Nowadays youth parliamentarism is one of the factors in the development of civil society and manifestation of the political culture of youth. In this context, it is vital to maintain a real commitment of youth to be actively involved in addressing various problems facing our society in such a difficult time.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):18-22
pages 18-22 views

Place and role of regional innovative subsystem

Kargina A.V.


The author analyzes the concept of “regional innovative subsystem” with the help of etymology and semantics. The place and role of regional innovative subsystem are defined. The author devel-oped a scheme for formation of regional innovative subsystem in Russia.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):22-25
pages 22-25 views

Cost management in foreign enterprises

Nazarkova E.A., Sekerin V.D.


The paper discusses approaches to cost management through cost elements grouping and work breakdown structure. The example of calculation Formula SAE race car is given to prove the con-venience of work breakdown structure application.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):25-30
pages 25-30 views

Evaluation of the efficiency of use of human capital in the implementation of nanotechnology

Kuritsyn A.V., Novikov A.D.


An integral part of innovative development of Russia in the period up to 2020 is implementation of nanotechnology. The development of this technology without human capital management is not possible. Only the harmonious development of fundamental, technical base and human capital while implementing in the implementation of innovation can ensure stable growth. The authors propose to consider the role and the interaction of capital management at the stage of fundamental research and stage of creation of technical base and in the implementation phase of nanotechnology into produc- tion.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):30-33
pages 30-33 views

Priority directions of improving order and forms of control on citizens and organizations inquiries at agencies and municipalities

Samsonova N.A., Boronnikov D.A., Tsogoev V.G.


The paper suggests priority directions of improving order and forms of control on citizens and organizations inquiries at agencies and municipalities.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):33-36
pages 33-36 views

Innovative way of Russia

Gorokhova A.E., Kargina A.V., Surov I.A.


The article presents a study of innovative development of Russia. The author uses analysis and rating information on this subject. The article discusses the innovative infrastructure of Russia. The author identifies problem areas on innovative development and suggests possible solutions. Accord-ing to the results recommendations are given.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):36-41
pages 36-41 views

Development of new gas engines that meet Euro-5 standards for medium duty trucks based on ZIL V-engine

Latyshev A.P., Alibekov R.I., Klishin P.V., Shulgin V.V., Konoplev V.N., Sekerin V.D.


The paper is devoted to development of new gas engines that meet Euro-5 standards for ecologi- cal safety of transport with the possibility of their use in medium duty trucks for urban transporta- tion, small buses, as well as for urban municipal vehicles with low noise levels. The prototype for development of engines was adopted 8-cylinder petrol engine ZIL-508400 with multiport fuel injec-tion.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):41-46
pages 41-46 views

Social engineering: the practice of involving young people in socio-economic development of territories

Pastukhova L.S.


In 2015 began the study, which plans to analyze the practical results of projects, professional and career trajectories of the participants and winners of national competition of youth projects and edu- cational projects, aimed at socio-economic development of Russian territories “My country - my Russia”. The study has already attracted more than five hundred participants, more than one third ofthem are winners. This article presents some intermediate results of the study.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):46-49
pages 46-49 views

Using interactive methods in teaching the humanities for students of non-core areas of training

Surov I.A., Pastukhova L.S.


Forms of material presentation, specific targets on the basis of courses results are actualized for lecturers who are training students of non-core areas of training. This article contains some exam- ples of interactive approaches to work with students, which are used by author in teaching “Sociol-ogy” and “Political science”.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):49-51
pages 49-51 views

Financial innovations as corporate governance tools

Zenkina E.V.


This article shows that financial innovation in corporate governance are crucial. Undoubtedly, in- ternational experience in the field of employee motivation is the potential for Russian companies in all areas of activity. Unfortunately, the possibility of using foreign staff motivation mechanisms forthe Russian corporate governance is impractical in many cases due to absence of tax incentives.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):51-54
pages 51-54 views

Industrial espionage and business intelligence as opportunities of implementation and development of innovations in industry

Ketkina E.A., Burlakov V.V.


The paper describes industrial espionage and business intelligence as opportunities of industry development due to the use of innovative developments of competitors.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):54-57
pages 54-57 views

Trade facilitation in modern global economy

Strelnikova E.V., Zenkina E.V.


Globalization of business is creating new conditions for business internationally. To ensure long- term competitiveness and international/global scale of business it is important to solve the issue oftrade facilitation.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):57-60
pages 57-60 views

Management of strategic sustainability of energy sector corporations in conditions of transformation

Gridchina A.V.


The article retrospectively and convincingly presents features of management the strategic stabil- ity of energy sector corporations. The specific recommendations for program of functioning anddevelopment are given.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):60-64
pages 60-64 views

Use of extrapolation in forecasting living standards of Russian population

Yurkova E.A.


The paper discusses application of extrapolation method in forecasting indicators of socio- economic systems.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):64-67
pages 64-67 views

Modern problems of analysis and evaluation of business entity investment attractiveness

Bank O.A.


Author formulates areas of evaluation and analysis of business entity investment attractiveness, based on study of works of economists in the field of investment.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):67-71
pages 67-71 views

Research of Democritus teachings on necessity, chance and possibility using means of modern logic

Ivlev V.Y.


The article studies the categories of necessity, chance and possibility modality. Logical calculus is constructed, where formalization of these modality categories is made.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):72-76
pages 72-76 views

Computer modeling of knowledge in artificial intelligence

Inozemtsev V.A.


The paper provides philosophical understanding of specificity and evolution of computer model- ing. Computer skills in artificial intelligence appear as the object of this modeling. The article in- vestigates the problem of correlation between individual, subjective, personal knowledge of indi-viduals and objectified impersonal knowledge in computer simulation.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):76-83
pages 76-83 views

Main approaches to the study of giftedness in modern foreign psychology

Ivleva M.L.


The paper analyzes main approaches to the study of giftedness phenomenon, which are applied nowadays in modern foreign psychology. The article shows various studies typology of giftedness.Comparative analysis of domestic and foreign studies of giftedness phenomenon was made.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):83-91
pages 83-91 views

Models of metaphorical shifts in automotive terminology in modern Russian language

Martirosyan N.V.


The article presents the analysis of the process of metaphorization of the automotive industry term system in the modern Russian language. There were identified the basic models of metaphori-cal shifts.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2015;9(3-5):91-94
pages 91-94 views

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