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No 5 (2012)


Maintenance of the national range of butter and development of the present day varieties

Topnikova E.V.


Dynamics of butter making products manufacturing is shown. Possibilities to produce brand butter are discussed.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):6-8
pages 6-8 views

Analysis of critical points in the technology of raw milk receiving

Semenov S.N., Ponomarev A.N., Kuzovleva A.V., Polyanskii K.K.


Role of the principle critical points in the technology of raw milk receiving was determined. Ef cient ways to reduce risks impacts on raw milk quality by complex application of multi- component vegetable feed supplement together with antimicrobial treatment of mammary gland are shown.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):9-11
pages 9-11 views

Role of the dairy butter components in formation of its structure and quality

Vyshemirskii F.A., Sviridenko Y.Y.


Role of the dairy butter components in formation of the structure and quality of the product is discussed. Recommendations are given how to prevent some defects of butter.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):12-15
pages 12-15 views

Automation of the control at dairy butter production

Davydova G.R.


An additional method to control and stabilize moisture content in dairy butter at on- line production has been offered. The method consists in visual instrumental control of the dairy butter layer at the exit from a butter making machine.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):16-17
pages 16-17 views

Determination of the optimal regime of two sided pressing of the «Shweitsarskii» cheese

Manukyan S.S.


Optimal regime of two sided pressing of the cheese «Shweitsarskii» depending on the height and mass was established on the basis of the trials made. The regime results in two times reduction of pressing time as compares with the traditional method and allows avoid repressing.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):18-19
pages 18-19 views

Amino acids score of the cheese «Spartanskii»

Vlasova J.A., Vasiliadi G.K.


A new type of soft fermented milk cheese has been developed. Special issues of the technological process are outlined and some results of the study of food and biological values of the cheese are given.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):20-21
pages 20-21 views

Production and nishing of cheese grains. Typical mistakes

Silaeva V.M.


Recommendations are given how to avoid typical mistakes at production and nishing of cheese grains
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):22-24
pages 22-24 views

Role of starter cultures in preserving special properties of the national products of cheese making

Sorokina N.P.


Principle ways used for selecting concentrates and starters for production of Russian cheeses are considered in the publication.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):25-27
pages 25-27 views

Ways to increase competitiveness of the domestic processed cheeses

Dunaev A.V.


Ways to improve quality and competitiveness of various types of processed cheeses are offered.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):28-29
pages 28-29 views

The company «Forcecrown»: stabilizing solutions checked by time

Gubanova O.R.


Advantages of the stabilizing systems of the company «Forcecrown » applied in the processed cheese manufacturing are discussed.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):30-31
pages 30-31 views

Syrodelie i maslodelie Rossii: novyy impul's k razvitiyu otrasli

- -.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):32-32
pages 32-32 views

Food bers «CitriFi» - innovation in the processed cheese production

Gubina I.V.


Advantages of using food bers «Citri-Fi» in the processed cheese manufacturing are considered. Practical recommendations for their applications are given.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):33-33
pages 33-33 views

Energy saving technology of cheeses with cheddaring and melting of cheese mass (experience of introduction at the milk combine «Stavropolskii»)

Anisimov S.V., Veziryan A.A., Kaplenko N.N., Kaplenko A.N.


Experience of using and advantages of the energy saving technology for manufacturing cheese with cheddaring and melting of cheese mass are discussed.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):34-36
pages 34-36 views

Russian melting salt for heatresistant processed cheese and cheese products manufacturing

Sokolova N.Y., Kesoyan G.A., Dobtoskokina N.D.


Russian melting salt for production of heat- resistant processed cheeses and processed cheese products has been developed.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):37-39
pages 37-39 views

Present day technologies for milk fat replacers production

Mel’nikov V.V.


Oils and fats for special purposes that can be also applied in milk products manufactured by the holding «Sunny Products» are characterized.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):40-41
pages 40-41 views

Impacts of functional food supplements on quality of spreads used for sandwiches

Karavaeva E.Y., Vyshemirskii F.A., Dunaev A.V., Pirogova E.N.


Results of the study of different probiotic food supplements impacts on organoleptic properties and structure character of spreads intended for making sandwiches are given.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):42-44
pages 42-44 views

Modi ed atmosphere in providing quality of packaged cheeses

Rozdov I.A., Orlova E.A., Bol’shakova E.A.


Brief analysis of applying modi ed atmosphere for various foods packaging in foreign countries and in Russia is given. Results of the study of keepability of packaged cheeses made in this country are outlined.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):45-46
pages 45-46 views

Technologies of the company CRYOVAC in cheese making

Moroz M.N., Komandirov A.


Advantages of lm packaging materials and packaging systems for cheese packing are discussed.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):47-49
pages 47-49 views

Biocoating for improving safety and quality of the cheese «Adygeiskii»

Zaharchenko A.V., Ganina V.I., Fedotova A.V., Galkina T.E.


Ef ciency of applying biocoatings for maintaining quality and safety of the cheese «Adygeiskii» is discussed.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):50-52
pages 50-52 views

Experience of using disinfecting agent of extended action «Biopag-D» in cheese making

Efimov K.M., Dityuk A.I., Bogdanov A.I., Fedorova L.S.


Characteristics and advantages of the disinfecting agent «Biopag-D» as well as results of its application at cheese plants are outlined.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):53-55
pages 53-55 views

Hygiene items in modern cheese making

Hanumyam A.A.


Practical recommendations are given how to apply cleaning and disinfecting agents produced by the company «Kalvatis» at the enterprises making cheeses.
Cheesemaking and buttermaking. 2012;(5):56-58
pages 56-58 views

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