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Belyakin, S. A

Issue Section Title File
Vol 330, No 1 (2009) Articles Actual questions of organization of hightechno-qualified medical aid in multiprofile stationary PDF
Vol 330, No 4 (2009) Articles Causes of hepatic cirrhosis and it’s results by the patients, observed in multiprofile hospital PDF
Vol 330, No 8 (2009) Articles System of rehabilitation in the Armed Forces: history, now-day’s and perspectives of development PDF
Vol 330, No 8 (2009) Articles Prophylaxis of alcoholic disease of the liver PDF
Vol 330, No 9 (2009) Articles Experience of organization of scientific-methods work in 3rd CMCH by Vishnevsky A.A PDF
Vol 330, No 9 (2009) Articles Interdependence between alcohol consumption and mortality of hepatic cirrhosis PDF
Vol 339, No 6 (2018) Articles Celiac axis compression syndrome: terminology, diagnosis and treatment PDF
Vol 335, No 3 (2014) Articles Alcoholic liver disease: possibilities of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in multidisciplinary hospital PDF
Vol 335, No 6 (2014) Articles Telemedical approach to the organization of the advisory dermatologie care
Vol 335, No 7 (2014) Articles Diagnosis and treatment of peripheral arterial aneurysms in lower limbs PDF
Vol 334, No 2 (2013) Articles Treatment of purulonecrotic forms of diabetic foot in multipurpose hospital unit
Vol 335, No 10 (2014) Articles C-peptide level as an early diagnostic marker of metabolic syndrome and predictor of cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 PDF
Vol 335, No 10 (2014) Articles Effectiveness of panto-magnesium baths as a part of medical rehabilitation of patients with metabolic syndrome PDF
Vol 334, No 3 (2013) Articles Primary and secondary prevention of alcoholic cirrhosis
Vol 334, No 5 (2013) Articles Capabilities of roentgen-endovascular surgery in conditions of the central multi-field clinical hospital union
Vol 334, No 5 (2013) Articles Diagnosis and treatment of complications after femoral artery paracentesis
Vol 334, No 5 (2013) Articles Myocardial revasculization in patients with ischemic heart disease and the end-stage of chronic kidney disease
Vol 334, No 5 (2013) Articles The Vishnevsky Central Military Clinical Hospital N 3 celebrates the 45th anniversary
Vol 334, No 6 (2013) Articles Requirements for information about medical parameters in the field of ophthalmology
Vol 334, No 5 (2013) Articles Contribution of the Vishnevsky Central Military Clinical Hospital N 3 to the history of combat casualty care and delivery of care to the injured soldiers
Vol 334, No 9 (2013) Articles Treatment of rupture of abdominal aortic aneurism in multi-field military hospital
Vol 333, No 5 (2012) Articles Structure and tasks of the medical service of the armed forces of the Italian Republic
Vol 333, No 6 (2012) Articles Successful treatment of aneurysm of iliac artery in old patient with widespread atherosclerosis of aorta
Vol 333, No 11 (2012) Articles Development of the rehabilitation system for wounded during the late hospital stage
Vol 333, No 9 (2012) Articles Organizational and methodological approaches to the medical rehabilitation of the wounded from the consequences of combat trauma in the upper limb rehabilitation center
Vol 333, No 8 (2012) Articles Development of activity of ophthalmological center of multipurpose hospital unit on the basis of IT
Vol 333, No 12 (2012) Articles Reconstruction of posttraumatic skull and facial bones injuries with the use of perforated titanium plates and meshes
Vol 333, No 10 (2012) Articles Treatment of vascular implants’ infections in aortic position
Vol 333, No 11 (2012) Articles Meeting of chief phthisio-therapist and chief state medical officers of military districts (fleets) of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Vol 330, No 3 (2009) Articles Acute coronary syndrome: modern approaches to diagnostics and treatment
Vol 331, No 3 (2010) Articles An automized workplace of dermatologist in multiprofile hospital
Vol 331, No 5 (2010) Articles Optimization of work of polyclinic in medical supply of attached contingents on the base of using of informational technologies
Vol 331, No 10 (2010) Articles 35-year practice of treatment of acute coronary syndrome in 3rd Central military clinical hospital n. a. A.A.Vishnevsky
Vol 331, No 9 (2010) Articles Prevention of the alcoholic visceropathy
Vol 332, No 2 (2011) Articles Consultative dermatovenereologic help in multiphasic hospital on the basis of IT
Vol 331, No 11 (2010) Articles Epidemiological and clinical significance of detection HbsAg and anti-HCV in patients and donors of blood
Vol 332, No 4 (2011) Articles Sostoyanie gepatobiliarnoy sistemy u bol'nykh khronicheskoy abdominal'noy ishemiey
Vol 332, No 7 (2011) Articles Surgical treatment of simple cysts of the kidney in multiphasic hospital
Vol 332, No 4 (2011) Articles Yubilei
Vol 332, No 8 (2011) Articles About the problem of intraneural introduction of anesthetic at regional blocks
Vol 332, No 5 (2011) Articles Rol' biopsii pecheni v diagnostike alkogol'nogo gepatita
Vol 332, No 6 (2011) Articles Osobennosti fibroza pecheni pri alkogol'noy bolezni
Vol 332, No 11 (2011) Articles General principles of treatment of mine-explosive wounds of upper respiratory tract
Vol 332, No 12 (2011) Articles Bifurcation coronari stenting guided bi intravascular diagnosnic tools
Vol 332, No 10 (2011) Articles Comparative analysis of carotid-subclavian transposition and stenting in case of stenotic damage of subclavian artery
Vol 332, No 10 (2011) Articles Touches to the portrait of Professor A.A.Bocharov
Vol 335, No 2 (2014) Articles Modern capabilities of laparoscopic surgery for kidney cancer treatment PDF
Vol 340, No 11 (2019) Articles On the prevention of alcoholic liver disease
Vol 341, No 6 (2020) Articles Differentiated use of proton pump inhibitors in patients receiving antiplatelet therapy (review of literature)

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