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Kryukov, E. V

Issue Section Title File
Vol 340, No 2 (2019) Articles Features of preoperative planning of patients with degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the hip and knee joints
Vol 340, No 1 (2019) Articles Epidemiology and vaccine prevention of pneumococcal infections in the military
Vol 340, No 2 (2019) Articles Low doses of aspirin and gastrointestinal complications (Literature review)
Vol 339, No 2 (2018) Articles Values of the intima-media complex of carotid arteries as a reflection of the evolution of high normal blood pressure PDF
Vol 340, No 3 (2019) Articles To the 100th anniversary of the opening of the State Higher Medical School in the Moscow Military Hospital.
Vol 339, No 7 (2018) Articles Optimization of therapeutic and diagnostic approaches with angina pectoris and non-obstructive lesions of the coronary arteries PDF
Vol 339, No 11 (2018) Articles Possibilities of dual-energy x-ray absorptiometric densitometry in monitoring the dynamics of treatment of multiple myeloma PDF
Vol 338, No 5 (2017) Articles Optimization of diagnostics of secondary forms of arterial hypertension PDF
Vol 338, No 1 (2017) Articles Experience of correction of asthenic states in military personnel under out-of-hospital conditions PDF
Vol 338, No 2 (2017) Articles Role of magnetic resonance cholangiography in diagnosis of choledocholithiasis PDF
Vol 338, No 7 (2017) Articles High resolution ultrasound in the differential diagnosis of malignant skin and subcutaneous tissue. PDF
Vol 338, No 12 (2017) Articles General approaches to the formulation of the diagnosis of malignant neoplasm in the conduct of military medical examination
Vol 338, No 9 (2017) Articles Possibilities of a modern antiviral therapy for lymphoproliferative diseases associated with a chronic HCV infection PDF
Vol 338, No 12 (2017) Articles Peculiarities of elbow joint replacement in case of wounds and injuries: long-term results
Vol 338, No 10 (2017) Articles Surgical prophylaxis of posttraumatic ankle arthritis of II and I stages in patients after fractures of ankles
Vol 337, No 3 (2016) Articles Community-acquired pneumonia in servicemen: patients suirvalence and antimicrobial therapy
Vol 337, No 8 (2016) Articles Branch № 5 of the N.N.Burdenko Main military clinical hospital celebrates the 65 anniversary PDF
Vol 337, No 6 (2016) Articles Moscow hospital school - а pionner of military-medical education in Russia
Vol 337, No 10 (2016) Articles Expert approaches to chronic kidney disease
Vol 336, No 12 (2015) Articles Emergency state of health by arterial hypertension
Vol 336, No 10 (2015) Articles Clinical and prognostic aspects of pulmonary sarcoidosis in servicemen
Vol 335, No 11 (2014) Articles Clinical diagnostic and organizational aspects of providing care to patients with pulmonary sarcoidosis in the Armed Forces
Vol 340, No 10 (2019) Articles Change in bone mineral density in patients with multiple myeloma
Vol 340, No 8 (2019) Articles Cardiac sarcoidosis: clinical manifestations, modern diagnostics, and treatment
Vol 341, No 2 (2020) Articles The evolution of the concept of medical care for the wounded and injured with injuries of the musculoskeletal system
Vol 341, No 4 (2020) Articles Community-acquired pneumonia: current clinical recommendations
Vol 341, No 1 (2020) Articles New approaches to the rehabilitation of patients with diabetic angiopathy of the lower extremities
Vol 341, No 4 (2020) Articles Evaluation of the effectiveness of antihypertensive therapy in patients with arterial hypertension and multifocal atherosclerosis
Vol 341, No 1 (2020) Articles Brachiothoracic wound with damage to the right lung and migration of a bullet through the superior pulmonary vein, left atrium into the left ventricle of the heart
Vol 341, No 5 (2020) Articles Prevention of vascular wall remodeling in individuals with prehypertension
Vol 341, No 9 (2020) Articles Physical rehabilitation of patients with a new coronavirus infection SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in a hospital
Vol 341, No 11 (2020) Articles Forensic evaluation of the displacement of the spleen with a full stomach
Vol 341, No 10 (2020) Articles The use of transforaminal endoscopic discectomy and foraminoplasty after transforaminal fusion in the lumbar spine
Vol 341, No 7 (2020) Articles On X-ray studies of the abdomen in conditions the chambers
Vol 342, No 1 (2021) Articles A case of long - term extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in the treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome in a patient with COVID-19
Vol 342, No 3 (2021) Articles Military medical examination for urolithiasis in the Armed Forces (analysis of work published in 2015-2019)
Vol 342, No 2 (2021) Articles Diagnosis, treatment, and medical examination of military personnel with familial hypercholesterolemia
Vol 342, No 3 (2021) Articles Chronic kidney disease affecting the determination of the category of fitness for military service
Vol 342, No 2 (2021) Articles Use of anticospecial plasma from healthy vaccinated people in the treatment of patients with severe coronavirus infection
Vol 342, No 5 (2021) Articles The effectiveness of complex therapy for heart failure of various etiologies in comorbid patients
Vol 342, No 9 (2021) Articles Military field surgery in 2031
Vol 342, No 4 (2021) Articles Arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis: a comparative analysis of indicators of daily monitoring of blood pressure

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