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Samokhvalov, I. M

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Vol 339, No 1 (2018) Articles System of prediction and prophylaxis of venous thromboembolic complications in a trauma center of the first level PDF
Vol 340, No 3 (2019) Articles First training and practical course on field surgery and trauma surgery «SMART» in Russia.
Vol 339, No 2 (2018) Articles Issues on military-field surgery traumatology on the program of the 47th International surgery congress PDF
Vol 339, No 9 (2018) Articles Heart contusion in case of gunshot wounds PDF
Vol 338, No 2 (2017) Articles Comparative evaluation of effectivennes and safety of the local hemostatic agents in the experiment PDF
Vol 338, No 5 (2017) Articles First World Symposium on Endovascular Surgery for Injuries and Bleeding in Orebro, Sweden PDF
Vol 338, No 8 (2017) Articles Issues on organisation of surgical care delivery to severely injured under condition of modern hybrid war PDF
Vol 338, No 9 (2017) Articles Temporary endovascular arterial shunting - a new solution for treatment of severe vascular injury PDF
Vol 338, No 9 (2017) Articles International Conference on Disaster and Military Medicine (DiMiMED 2016) PDF
Vol 337, No 5 (2016) Articles Battle-field surgery in the beginning of 21st century PDF
Vol 337, No 5 (2016) Articles Modern approaches to the study of sanitary and irretrievable losses of surgical profile in military conflicts PDF
Vol 337, No 6 (2016) Articles Maxillofacial gunshot wounds in peacetime
Vol 337, No 5 (2016) Articles Fied surgeons - country plenipotentiary representatives PDF
Vol 337, No 9 (2016) Articles Comparative characteristics of domestic and foreign means of the first aid on the battlefield and in the epicentre of emergency situation PDF
Vol 337, No 11 (2016) Articles Use of the tacticts of multistage surgical treatment on the model of combined radiation-and-mechanic injury
Vol 337, No 12 (2016) Articles Medical-martial mobile complex «Klever» to provide medical care to the wounded and injured trauma profile
Vol 336, No 3 (2015) Articles An improvement of experimental model for a study of local hemostatic agents’ effectiveness
Vol 336, No 5 (2015) Articles Znachenie khirurgicheskogo opyta Velikoy Otechestvennoy voyny dlya sovremennoy voenno-polevoy khirurgii
Vol 336, No 4 (2015) Articles First experience of a polyurethane foam composition «Locus» use to stop intra-abdominal hemmorage as a result of liver damage of V degree. (An experimental study)
Vol 336, No 7 (2015) Articles The past and future of surgical clinics of the Mikhailovsky clinical hospital («Willie Hospital») of the Kirov Military medical academy
Vol 336, No 6 (2015) Articles Zasedanie Mezhdunarodnogo obshchestva voennykh khirurgov imeni Ambruaza Pare i ezhegodnyy nauchnyy simpozium voenno-meditsinskoy sluzhby SShA
Vol 336, No 10 (2015) Articles Pre-hospital care for wounded in military conflicts: state and prospects.
Vol 335, No 3 (2014) Articles Safety criteria for blood refusion in military field surgery and trauma surgery PDF
Vol 335, No 4 (2014) Articles Focused assessment sonography for trauma in surgery for abdominal trauma: methods and the capabilities in clinical use PDF
Vol 335, No 1 (2014) Articles European Congress for trauma and emergency surgery PDF
Vol 335, No 5 (2014) Articles The World Surgery Congress in Helsinki
Vol 335, No 6 (2014) Articles 40th World Congress on Miliary Medicine in Saudi Arabia
Vol 334, No 1 (2013) Articles Problems of organization of surgical care to the wounded in a modern armed conflict: surgical care to the walking wounded in armed conflicts (Report 2)
Vol 335, No 10 (2014) Articles Surgical peculiarities of gunshot injuries to arteries of the extremities caused by modern small arms and light weapons PDF
Vol 335, No 11 (2014) Articles The use of new sets and medical kits by the medical service of the Armed Forces
Vol 335, No 12 (2014) Articles International military and scientific conference and regional assembly of Asia-Pacific working group
Vol 335, No 11 (2014) Articles The 3rd European Congress of Military Medicine
Vol 334, No 6 (2013) Articles Perspective technologies of surgical care to the wounded
Vol 334, No 8 (2013) Articles Pathogenesis and early diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis in case of polytrauma
Vol 334, No 11 (2013) Articles The use of local hemostatic agent «Celox» in experimental model of grade IV liver injury
Vol 334, No 10 (2013) Articles Workshop of disaster medicine experts of the committee of the chiefs of medical services of the NATO’s armed forces
Vol 334, No 12 (2013) Articles Surgery in the Academy: history, achievements and prospects
Vol 333, No 1 (2012) Articles Blasting damage in manmade disasters and 25 terrorist acts
Vol 333, No 2 (2012) Articles Ways of improving of intensive care for victims with severe concomitant injury
Vol 333, No 3 (2012) Articles International scientific conference «Modern battle-field surgery and surgery of injuries»
Vol 333, No 7 (2012) Articles Peculiarities of delivery of specific surgical assistance to wounded during counter-terrorist and peace-making operations on North Caucasia
Vol 333, No 12 (2012) Articles Delivery of surgical services for wounded in modern armed conflicts: surgical services at the different stages of medical evauaton (Report 1)
Vol 333, No 10 (2012) Articles First aid to persons with explosion trauma
Vol 333, No 11 (2012) Articles Application of device for local compression of injured magistral arteries of extremities
Vol 331, No 11 (2010) Articles «Low infusion resusction» in the treatment of wounded and injured with acute massive blood loss
Vol 332, No 5 (2011) Articles Tracheostomy in the process of prolonged artificial pulmonary ventilation in patients with polytrauma
Vol 332, No 9 (2011) Articles Prehospital care in extremity major vascular injuries
Vol 332, No 9 (2011) Articles Damage control in field surgery
Vol 332, No 9 (2011) Articles Treatment of extracranial gunshot wounds caused by non-lethal kinetic weapon
Vol 332, No 9 (2011) Articles Field surgery department: from origin and history to modern times
Vol 340, No 11 (2019) Articles The World Conference «Endovascular Solutions for Surgical Bleeding and Trauma» in Saint-Petersburg
Vol 340, No 12 (2019) Articles Navigation as progressive methods. Prospects of usage in case of polytrauma
Vol 340, No 9 (2019) Articles Features of blood transfusions in the period of traumatic shock in patients with severe concomitant injury with acute massive blood loss of severe and extremely severe stage
Vol 340, No 6 (2019) Articles New methods of training military surgeons - a necessary step to save the wounded in military conflicts
Vol 341, No 2 (2020) Articles Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of compression bandages, time sheets and promising dressings
Vol 341, No 1 (2020) Articles Ways to reduce mortality in modern hybrid warfare: injured to a surgeon or surgery to a wounded?
Vol 341, No 3 (2020) Articles The problem of eliminating open and intense pneumothorax at the advanced stages of medical evacuation and ways to solve it
Vol 341, No 8 (2020) Articles The principle of separation in the training of field surgeons and its practical implementation
Vol 342, No 3 (2021) Articles Temporary endovascular prosthetics of the inferior vena cava in case of damage to its subhepatic segment is an innovative approach to the treatment of severe liver injuries
Vol 342, No 5 (2021) Articles Tactical medicine - a new concept for the «new type» wars
Vol 342, No 9 (2021) Articles Military field surgery in 2031
Vol 342, No 8 (2021) Articles Digital solutions in the choice of surgical tactics in victims with severe trauma (injury)
Vol 342, No 9 (2021) Articles Practical training course SMART: the results of three years of training military and civilian surgeons
Vol 342, No 9 (2021) Articles Hybrid technologies in the treatment of the severe concomitant injury (Literature review)
Vol 342, No 9 (2021) Articles Prospects for the use of modern domestic medical devices to eliminate the life - threatening consequences of injuries and treat traumatic shock on the battlefield and advanced stages of medical evacuation
Vol 342, No 9 (2021) Articles Department of the Military Field Surgery celebrates the 90th anniversary

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