Improvement of the process of agricultural machinery fueling with gaseous fuel
Markov V.A., Bebenin E.V., Zykov S.A.
Investigation of burning and heat generation in thermally forced diesel
Plotnikov S.A., Buzikov S.V., Atamanyuk V.F.
Evaluation of the effect of fuel unevenness on diesel performance
Devyanina A.S.
Experimental investigation of gas diesel engine of К-700А tractor
Volodin V.V., Zagorodskikh B.P., Markov V.A., Furman V.V.
Toxicity reduction of diesel engine under light load modes by partial cylinder cutout
Patrakhaltsev N.N., Vinogradov L.V., Kamyshnikov R.O., Skripnik D.S.
Research of some design factors’ influence on the parameters of diesel engine operating on mixed biofuel
Markov V.A., Kuleshov A.S., Afanasyev V.N.
Application of natural gas and recirculation on 4Ч 11,0/12,5 tractor diesel
Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P.
Influence of mixed biofuel composition on the parameters of fuel injection process in diesel engine
Markov V.A., Akimov V.S., Shumovskiy V.A., Markova V.V.
Effective indices of diesel by work on the methanol fuel emulsion
Likhanov V.A., Romanov S.A., Toropov A.E.
Shatrov M.G., Khachiyan A.S., Sinyavskiy V.V., Shishlov I.G., Vakulenko A.V.
Influence of composition of water-biofuel emulsion on diesel engine performance
Markov V.A., Devyanin S.N., Nagornov S.A., Levina Y.Y.
Selection of geometrical characteristics of diesel injectors’ sprayers
Markov V.A., Devyanin S.N., Loboda S.S.
Decreasing of carbon dust emissions with the exhaust gases of diesel engines by the application of alternative fuels
Likhanov V.A., Rossokhin A.V., Chuprakov A.I.
Regulation of diesel engine by the transformation of its active volume
Patrakhaltsev N.N., Strashnov S.V., Melnik I.S., Kornev B.A.
Research of viscosity characteristics of biofuels based on vegetable oils
Markov V.A., Devyanin S.N., Zykov S.A., Sa B.
A bulldozer hybrid power plant generator
Voronin S.G., Sogrin A.I., Shvalev Y.S., Kislitsin V.I.
Improving ecological and economical indices of diesels by means of fuel saturation with air or other gas
Zauavi D.M., Alvear Sanches L.V., Emmil M.V., Patrakhaltsev N.N.
Investigation of diesel engine operation on diesel fuel and soybean oil mixtures
Markov V.A., Devyanin S.N., Neverov V.A.
Methodology for the numerical solution of problems in relation to the coil-type electric heat exchangers for heating fuel
Krokhta G.M., Khomchenko Y.N., Usatykh N.A.
A multiparameter fuel characteristic of the Cummins diesel
Gorodetskiy K.I., Golnev V.S., Yershov Y.P., Raskin A.M., Prischepenko A.N., Shuvayev D.N.
Change of diesel toxicity indices by work on the methanol fuel emulsion
Likhanov V.A., Toropov A.Y., Romanov S.A.
Load characteristics of a vehicle diesel engine using natural gas as a fuel
Lihanov V.A., Skryabin M.L., Grebnev A.V.
Mathematical modeling of the chemical kinetics of the processes of fuel ignition in the combustion chamber of a diesel engine on start modes
Bondar' V.N., Malozyomov A.A., Kukis V.S., Omel'chenko E.A., Malozyomov G.A.
Research of quality of motor fuels and oils in agricultural production of Kuban
Verbitskiy V.V.
Efficiency checking of use of stiffening ribs for piston skirt of a low-sized diesel engine
Putintsev S.V., Ageev A.G.
Modeling of nitrogen oxides emission in the cylinder of tractor gas-diesel engine
Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P.
Experimental research of performance of diesel engine operating on mixed fuel
Nagornov S.A., Mescheryakova Y.V., Mescheryakov A.G.
Tractor diesel customization for mixed fuel burning
Ukhanov A.P., Ukhanov D.A., Khokhlova Y.A.
Efficiency improvement of tractor diesel engine operating on biofuel
Fomin V.M.
Applied science and manufacturing: NAMI and VTZ
Grudskiy Y.G.
Effectiveness of fuel system protection from contamination during the operation of mobile machines
Isayenko V.D., Isayenko P.V., Khalturin D.V.
Heat generation in biofuel tractor diesel engines
Lihanov V.A., Lopatin O.P.
Research of high-speed operation modes of a tractor diesel on alcohol-fuel emulsions
Lihanov V.A., Lopatin O.P.
Analysis and development of the oil separator of the crank-case ventilation system of a highly-boosted diesel engine
Andriyanov S.M., Nikishin V.N., Kulikov A.S.
Study of nitrogen oxides content in the cylinder of turbocharged tractor diesel engine operating on natural gas
Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P.
Principles for construction of mathematical model of a modern low-toxic diesel engine for transport and technological means and agricultural machines
Kamenev V.F., Scheglov P.A.
An automated system for the diagnostic of engine turbocharger systems of mobile power machines
Inshakov A.P., Kuvshinov A.N., Kurbakov I.A.
Fuel heater
Ryzhov Y.N., Zhosan A.A., Golovin S.I., Kurochkin A.A.
Effective indicators of 2Ч 10,5/12,0 diesel operating on ethanol and rape oil and using binary system of fuel supply
Likhanov V.A., Araslanov M.I., Kozlov A.N.
Development trends of powertrain systems for industrial and forestry tractors
Pozin B.M., Bondar V.N., Dovzhik V.L., Kozlenok A.V., Rozenoer M.G.
Improvement of environmental performance of tractor diesel by the use of compressed natural gas and exhaust gas recirculation, methanol and ethanol fuel emulsions
Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P.
Increasing the stability of fuel injection pump process
Burdykin V.D.
The effectiveness of tractor diesel operating modes control based on fuel omissions
Galiullin R.R.
Air-cooled diesel's cylinder deformation
Belov Y.S., Gots A.N.
Determination of the optimal composition of mixed fuel based on the environmental performance of a diesel engine
Plotnikov S.A., Buzikov S.V., Kozlov I.S.
Selection of accelerated test modes for the head of cylinder of the automobile diesel engine
Gots A.N., Klevtsov V.S.
Selection of the methanol-rapeseed emulsion composition for its using as fuel for a diesel engine
Shemyakin A.V., Terent'ev V.V., Panov Y.A., Ivanov A.A.
Modernization of the fuel system of diesel engine of agricultural tractor
Udler E.I., Khalturin D.V., Spirin E.N.
Comparative evaluation of energy efficiency of ploughing units on the basis of tractors with diesel and gas-turbine engines
Shkrabak V.S., Dzhabborov N.I., Shkrabak R.V., Fedkin D.S.
Analysis of technical quality control of agricultural engineering small-scale mechanization means of 0,2 tractive class
Devyanin S.N., Sapozhnikov I.I.
Theory of tractor operation in overload mode with enrichment of diesel air charge
Ukhanov A.P., Ukhanov D.A., Ryblov M.V.
Design quality control of small-scale mechanization mean of 0,2 tractive class
Devyanin S.N., Sapozhnikov I.I.
The 65th anniversary of legendary ДТ-54 tractor
Kosenko V.V.
Device for mechanochemical treatment of hydrocarbon fuel and decrease in fuel consumption
Vorobyev Y.V., Lomovskikh A.Y., Basarev M.V., Dunayev A.V.
Changing of nitrogen oxides formation in the cylinder of diesel engine operating on methanol
Likhanov V.A., Anfilatov A.A.
Features of operation of motor transport diesel working on ethanol and fuel emulsion
Likhanov V.A., Rossokhin A.V., Chuprakov A.I.
Features of injection and combustion of rapeseed oil and diesel fuel in modern engines
Ryzhov Y.N., Zhosan A.A., Kurochkin A.A.
Decreasing nitrogen contents in exhaust gases of diesel with turbo-supercharging by the use of natural gas
Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P.
Calculation and identification of the coordinate of oil jet ejection from the gap of a rotating connecting rod bearing
Putintsev S.V., Strelnikova S.S., Anikin S.A.
Indication of the working process of the tractor diesel working on natural gas and alcohols
Lihanov V.A., Lopatin O.P.
New opportunities to improve the fuel supply system with a battery fuel system
Dunin A.Y., Golubkov L.N., Mal'chuk V.I., Dushkin P.V., Ivanov I.E.
Combustion and heat emission in the cylinder of tractor diesel engine operating on methanol-fuel emulsion
Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P., Romanov S.A., Paturov A.V.
Impact of turbocharging on the startability of diesel engines in winter
Krokhta G.M., Khomchenko E.N., Usatykh N.A.
Improving the ecological characteristics of diesel by means of ethanol and fuel emulsion use
Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P.
High-pressure mixed-flow fan of tractor diesel cooling system
Andreyenkov A.A.
Modeling of reciprocating engine cycle in the process of exhaust gases recirculation
Gavrilov A.A., Gots A.N.
Tractor gear shift modeling
Gorodetskiy K.I., Melnikov A.Y., Muratova S.K., Alendeyev Y.M.
Formation of nitrogen oxides in diesel engine operating on methanol and rapeseed methyl ester
Likhanov V.A., Devetyarov R.R., Kopchikov V.N., Fominykh A.V., Araslanov M.I., Kozlov A.N.
Advanced method of motor and tractor diesels operation control at no-load mode and machinery for its implementation
Ukhanov D.A., Ukhanov A.P.
Reduction of nitric oxides' content in the exhaust gases of diesel engine by means of methanol application with usage of double fuel supply system
Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P., Anfilatov A.A.
Efficiency of cleaning and the life cycle of the modernized filter for rough cleaning of diesel fuel
Halturin D.V., Lysunec A.V.
Study of the diesel engine working process during its operation with a fuel injection pressure of 300 MPa
Quynh N.T., Dunin A.Y.
Analysis and development of the heat exchanger for the exhaust gas recirculation system of the transport diesel engine
Zaripov R.E., Nikishin V.N., Kulikov A.S.
Fuel systems for feeding mixed fuels in high-speed diesel engines
Mal'chuk V.I., Dunin A.Y., Alekseev I.V., Trofimenko Y.V., Kalinina S.M.
Features of cold start of 6ЧН 13/11 engine and after start warming-up of engine and transmission unit of T-150K tractor
Krokhta G.M.
Improvement of environmental performance of diesel engine operating on water-biofuel emulsion
Markov V.A., Devyanin S.N., Nagornov S.A., Levina Y.Y.
Perfection of operation characteristics of a tractor diesel consuming biodiesel fuel
Fomin V.M., Atrash R.
Modeling of thermal stress condition of combustion head of tractor diesel engine
Gots A.N., Prygunov M.P.
Influence of using of methanol and rapeseed methyl ester on combustion process and effective indicators of 2Ч 10,5/12,0 diesel engine
Likhanov V.A., Devetyarov R.R., Fominykh A.V., Kopchikov V.N., Araslanov M.I., Kozlov A.N.
Regulation of tractor diesel engine operation modes by missing fuel distribution
Potapov V.I., Gajsin E.H., Galiullin R.R., Rozhkov A.S.
Creation and study of the properties of multicomponent biofuels for tractor diesel engines
Plotnikov S.A., Kartashevich A.N., Glushkov M.N., Shipin A.I.
Mathematical modeling of dynamics of movement of the compound piston in the cylinder of the internal combustion engine
Smirnov S.V., Makarov A.R., Abu-Nidzhim R.K.
Investigation of the combustion process in a tractor diesel 11 powered by an ethanol-fuel emulsion
Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P., Chuprakov A.I.
Way of indicators matching of tractor diesel engines and transmissions
Gorodetskiy K.I., Serebryakov V.V., Melnikov A.Y., Muratova S.K., Alendeyev Y.M.
Improvement of energy efficiency of alternative fuels
Fomin V.M., Apelinskiy D.V.
A priori ranking in diesel parts renewal with the use of ultrasonic electroplating nanotechnology
Sinitsyn A.K., Ordonyes V.A.
Performance testing of a combined device for toxicity decreasing of exhaust gases
Chernetsov D.A., Kapustin V.P.
Fuel efficiency increase of ЯМЗ-238 diesel engine under light load modes by adjusting its engine capacity
Patrakhaltsev N.N., Skripnik D.S., Kamyshnikov R.O.
Secondary utilization of waste heat for heat regimes optimization in aggregates of self-propelled vehicles
Krokhta G.M., Ivannikov A.B., Pronin Y.A.
Ejection system of distributed supply of gaseous fuel into diesel engine
Volodin V.V., Zagorodskikh B.P., Bebenin Y.V.
Titchenko Prospects for the use of dry carbamide in diesel exhaust gas aftertreatment systems
Kaminskij V.N., Nadarejshvili G.G., Panchishnyj V.I., Zagredinov R.M., Titchenko A.Y.
Efficiency of a cogeneration plant based on a diesel engine under uneven electrical load conditions
Antipov Y.U., Val'yekho M.P., Oshchepkov P.P., Shatalov I.K., Shatalova I.I.
Simulation of combustion process in the forced transport diesel engine with the prescribed law of mixture formation
Kamaltdinov V.G., Markov V.A., Lysov I.O., Popov A.E., Smolij A.E.
Improvement of starting characteristics of a diesel engine with low compression ratio by using of inlet electric air heaters
Bondar' V.N., Malozemov A.A., Kukis V.S.
Parameter optimization of a modular diesel exhaust converter for automotive equipment
Chernetsov D.A., Kapustin V.P.
Investigation of indicators of combustion process in tractor diesel engine with the use of natural gas and recirculation, methanol and ethanol fuel emulsions
Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P.
Preliminary purification of fuel heated in machines’ fuel systems
Udler E.I., Khalturin D.V.
Diesel engine conversion to fuel supply with compressed natural gas
Bazarov B.I., Kalauov S.A., Vasidov A.K.
A mathematical model of ultrasonic preparation of diesel fuel for the engine start in conditions of low temperatures
Vasilevskiy A.V., Podchinok V.M.
Implementation of a boost strategy for a diesel engine neutralization system based on integrated design techniques
Nadarejshvili G.G.
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